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According to estimates 20 million US citizens live with some type

According to estimates 20 million US citizens live with some type


According to estimates, 20 million US citizens live with some type of thyroid gland disorder

This map shows how much a single person needs to earn to live comfortably in every US state

Individuals also transition into and out of poverty over time, though many of those who are poor at any given time will spend multiple spells in poverty.

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New CDC report: More than 100 million Americans have diabetes or prediabetes

Graph: Admission of Parents and Spouses of US Citizens, 1986 to 2015

According to the statistics, only about one in five Americans gets enough exercise and poor eating habits contributed to 45 percent of U.S. deaths in 2012 ...

That's a 76 percent decline in the number of apprehensions between the peak in 2000 and 2018.

According to the Census, there were a little over 139 million workers commuting in 2014. At an average of 26 minutes each way to work, five days a week, ...

Note: Pooled 2012–16 ACS data were used to get statistically valid estimates at the state level for smaller-population geographies.

Yale Study Finds Twice as Many Undocumented Immigrants as Previous Estimates | Yale Insights

... Bar chart showing poorest states. "

CDC: 53 million adults in the US live with a disability

Graphic [JPG] ...

Number of Americans without health insurance jumped by more than 3 million under Trump

Rates of obesity in US by race.

Share of each country's population that is enslaved. Click to enlarge. Data source: Walk Free Global Slavery Index. (Max Fisher/The Washington Post)

Because the U.S. does not maintain a registry of data on people with felony convictions, researchers calculated estimates based on year-by-year data, ...

That's nearly a two-fold difference. We see that only a small fraction of the uninsured were people ages 65 and over — just 1.4 percent.

A nation historically built on immigration, approximately 41.3 million immigrants lived in the United States in 2013, accounting for 13 percent of the ...

Cigarette smoking is down, but almost 38 million Americans still smoke.

Immigrants listen to a speech as they wait to become U.S. citizens at a naturalization ceremony in Los Angeles. (Mark Ralson/AFP/Getty Images)

View detailed tables on the unauthorized immigrant population in 182 U.S. metropolitan areas.

Postcards addressed to President Donald Trump asking him to extend Temporary Protected Status for tens of

Estimate of U.S. Transgender Population Doubles to 1.4 Million Adults Estimate of U.S. Transgender Population Doubles to 1.4 Million Adults

Trump immigration plan could keep whites in U.S. majority for up to five more years - The Washington Post

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Global Research

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The American Diabetes Association (Association) released new research on March 22, 2018 estimating the total costs of diagnosed diabetes have risen to $327 ...

unauthorized immigrant population estimates

How American Citizens Finance $18.5 Billion In Health Care For Unauthorized Immigrants

national deficit dollar bill black eye

These are the estimates of the number of people with new and existing cases of eight

Image of anatomical heart and heart rhythm with transparent numbers in the background: 1 million. The number of Americans ...

244 million international migrants living abroad worldwide, new UN statistics reveal

CDC: Half of American Adults Have Periodontal Disease

White House press secretary Sean Spicer posted a tweet Wednesday bemoaning the 28 million Americans who remain uninsured under the Affordable Care Act.

Fairbanks, Alaska, residents participate in the Farthest North Women's March on Washington on Jan. 21, 2017. (Robin Wood/Fairbanks Daily News-Miner via AP)

People take photos of the Statue of Liberty.

Yale Study Finds Twice as Many Undocumented Immigrants as Previous Estimates

It was estimated that in 2015, 415 million adults aged 20–79 years had diabetes mellitus worldwide, and about 46.5% of them lived in three countries: China, ...

Increasing Voter Participation in America

Source: Statista.

Facts About Childhood Hunger

graph of immigrant in US illegally population compared to US population

The basics of the US immigration system

The number of Americans living with Alzheimer's is growing — and growing fast. An estimated 5.8 million Americans of all ages have Alzheimer's.

Image: Students at the University of Southern California (USC) watch a live telecast

Population growth places the United States in a radically different position from that of Russia,

68% of the world population projected to live in urban areas by 2050, says UN

Homelessness in the United States

A new breed of policy is taking off, but it can be pricey

Trump's new tariffs will cost Americans about $500 per household, by one estimate

Facts and figures relating to the frequency of abortion in the United States .

Difficulty in Estimating the Illegal Alien Population

Image: United States Citizenship Ceremony with Justice Ginsberg

Graphic [JPG]

Note: Pooled 2012–16 ACS data were used to get statistically valid estimates at the metropolitan statistical-area level for smaller-population geographies.

We asked Customs and Border Protection if it could provide family unit figures for years prior to 2013. We have not received a response.

Disasters 2017: The devastating hurricanes, fires, floods, and heat, explained - Vox

evansdata corporation number software developers worldwide

A gap in the fence near the U.S.-Mexico border overlooking Tijuana, Mexico,

The poorest 10% accounted for just 0.5% and the wealthiest 10% accounted for 59% of all the consumption.

Over 20 million children worldwide missed out on measles vaccine annually in past 8 years, creating a pathway to current global outbreaks - UNICEF

The estimated cost of this outreach program exceeds $5 million per year, which is provided by St. John and private donors. Many physicians in our community ...

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44. South Carolina

Barack Obama has an estimated net worth of $40 million. Pool/Getty Images

An estimated 201 million people in 134 countries needed international humanitarian assistance in 2017, a fifth of whom were in just three countries – Syria, ...

Immigration Costs 2013 - Table 10

Source: Amazon Disruption Symposium Where so Far? Where to Next? Who is Safe?, Morgan Stanley, September 18, 2017. (PDF, 88 pp., no opt-in).

Bad news for traditional pay TV: cord cutting is accelerating at a pace faster than previously estimated. According to a new industry report from eMarketer, ...

Divorce by race

Health Status of the United States and Rank among the 29 Other OECD Member Countries.

India has 600 million young people – and they're set to change our world

Hidden STD Epidemic: 110 Million Infections in the US

A. Appendix

Click to enlarge. This infographic summarizes the quickest paths to the eclipse from throughout the

Over 12 million Americans still work in manufacturing

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Gallons Per Household Per Day

Megacities can have more than 20 million residents. And the state of Uttar Pradesh would be the world's fifth most populated country by itself.

DUP_1371-Figure 8. Financial assets, all generations ($ billion)

12 Million Women Ignore Thyroid Disorder Symptoms. Why You Need to Know the Indicating Signs?

U.S. Wars and Hostile Actions: A List

Cord-Cutting Keeps Churning: U.S. Pay-TV Cancelers to Hit 33 Million in 2018 (Study)