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Armenia the heir of Urartu Ancient Civilization Ancient

Armenia the heir of Urartu Ancient Civilization Ancient


Armenia the heir of Urartu

Relief depicting a winged god stepping on a lion from the kingdom of Urartu, Armenia, Hittite civilizationUrartu civilization. Stele of Rusa II, ...

Armenia the heir of Urartu – PeopleOfAr

Armenian tribute bearer from Persepolis (5th c. BCE)

Depiction of the Urartian god Khaldi, one of the three chief deities of Ararat (Urartu). His shrine was at Ardini.

From Tushpa 7th century B.C. Urartu civilization. Statue. male figure. From Tushpa. 7th century B.C.

The Black Obelisk of Shalmaneser III and his conquest of an Armenian city of Arzashkun

Ancient to Medieval (And Slightly Later) History

Cradle Of Civilization, Ancient Near East, Hermitage Museum, Iron Age, Armenia,

Urartu Art. Armenian HistoryAsian HistoryAncient ...

Armenia the heir of Urartu

Toponyms Armenia and Urartu

Griffin from Ancient Near East

Niche and base for a destroyed Urartian stele, Van citadel, 1973.

Urartu burial in Karmir Blur Armenia

Urartu civilization. Bronze Sphinx. From Tushpa or Toprakkale. 7th century B.C. Western Armenia


Goddess Arubani, wife of Ḫaldi, Kingdom of Ararat, Armenia (Urartu) Ancient

Bronze figure, from Karmir Blur, Armenia, Armenian Civilization, 7th Century BC

The "tree of life", popular among the ancient societies, is depicted. The helmet was discovered during the excavations of the fortress Of Teyshebaini ...

The homeland of the Sumerians

Armenian Silver Bracelet with Urartian Symbols by Mamikon and Hayk Mkhitaryans. Armenian History, Armenian


How #urartu became friends with #assyria #comics #countryball #dailyart #ararat

Ancient wall-paintings at Erebuni Fortress in Armenia. The fortress is also known as Arin Berd meaning the fortress of blood.

Urartu Decorated Quiver


Ancient city from Urartu civilization discovered in Turkey's eastern Erzurum

Regions of the Republic of Armenia

Ancient History Encyclopedia in Armenia

Head of a Bull, Urartu, 8th century BC. This head was attached to

Investigating Urartian VIII century BC mausoleum in Yerevan. #yerevan #urartiankingdom #urartu #

Following the White invasion of Greece (and before in Eastern Europe), many of the original Black populations of these areas fled to Anatolia for safety.

... that all of them are heirs of ancient civilizations and that preservation of ancient cultures and handing them down to generations is their obligation.

Sargon II

Urartian stone arch near Van, 1973.


Urartu burial in Karmir Blur Armenia Urartu burial in Karmir Blur Armenia ...

Regions of the Republic of Armenia


The Hurrians spoke a language possibly part of the Northeast Caucasian family of languages [Alarodian], akin to modern Chechen and Lezgian.

The Early Christianization of Armenia

Urartian cuneiform recording the foundation of Erebuni Fortress by Argishti.

Image Source: Relief of Darius in Persepolis. Wikimedia Commons. Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license


Bracelet (silver and gold) from the kingdom of Urartu (7th century BC), Western Armenia. Urartu civilization.

"Hayk" the legendary founder of the Armenian nation, standing next to the tomb of Bel, with Hayk's arrow still in Bel's chest. The map depicts the Lake Van ...

6,100 year old Wine making press (oldest known) descovered in Armenian Cave.

Van Citadel fortress Van Kalesi at sunrise overlooking the ruins of the ancient capital Tushpa of the 7th century Kingdom of Urartu near the present day ...

Ancient Armenia

Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia - Armenian Crusaders.

Ancient city from Urartu civilization discovered in Turkey's eastern Erzurum

Kingdom of Commagene - Antiochus I of Commagene, shaking hands with Herakles.

Medallion with a seated deity and a male worshiper. Period: Iron Age III Date: ca. 8th–7th century B.C.. Geography: Urartu Culture: Urartian

Urartian tomb complex, Van citadel, 1973.

2 The Armenian Church of the Holy Cross on the island Ahtamar

Jugha cemetery came into use in the ninth century, when the kingdom of Greater Armenia ruled over the Nakhchivan region in which it lay, before being ...


Armenia, The Homeland of the Sumerians?

Ancient Iran

Origins of Great Ancient Civilizations Professor Kenneth W. Harl

Van Citadel fortress Van Kalesi at sunrise overlooking the ruins of the ancient capital Tushpa of the 7th century Kingdom of Urartu near the present day ...

Urartian royal tomb. Near Van 1973

Although it is a distinct church, the Armenian Apostolic Church is in communion with the church universal and in the family of churches such as the Coptic, ...

Ancient Iran

Cradle of Civilization

The Russian capture of Erivan in 1828 ended four centuries of Persian rule of eastern Armenia, allowing its people to leave the Islamic sphere of influence ...

Urartu burial in Karmir Blur Armenia

3 The baptism of King Tiridates III.

Ani is a monumental reminder that Turks do not need to go very far to face their past. She is staring at them with a piercing look every single day.

Urartian Hieroglyphs

Argishti I of Urartu

(Armenian Weekly)—On July 21, the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee overwhelmingly adopted the Berman-Cicilline Amendment based upon the Return of ...

Babylonian World Map or Imago Mundi (BM 92687). British Museum, London

The Russian Revolution of 1905 brought suffering and around 1,500 Armenian dead, but its aftermath saw a reversal in the imperial polcy of 'Russification' ...

Hunting the Lions: The Last King of Assyria, and the Death of the Empire – Part II

Place of origin: Urartu Date: 764-744 B.C.. Medium: Leather. #ancient# ancient ...

Urartian saddle quern

Stones talking, opening the Armenian scientists prof. GA Vaganyan Instead Annotations "The fact that Armenia and cultural past, in our opinion, ...

Urartian Art 04a~

Armenia on Map Anatolia

The head of the Chair of Applied Sociology Professor Arthur Atanesyan greeted those present.

A detail of David and Goliath from the cathedral

etruscan sumerian


By now you should know that the Kardashians are in the process of taking Armenia.

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Economy of Urartu

Ashur-nasir-pal-II relief in Brooklyn Museum. Image source: www

Tauroctony of Mithras at the Brukenthal National Museum

Urartu burial in Karmir Blur Armenia