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As fall approaches most of the summer crops begin to wind down

As fall approaches most of the summer crops begin to wind down


As fall approaches, most of the summer crops begin to wind down. Instead of

As fall approaches, most of the summer crops begin to wind down. Instead of

5 Steps to Wind Down and Fall Asleep

Find out which vegetables grow best in your Ohio garden.

Climate change already affecting German farmers

Beets do double-duty in the kitchen, producing tasty roots for canning, roasting

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What Kind of Fertilizer Is Needed for Potato Plants? | Home Guides | SF Gate

A close up of an asparagus spear set against a blue sky and a green field

Starting a vegetable garden from scratch

Old Farmer's Almanac

Organic Garden Soil

Old Farmer's Almanac

Companion Planting

EnvironmentFuture of Food

Planning and Hunting Food Plots in the South

Grapes, the county's number one crop, are beginning to awaken from a long winter's nap. Tender young leaves and the first signs of tiny bunches of grapes ...

How to Protect Your Garden During a Harsh Summer

Grow chives all year even when the garden is under snow. See how to divide

Old Farmer's Almanac

photo of tomato plant rows in field

Monsanto's Harvest of Fear

If one of your goals is to build the deer herd up (and build some solid antlers too), this is a good approach for you to take for your summer food plots.

As California's labor shortage grows, farmers race to replace workers with robots

Cereal farming

Transitioning to a No-Till Garden: Have you heard about the ecological benefits of

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It's also time to start thinking about your fall garden with cool weather crops like brussels sprouts, beets, and carrots.

Figure 5


Check out this Shabu Shabu recipe, it's easy to adapt with any of the spring vegetables we'll have at market this Saturday. Shabu Shabu is one of Japan's ...

This means that its flowers are either male or female and usually not both ( more on the alternative monecious characteristics in upcoming blogs).

General Care

contour farming; strip cropping

The wood continues to ripen over the course of the summer, turning brown and hardening (e.g. vines lignify). In tandem with wood growth, the grapes continue ...

When in drought: the California farmers who don't water their crops | Environment | The Guardian

Figure 3

How Soilless Agriculture Differs from Soil-based Agriculture

October Planting Guide

Spacing for Raspberries

Image of corn tassel with blue sky background

Square foot gardening by planting flowers, herbs and vegetables in wooden box on balcony

How Long Does It Take for Grape Vines to Produce Grapes? | Home Guides | SF Gate

To direct sow your seeds just means to plant your seeds outdoors in the garden instead


Fresh organic beetroot over wooden background

View image of Plants are given more water than they can absorb


If you were to track every hour spent in your garden, you would probably find that you do an inordinate amount of weeding. And while the first few weeks of ...

Shade netting is especially useful when starting late-season crops at the end of the summer.

Inside or Outside: Which to Choose When Starting Plants From Seed

Climate and Crop Growth

There is still more to come of course but perhaps that is why I love it so much. It delivers all you might possibly desire along with the absolute certainty ...

Santa Monica Farmers Market

September Planting Guide

Sunflowers: How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Sunflower Plants | The Old Farmer's Almanac

Pole bean corridor

Choose the right shape

In a biodynamic vineyard, the leaves are fully turned color and falling off when it

Planning and Hunting Food Plots in the South

Daily Practices

2.2 Growth practices for field-grown strawberries

Many growers of permanent crops also use cover crops, as shown here, to help put important nutrients and organic matter back into the soil.

Heatwave brings early harvest for German and French winemakers

Table 1


Tired of seeing annual vegetables come and go? Then it's time to plant asparagus in

Phytophthora root rot beginning in low lying corner of a field where water is not draining properly. Note that rhododendrons grown closest to the water ...

How to Grow Marijuana Outdoors: A Beginner's Guide

If you are growing an edible landscape, you may wonder how to take advantage of

Selecting Plants


Square foot garden

Cereal grains, such as wheat, oats, and rye, offer great cover but provide little to no nutritional value. Similar to cereal grain sorghum, Egyptian wheat, ...

how to grow weed outside: protect the plants

Do not cut back the stem or any of the foliage as this will all contribute to the growing bulbs as they slowly die back.

May Planting Guide

All-Purpose Garden Fabric

Study: wind and solar can power most of the United States

Table 2

Hunting Strategies and Summer Food Plots 101

Spacing for Tomatoes

Cut and come again lettuce for baby greens

California is currently ablaze, after a record hot summer and a dry fall set the stage for the most destructive fires in the state's history.

landscape of field