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An Iraqi solider stands by the bulletriddled door of a house in

An Iraqi solider stands by the bulletriddled door of a house in


Jan 28, 2006; Al-Falujah, IRAQ; Corporal Thomas Barnett, of

Zaki Kamal Hussein, commander of a local Turkmen-led branch of Iraq's Popular Mobilization

A general of the Constitutionalist army, Rueda Quijano stands in front of a bullet-

An Iraqi boy stands next to the bullet-riddled door of his house in... News Photo | Getty Images

A soldier of the Iraqi Popular Army kisses his daughter goodbye, 1980s

A U.S. soldier walks past a bullet-riddled wall after an attack at the compound of the governor of Parwan province August 14, 2011.

The Killer Elite

This Iraqi sniper picks off ISIS fighters as they hide behind human shields

An Iraqi solider stands by the bullet-riddled door of a house in this Iranian

FALLUJAH, Iraq - Petty Officer 2nd Class Phillip Jean-Gilles, a corpsman working

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

An Iraqi soldier guarding the streets of Fallujah (Tom Westcott/MEE)

Anonymous said: iran-iraq war, please! Answer: Commandos from the Iranian Navy's Takavar Battalion in Khorramshahr Iraqi M-46 130mm field gun battery ...

20 Gut Wrenching Images Of Kids of War

The year after Isis in one Iraqi village

1st Battalion, 14th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade, 25th Infantry Division, passes a bullet-riddled wall during a patrol Tuesday in Hawija, north of Baghdad ...

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These Soldiers On Ukraine's Front Lines Are Starting To Doubt The War's Value | HuffPost

Vermont Guard in Iraq

A U.S. soldier of the 69th squadron, 3rd brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, stands

Soldats de l'armée irakienne sur le front près de Bassora en septembre 1980, Irak.

Jay Strobino on a foot patrol outside Mahmudiyah, Iraq. Strobino, a recent Middle

An Iraqi soldier stands next to a bullet riddled door in the town of Tel Keppe

Marawi: bullet-riddled walls tell true story of Philippines' longest urban war | South China Morning Post

Zaki Kamal Hussein, commander of the local Qa'im militia group, embraces police

Garage door in Mostar, riddled with bullets, Bosnia-Herzegovina - Stock Image


SIRTE, LIBYA - JULY 16: Omar stands outside his bullet riddled family house in a neighborhood home to Gaddafi loyalists on July 16, 2012 in Sirte, Libya.

The Desperate Battle to Destroy ISIS

Where angels feared to tread: Inside the ruins of Iraq's Christian heritage

Two Decades of War Have Eroded the Morale of America's Troops

Routine search of Iraqi house turned into a fatal firefight

Iraqi Christians are slowly returning to their homes, wary of their neighbors

Soldiers I love ISIS Marawi Philippines Soldier stand ...

To the end of the world and back Iraq

In Iraq, an on-the-ground investigation suggests that coalition airstrikes have killed many more civilians than previously reported.

The Real-Life Mad Max Who Battled ISIS in a Bulletproof BMW

Jay Strobino stands next to his truck just after a mounted patrol in Mahmudiyah, Iraq

Marawi: bullet-riddled walls tell true story of Philippines' longest urban war | South China Morning Post

Photo Gallery: Life in Qaraqosh after Islamic State

Räuber Hotzenplotz

Hassan Ahmed al-Aoul, 75, a retired stone cutter, gestures on the balcony of his house, which lies between rubble and damaged buildings in Aleppo's ...

Special Report: As their landlord profits, soldiers battle unsafe Army homes

FALLUJAH, Iraq - An Iraqi soldier carries a troop feigning injury to safety during a

Iraqi police stand guard over an al Qaeda suspect after a raid in Baquba, in

Decades on, War-Scarred Beirut Buildings Remain

Militia fighters ride past destroyed buildings in the town of Bashir, Iraq, May 10

Blackwater Jurors Urged to Give Iraqis JusticeBlackwater Jurors Urged to Give Iraqis Justice

A woman sells lace in front of a bullet-riddled building in Mostar, Bosnia

Hazm Aboush, 60, stands in his warehouse that used to house thousands of chickens. ISIS took over the site when they captured the town of Qaraqosh.

U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Deryk Simmons, 27, from Huntsville, Ala., of Lightning Troop, 3rd Squadron, 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment, stands guard during a patrol ...

An Iraqi solider stands by a flag with a cross at a check point in the

Best Iraq War Books

A bullet-riddled vehicle belonging to the Iraqi forces is seen as troops advance towards Mosul's Old City on June 18, 2017. #

Members of the 313th Port Security Unit of Tacoma, Washington in Iraq

"Little One" inspects the tube of his RPG during the quiet of the daytime

Sgt. Brian Wells Left Part of His Head in Iraq

Iraq, O4-09-03
Few bodies of civilians shot

The legal case for Iraq intervention

Created with Sketch. In pictures: Syria conflict

A US soldier stands guard at the site of a car bomb attack in Baghdad 17

A Syrian Democratic Forces fighter sit as medics treat his comrades injured by sniper fired by

Broken crosses and desecrated churches: what remains of Christians in Iraq

Life after Isis: How one town was ripped to pieces in battle for liberation

FALLUJAH, Iraq - Iraqi policemen fire their AK-47 assault rifles during a training

Police officers enter the Armed Forces Career Center through a bullet-riddled door after a

Staff Sgt. Frank Wuterich

Warren Brown who died of s single gun wound in Afghanistan.

Iraqi soldiers celebrating after recapturing the Faw Peninsula in Iraq during the Iran-Iraq War.Behind them is a bullet ridden portrait of Iranian leader ...

A Mexican federal police stand next to a bullet riddled and burned car after member of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel ambushed a police convoy near the ...

Israeli soldiers shoot 3-year-old Palestinian child in the head during West Bank military training exercise

Meet the 200 Virginians in the military who have died since 9/11

Facade of a house is riddled with bullet holes from the 1992-95 war in


Members of the the Iraqi forces' Emergency Response Division stand guard at a checkpoint during the offensive in west Mosul to retake the area from Islamic ...

A Kurdish Peshmerga fighter inspects the interior of a house destroyed by fighting with Islamic State militants in Bashiqa, east of Mosul, Iraq, Friday, ...

Mosul, Iraq. July 25, 2005.

'Each metre might be a mine': ISIS riddles Baghouz with IEDs to slow capture of final enclave


A Kurdistan separatist fighter waits at his position near Degala, Iraq. Oct. 16

Rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan: What's next?

Most will never receive an answer.

Peshmerga near Mosul say Islamic State militants are weakening 'day by day' - Stripes

An Iraqi civilian walks through the vault of the National Museum in Baghdad, Iraq, on April 12, 2003. Looters opened the museum vault, went on a rampage ...