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1980 More Cigarettes 120s 120mm Length Smoking Lady Vintage Color

1980 More Cigarettes 120s 120mm Length Smoking Lady Vintage Color




1980 More Cigarettes Ad "I'm More ...

1980 More Cigarettes Ad "I'm More ...

More cigarettes print ad for its 120 mm cigarette from 1975 with reg & menthol

1983 print ad - more cigarettes sexy girl smoking vintage tobacco advertising

MORE 120's Filter Cigarette red empty 1970's UK EXPORT 120mm pack wrapper

Camel cigarettes more doctors smoke camels ad vintage 1947 canadian club whiskey

1975 Tareyton Cigarettes Smoking Tobacco Black Eye Vintage Magazine Print Ad


1983 more cigarettes vintage magazine ad man with lighter pretty lady smoking

1946 intern doctor photo more doctors smoke camel cigarettes vintage print ad

Empty cigarette soft pack lable-china-120 mm-more

Virginia Slims Cigarette Magazine Print Ad Vintage 1968 Original Tobacco Women

More 120's Red Vintage Cigarette Ads, Vintage Ads, Vintage Posters, 80s Womens Fashion

1975 Max Cigarette Ad--Say Hello to Max The maximum 120mm cigarette

Cheryl Tiegs for Virginia Slims Cigarettes ad 1976 Zurich postcard Vintage Cigarette Ads, Vintage Ads

1977 Virginia Slims Cigarettes Pretty Woman In Pink Smoking Color Photo Print Ad

But for remaining smokers, fire up a menthol and enjoy this stroll down the tobacco aisle of yesteryear.

Eve (cigarette)

1979 Vintage ad for Virginia Slims Cigarettes/Model in Purple Dress (081013)…

1947 smoking doctor photo More Doctors Smoke Camels cigarette vintage print ad

Image detail for -1983 Virginia Slims Cigarettes Ad Bedford Costume Ball | eBay


More 120s cigarette packet with original cellophane - 1970's

MORE Menthol 120's Original 120mm Cigarette 1970's empty soft pack wrapper only

More - An icky tasting super long and thin "120" cigarette. I snagged a pack of these from the rack at Fred Meyer when I was a kid.

tobacco ad

Vintage 1957 Winston Cigarettes Print Ad Art Couple on Beach at Lifeguard Stand

Virginia Slims Lights Dipping Tobacco, Women Smoking Cigarettes, Old Ads, Cigarette Brands,

Pack of German Eve 120s, with the new health warning label mandated by the European Union.

Empty cigarette soft pack lable--120 mm-more

Virginia Slims - Another disappearing brand of women's cigarette.

1946 smoking doctor photo More Doctors Smoke Camel cigarettes vintage print ad 3

1985 virginia slims ad r

Outrageous 120 Virginia Slims, Women Smoking Cigarettes, Adult Fun, Cigars, Smoke,

1945 Camel Cigarette Ad More Camels Than ever But still not enough

10 Vintage 1980's Full/Unopened MERIT-MAGNA-CAMBRIDGE & MORE Packs Cigarettes


Vintage more 120's cigarette tobacco promotional rj reynolds playing cards

Outrageous 120 — hotwife4u2do: Love menthol Women Smoking Cigarettes, Coffee And Cigarettes, Girl

image 0


Lit Eve Light 120, with watermark butterflies above the Eve logo

Vintage More Cigarettes Print Advertisement AD The Cigarette With More.

1979 virginia slims

2X Vintage Virginia Slims Phillip Morris Needle Sewing Kits Cigarette Tobacco

1957 Couples smoking lounging Pall Mall cigarettes vintage photo print Ad adL22 | eBay

1989 virginia slims ad

10 Vintage 1980's Unopened Newport Harley Davidson & MORE Soft Packs Cigarettes

1987 virginia slims

San 120s. FILTER: White BODY: White MAINLY SOLD: Yugoslavia/Serbia. INFO: Produced in Iraq. "San" means "dream" in the serbian language.


Lark - I remembered seeing these on the shelves, but I can't remember anyone who ever smoked this brand.

1978 virginia slims ad

Raleigh - This was the brand your old neighbour probably smoked.

The image at the top is a photograph of a woman hanging laundry outside. The ad text reads: "Back then, every man gave his wife at least ...

1975 virginia slims ad

1980 Triumph Cigarettes Ad "low ...

Partner (Super Extra) 120s. STRENGTH: Unknown MAINLY SOLD: Yugoslavia, Ukraine, Finland, Macedonia, Poland. STATUS: Discontinued.

Benson & Hedges - Another disappearing brand and the first marketed for the "upscale" crowd. Eve - A long thin women's cigarette

Vintage 1985 more lights cigarette print ad with blonde girl

Eve - A long thin women's cigarette

Capri 120 and Menthol Superslims FILTER: White BODY: White STRENGTH: 13mg (Medium Strong) MAINLY SOLD: USA and Worldwide In Production.

Cigarette card - Daisy Greville featured on a Player's card, c.


Dr.Ska's Mini Cigarette Holder, Cigarette pipe, silver cigarette pipe, Cigarette Holder for man,Cigarette Holder for woman

Papierosa 1 ubt 0069.jpeg

Merit - Another former brand of choice. Of all the low-tars, I actually LIKED Merits. They were tolerable. But Merit was one of those "old peoples" brands ...

1952 Fatima Cigarettes Ad "Distinctive"

This Salem ad seems to have taken a page out of the Newport playbook. For cigarette ads that push the subliminal envelope, Newport has them all beat.

More Special White 120s and special Menthol FILTER: unknown. BODY: unkown. STRENGTH: 6mg white (light), 6mg menthol (light) MAINLY SOLD: unknown

Chesterfield - A non-filtered smoke, popular from the '20s - the '60s when even by then, it was an "old people's cigarette" Before Kool and their jazz ...

A 1980 Max ad:

1974 virginia slims ad

Smoking cessation

Ad for Old Gold cigarettes, featured in the September 1930 Motion Picture Magazine

Carlton - The lowest tar and nicotine of any cigarette (without the nicotine, there's no point in smoking cigarettes.) Memorable for it's plain magazine ads ...

185mm Wooden Smooth Cigarette Holder Smoker Holder

True Filters (Full Flavour).jpg

1900 cigarette ad; targeting women is not a new strategy

More and more woman love to smoke a cigar, but a few only know,

A Kent ad from 1960, commemorating Lorillard's 200th anniversary:

Belmont (cigarette)

The "down home taste" campaign is amazing to me. Like it's hot apple pie and fresh baked bread from the country store. These are about as disingenuous and ...

Esse (cigarette)

Mayfair (cigarette)

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A pack of Cohiba, with a cigarette on the left side

In Where There's Smoke There's Fire (ca. 1920s), Russell Patterson depicts a flapper whose cigarette holder is not only a fashion accessory, ...

This Salem ad seems to have taken a page out of the Newport playbook. For cigarette ads that push the subliminal envelope, Newport has them all beat.