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12 Weird Things Our Ancestors Did Good stuff Weird news Funny

12 Weird Things Our Ancestors Did Good stuff Weird news Funny


1. Rocks as toilet paper. 12 Weird Things Our Ancestors Did

11. Live alarm clocks

Look, recipes are a map, not a rulebook (The Guardian both times).

10. Humans have many endearing qualities:

5. Humans love fire:

Ben the Prankster

Most CRAZY Things Ancient Greeks Did!

The funny, the weird and the serious: 33 media corrections from 2018

Do not be alarmed if a human's hair changes colors, it is normal:

Weird News Headline

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11. Humans don't like plagiarism:

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'Tinder for cows' matches livestock in the mood for love

4. Humans have one true weakness, and it is kittens:

De Agostini Picture Library/Getty Images.

The Phenomenon: The Flying Dre... is listed (or ranked) 1

Prefer one hand to another

Weird things Norwegians do

FILE PHOTO: Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte arrives to greet the U.S. Secretary of State Mike

Weird things Norwegians do. En frosk i fjorden_FB

Intersting Vietnam facts

The Phenomenon: Somniloquy, AK... is listed (or ranked) 2

You're Not Crazy, Your Cat Is. Here's Why Kitties Do The Weird Things They Do. | HuffPost

Indian Woman Coats Car In Crap To Keep It Cool

The Berlin Wall | LiliGraphie/Shutterstock

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You're Not Crazy, Your Cat Is. Here's Why Kitties Do The Weird Things They Do. | HuffPost

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Baby photo in shattered frame

A cow with antlers atop a pole. Wikipedia contains other images and articles that are similarly shocking or udderly amoosing.

Their results reveal a wealth of information about your health and ancestry, ...

33 fun things to do around Waco


Following. Daily Dose of Weird News

3 of the Strangest Results To Come Out Of Ancestry DNA Tests

H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Getty Images. "The first thing ...

They love the simple cabin life.

9. Humans wear not one, but two pants:

Jordan Peterson's Gospel of Masculinity

Abstract Holiday travel vacations with Car Keys and Wallet on the Wooden Table in Coffee Shop

James Kennedy's British/Irish DNA from 23andMe

Get bored

Your dog might exhibit some strange behavior, but chances are it's totally normal. Shutterstock


Humans have two full sets of teeth:

A view of a calander showing the date, Friday the 13th. (Photo by

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6. Humans need a familiar face:

There are still thousands more remains in the cave, according to Berger. “Once we realised the full potential, we decided the best thing to do was to lock ...

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Alter our bodies

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Facts About Pre-Colonial Philippines

13 Totally Weird Things Your Dog Enjoys For Some Reason

La Princesse.

Dunkin' Donuts apologises for 'bizarre and racist' Thai advert

Do stuff that's bad for us

20 amazing facts about the human body

25. Megan Amram

12 reasons to love a good library

Sandby Borg massacre

ripley's believe it or notcast. NotcastWeird News

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