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A plasma generator and the scientist who cooks up the skies of

A plasma generator and the scientist who cooks up the skies of


A plasma generator and the scientist who cooks up the skies of Faraday worlds

This mosaic image of the Crab Nebula was taken by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope. Features

PHOTO: Sarah Hörst in her lab at JHU

Shannon Hall

PHOTO: The door to Hörst's office at Johns Hopkins University.

Art for "Scientists Discover Exotic New Patterns of Synchronization"

Abstract blue thermonuclear fusion. A plasma generator ...

Visualization of the proposed SPARC tokamak experiment. Using high-field magnets built with newly

IMAGE: An electron microscope image shows a cross-section of a laser-induced graphene and polyimide composite created at Rice University for use as a ...

Astronomical scientists working at the University of Hong Kong's Laboratory for Space Research seek answers to

Laser Precision Microprocessing of Materials book cover

Page 1. South African. Journal of Science

International Journal of Construction Project Management

Instead of arising from our planet's rocky crust, it was actually cooked up in space and is present on Earth because of cataclysmic stellar explosions ...

Sending a GoPro to SPACE with the Cub-Scouts (High Altitude Balloon)

The European X-ray Observatory Satellite (EXOSAT) was launched on May 26, 1983, and operated until April 9, 1986, making 1780 observations of many classes ...

Water Gives Life © 2018 City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program / Eurhi Jones & David

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When a Question of Science Brooks No Dissent

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500,000 Volt Van De Graaff Generator Using Cheap Parts

Although no drug has been approved to treat non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), the clinical drug development landscape around the disease is maturing ...

Conventional and Alternative Power Generation: Thermodynamics, Mitigation and Sustainability | Power Technology & Power Engineering | General Energy ...

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Why Nuclear Fusion Is Always 30 Years Away

Typical electrode configuration for Plasma C: (C-1) RF applied in-

Christchurch Al Noor Mosque 2006. Source By Abdullah Link

A20 Ubiquitin Ligase–Mediated Polyubiquitination of RIP1 Inhibits Caspase-8 Cleavage and TRAIL-Induced Apoptosis in Glioblastoma | Cancer Discovery

Elements of this image furnished by NASA.

Steven Pinker wrote Enlightenment Now thinking he was making the case for “reason, science, humanism, and progress.” But instead produced a 556 page text ...

Culture, Art & Science: Exploring Real World Science at the Barrio Logan Science & Art Expo

Scientists have found an element that could power a spacecraft for 400 years

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Transportation and Power Grid in Smart Cities: Communication Networks and Services

Many Science System Strategists stand on the verge of some steady but fascinating developments, influenced by changing regional, national and international ...


Reduced Proteolytic Shedding of Receptor Tyrosine Kinases Is a Post-Translational Mechanism of Kinase Inhibitor Resistance | Cancer Discovery

In May, levels of carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere surpass 400 parts per million

Cosmic Impact: Understanding the Threat to Earth from Asteroids and Comets (Hot Science)

This view shows Saturn's northern hemisphere in 2016, as that part of the planet nears

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Black Holes May Finally Be Ready For Their Close-Up

Schematic of proposed laser-driven hydrogen-boron fusion, which generates energy and insignificant levels of radioactivity. Laser 1 produces a 10-kilotesla ...

Blood Plasma, Sweat, and Tears


Introduction of NEW CV Series Valve at Analytica China

Urban Pollution: Science and Management

The 2019 Lattice Assisted Nuclear Reactions Colloquium at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

An artist's conception of a brown dwarf. Image is courtesy of NASA/JPL, slightly modified by Jonathan Gagné.


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“The potential of fusion energy is immense. I just wanted to contribute to this. “

The Plan to Hunt for Alien Life on the Most Promising Moon in the Solar System


Full paper deadlines (done online, via Call for Papers section):

The stainless steel vacuum vessel houses the fusion reactions. Photo: courtesy of ITER.

Lab+Life Scientist Jan 2014

Learning the way

Equatorial waves are ocean waves trapped close to the equator, meaning that they decay rapidly away from the equator, but can propagate in the longitudinal ...



Rising Seas Swallowed Countless Archaeological Sites. Scientists Want Them Back


Cell Tissue Science 2019 - Cell Tissue Science 2019

UMR True 8" Plasma Ball Lamp - Large Electric Globe Static Light w/Touch & Sound Sensitive ...

In this July 21, 2017 file photo, researchers look out from the Finnish icebreaker MSV Nordica as the sun sets over sea ice in the Victoria Strait along the ...

A 'Dragon Aurora' Appeared in the Sky Over Iceland, and NASA Is a Little Confused

Scientists just got closer to making nuclear fusion work

Download high-res image ...

Volume II: Coupling of the Geomagnetosphere/Ionosphere/Atmosphere System with Processes Underground, in Low Atmosphere, on the Sun, and in Space

A small sample of the creative, dedicated, brilliant scientists and engineers whom the ever-lying US.Patent and Trademark Office purports "do not exist"; ...

No Joke: April Fools' Comet to Pass Closest to Earth Since Discovery

Photo: Jan Truter

LG 55" Class 4K (2160P) Ultra HD Smart LED HDR TV 55UK6200PUA - Walmart.com


SIMP J01365663+0933473, shown here in this artist's concept, is a massive, nearby exoplanet with a powerful, aurora-generating magnetic field.

Alberta Aurora Chasers capture STEVE, the new-to-science upper atmospheric phenomenon, on the evening of April 10, 2018 in Prince George, British Columbia, ...

image. A sample of ...

Ampleon adds 1900 Watt LDMOS power transistor to its extremely rugged line- up

UChicago scientists estimate, based on LIGO's quick first detection of a first neutron star collision, that they could have an extremely precise measurement ...

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Scientists hiking to a volcano in Iceland.

About Eilat-Eilot

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The Science Island of the Hefei Institutes of Physical Science is home to more than 2,400 scientists from all over the world. (Image by China Daily)

One Small Step for a Space Elevator

Artistic view of the Science Gateway. (Image: RPBW)