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A male Gambels Quail cautiously leaves cover as the evening light

A male Gambels Quail cautiously leaves cover as the evening light


jeffrey p karnes on Instagram: “On my trip to Costa Rica the Keel-Billed Toucan quickly became one of my favorites.

john l crawley - BIRDS (@jc_wings) - A male Gambel's Quail cautiously leaves

5) Desert dynamos

A Steller's Jay perches on an evergreen branch in a light snow. There are three races of Steller's Jay in North America. They are all the same species but ...

A White-throated mountaingem perches on a tree branch and rests momentarily before resuming its feeding. White-throated mountaingems are medium sized ...

Gambel's Quail Female Gambel's quail are monogamous. Rarely breed in

A male Cassin's Finch perches on a Redbud branch in early spring. Cass

Two Sulphur-winged parakeets interact on an apple branch in a Costa Ri

Discovery on Instagram: “What birds have you been seeing in your neighborhood lately?

Secretive, but common, Gambel's Quail are relatively easy to attract. You just need seeds and enough cover to make them feel comfortable.

Gilded Flicker by Richard Fray

A brightly colored Golden-browed chlorophonia perches briefly in a high cloud forest in Costa Rica. Golden-browed chlorophonias are only found in Panama and ...

I love Africa……. Each day each breath, she consumes me.

This male pheasant positively shimmers in the sunshine. #knuffithehipp


An Emerald toucanet perches briefly and scans the surrounding area before moving off into the forest. Emerald toucanets, as their name suggests, ...

This male pheasant has found a sunny glade @abbotsburyswannery #knuffi

Gélinotte huppée Bonasa umbellus Ruffed Grouse Oiseau de 45 centimètres de longueur pouvant peser jusqu'


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john l crawley - BIRDS (@jc_wings) - Deep in the forest an Orange

A male Northern Cardinal with a rare mutation has become an Internet sensation!

Do Lucy's Warblers Prefer Native or Non-native Mesquite Trees? ...

An Emerald toucanet looks at me curiously as it perches on an open bra

Critter: Desert Tortoise

In center of photo see small primary covert feathers mottled white with white margins of a juvenile Gambel's bird of the year. Adult primary covert feathers ...

Procházel se jak páv #peafowl #bird #feather #galliformes #phasianidae #


#perdizroja #perdiuroja #pernicerossa #perdrixrouge #redleggedpartridge #alectorisrufa #galliformes #phasianidae

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Ray Davis, USDA Forest Service Find-a-Photo

john l crawley - BIRDS (@jc_wings) - The cliffs of St Paul island

Gambel's Quail - Callipepla gambelii. Amado, AZ Canon 400mm f/4 IS DO on EOS 7D2 1/4000 at f/5.6, ISO 640

Great-horned Owl Youngling by Olya Phillips

Out where he can hear the Gambel's come in to roost.

Gambel's Quail (Callipepla gambelii) ©WikiC

marcuscengland - Thinkstock: Male Bullock's Oriole


Acryllium vulturinum - Perlička supia #acryllium #acrylliumvulturinum #vulturineguineafowl #numididae #galliformes #

A male Mountain bluebird perched on top of a tree in the early morning sun on


Gambel's Quail (Callipepla gambelii) by S Slayton

A male Elegant trogon perches on a small branch in Southern Arizona. E

Mrs. Kestrel

steve_oehlenschlager. Ditch battles are still going on across Pheasant Country! #pheasanthun

Sparrowhawk light on beak crop

Let me first say that I realize I have shorted readers on Colombia coverage. This is by design as I have promised to give the Audubon Society first crack at ...

Gambel's Quail Callipepla gambelii Male (left) and Female (right) at pool to

We decided to stop in this spot because we wanted to visit Tombstone and the town of Bisbee. Everyone knows Tombstone (unfortunately, it's not what you ...


#Love in the #wild. Was moving through the village road side in #

Dupla dinâmica Pip e Obi! Pip - Perdiz-da-Virgínia (Colinus .

Male Montezuma Quail by Sheri L. Williamson

john l crawley - BIRDS (@jc_wings) - A male Talamanca hummingbird attempts to

A verdin, which is one of the silver dollar birds since that's their size. Always happy when I can get them close and without clutter.

Elegant Trogon male by Julio Mulero

Well, that's the last time I try to hurry out of Waukegan Beach. My dad was satisfied with the morning having added this Yellow-headed Blackbird to my total ...

American Kestrel No description


Male (left) and female right) European bee-eaters, Latin name Merops

The newest photos added to the collection. Most of the photos in these folders that were taken after March 1, 2016 were taken with a Nikon Coolpix P600.

Gambel's Quail by Dan at Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

... Gambel's Quail male perched in dead willow

A closeup of a Yellow-throated toucan as it tilts it's head while

A few days later, in mid-July, I was wandering around my house completing various chores off of "the list" my mom gave me for the day when fellow bird-hard ...

Chasing the Desert Quail of the Arid Southwest

Can you say "young & uneducated?" Could've touched this scalie with my gun barrel. Yup, always carry a digital camera!

Late afternoon sun on arriving sandhill to roost pond

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2) Timber Rockets

Jacuaçu Local da foto: Esmeraldas - MG Classificação Científica Reino: #Animalia Filo:

Silver eye and flower squarer

Gambel's Quail male perched in dead willow Gambel's Quail stand in shaded brush with evening sunlight streaming through.

Lazuli bunting by Andrew Reding

It's been warm enough to let these guys and girls into the night shelt

Black Giants

After another hot morning sat camped at the edge of the desert, a large group of Gambel's quail appeared. This little band of juveniles broke off from the ...

Gambel's Quail – female

Crow Honeyeater (Gymnomyza aubryana) by Ian

I have a film I took of the Coyote feeding down in the flats, but at this point, I cannot get it uploaded. While we were there, we were also joined by this ...

Scaled Quail – An Upland Game Bird Profile

john l crawley - BIRDS (@jc_wings) - A portrait of a male Northern

My iPhone4, its OS, and its apps are getting creaky old, but they've still got what it takes to manage an image of the rare Three-beaked Raven (Corvus ...

No description

Actually, every one of these photos was taken at Cactus Park in Phoenix, and as you can see, some years are better than others for gorgeous leaves.

A cluster of red post oak leaves

Yellow Bunting (Emberiza sulphurata)

Callipepla - Image: 069 CALIFORNIA QUAIL canet rd, sloco, ca (8718696139)


Grapevines and kiwis - no fruit (for humans) but lots of cover!

Top drawer I'm sure you'll agree!

Little Belle Oct. 25 on Gambel's. Good cover but lots of rock. Tough walking.


African Spoonbill


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Both chukar and Gambel's quail need a supply of water to supplement the moisture they derive from the seeds they eat. Although in the same family, ...

A participant on my field trip the following morning inquired about a potential disconnect between my bike-birding and my bird-chasing.