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11 Best Laundresses of the Civil War images Antique photos Old

11 Best Laundresses of the Civil War images Antique photos Old


Courageous Women of the Civil War: Soldiers, Spies, Medics, and More (

Otherwise known as That Place With Free Stuff, cordially presented by everyone's favorite Great Auntie Ma… Cheri G · Civil War Laundress

In style celebrating fifty years of the costume institute the metropolitan museum of art bulletin v. Civil War ...

BLUE SILK DAY DRESS, silk taffeta w/ narrow white & black brocade stripe, blue silk fringe. Phyllis · Everything Vintage

Image result for zouave jacket

Dressed in Time: Day Two at Spring Mountain Ranch and a Green Silk Dress #

Embroidered mantle, late 1860s | In the Swan's Shadow 1800 Clothing, Vintage Clothing,

Artwork page for 'Washerwoman', August Sander, printed 1990. Cheri G · Civil War Laundress

Women side of a wagon camp along the Red River in Texas, Arkansas Pilgrims 1874

Civil War Era CDV Woman From Milwaukee Professionally Colorized | eBay. Civil War FashionVintage ...

Oppression by Omission: The Untold Story of the Women Soldiers Who Dressed and Fought as Men in the Civil War – Brain Pickings

Not so happy camper Unusual Dresses, Little Boy Outfits, Little Boys, Vintage Christmas

Library of Congress

Review ...

1885 Clothes Basket, Manchester Art, Vintage Pictures, Vintage Images, Antique Photos,

Forbidden, Hidden, and Forgotten: Women Soldiers of the Civil War: Laundresses: Warriors of the Washboard

To pass as a man, Union soldier Frances Louisa Clayton, who enlisted with her husband in 1861 as 'Jack Williams,' took up gambling, cigar-smoking, ...

Laundresses, "What's a Poor Girl to do? Prostitution in Mid-Nineteenth Century America". Just waiting to see if I get a rise out of Sue, lol.

Women had a great inpact during the Civil War. Women were writers, nurses, cooks, and laundresses. Here are nurses who helped wounded soldiers.

Civil War Blog

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Civil War Telegrams

The Tough Job of The American Civil War Laundresses

Enslaved black men made up much of the workforce at Richmond's Tredegar Ironworks—which produced half of Confederate cannon—and as teamsters unloading ...

Military Women, Winnie The Pooh, Winnie The Pooh Ears, Female Soldier, Pooh

Slave Women and the Armies of the Civil War

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Sarah Emma Edmonds

Women in the Civil War

Beyond the 69th: Exploring the Impact of Bull Run on Irish Americans

Women at the Front: Hospital Workers in Civil War America First Edition (US) First Printing Edition

Source: Library of Congress. Click to enlarge.

Second Carlist War (1872-1876). Distribution of passports to the Carlist in

'Irish Molly' at Antietam

The Decline of the Civil War Re-enactorThe Decline of the Civil War Re-enactor

Photography of a Civil War Regiment (LOC). Were there any unidentified female soldiers

Mary Owens Jenkins disguised herself as a man, "Johnny Evans," and fought in the Civil War. (Photo courtesy of the Massillon Museum)△

Creation of the Women's Army Corps

Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Picture of Union laundress with family.

Slavery during the American Civil War

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I'll Pass For Your Comrade: Women Soldiers in the Civil War

15. Reconstruction. "

Laundress Model

Winslow Homer - Great Sumter meeting in Union Square, New York, April 11,

The Decline of the Civil War Re-enactorThe Decline of the Civil War Re-enactor

Susie King Taylor, Civil War nurse, cook, and laundress, was raised a slave on an island off the coast of Georgia. In April of 1861, Major General Hunter ...


see caption below

Newport Laundress: 1902

Frances Clalin Clayton, Woman who Disguised herself as a Man, 'Jack Williams,

Despite early 1900s discrimination, an African American woman founded a bank in Virginia, becoming the first female bank president of any race in the U.S.

CIVIL WAR WOODWORKING Volume II More Authentic Projects

Women in Civil War Texas: Diversity and Dissidence in the Trans-Mississippi

Army Nurse Corps

Details about RARE Vintage Civil War CSA Confederate Button - 1870s? Waterbury Company Vet?

SPADER, JEREMIAH V. (1830-1878). Captain, 29th New Jersey Infantry, Company I. A Brooklynite by birth, Spader enlisted as a captain on September 3, 1862, ...

Harriet Tubman

Clara Barton flyer.jpg

Spying in the Civil War

Sarah Emma Edmonds

Excerpt: New Book Documents Courage of Harriet Tubman and Underground Railroad

+Vintage Advertising Prints & Art

Photo of troops and horses at Vancouver Barracks

Blanton argues that much of it had to do with cultural influence — cross-dressing female heroines permeated Victorian literature, with military and sailor ...

Civil War Soldiers' Wet Dreams — Bunk. "

Texas Laundress: 1939

Morris Leach was 'sweet' on Flora Gray

1. the eloquent speaker:Sojourner Truth - Courtesy of the Library of Congress

Union field artillery let loose on Confederate positions Saturday during the Pipestone Civil War Days battle re-enactment. (Tim Middagh/Daily Globe)1 / 9


Photo: Brian Ireley, Smithsonian. Civil War Washerwoman Ambrotype


Great Sumter Meeting in Union Square, New York, April 11, 1863, 1863

+Vintage Advertising Prints & Art

George Armstrong Custer and his wife, LIbbie

At the Laundry Museum, artifacts and photos such as this 1927 image of the staff of the Belle-Vue Hotel, one of the greatest hotels of the day, ...

The era of Reconstruction witnessed a few moments of true progress. One of those was

CHAPTER 1: American Revolutionary War

... each regiment could have four washerwomen, they had to carry certificates provided by the officers who hired them, and they had to be of good character.

Woman of Valor: Clara Barton and the Civil War

James and Agnes Masterton nee Inglis at their flat at 105 St Andrews Road, Glasgow. This photograph belongs to their granddaughter Margaret Brewster

Abby with Mary Beth and Madeline, dressed as washer women, at Civil War fashion

The End of Reconstruction

They were often the wives of senior enlisted men and their pay helped to support the family. Widows or mothers of soldiers also became laundresses.

Some Civil War images of wash women, slave and white. View attachment 34376 · View attachment 34377 · View attachment 34378 · View attachment 34379

Civil War: Artifacts and memorabilia

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Clara Barton


... North—something that became more important as the war entered its second half and casualties continued to mount. The northern homefront was complicated: ...