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Big Horn Sheep with some Rocky Mountains Ill be spending my day out

Big Horn Sheep with some Rocky Mountains Ill be spending my day out


Big Horn Sheep with some Rocky Mountains! Ill be spending my day out in my yard doing some long overdue spring cleanup! Its beautiful and sunny here and its ...

Four sheep species in North America. Jump to: Dall Sheep Rocky Mtn Bighorn ...

Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep - Georgetown, Colorado

Exceptional Optics Paves the Way

But one animal caught my attention: The Rocky Mountain sheep, a subspecies of the bighorn sheep family.

Two days prior to the opener, were stuck on a ledge with no place to go! Ambition had put us between a rock ...

A well camouflaged bighorn sheep ram (Ovis canadensis) is falling asleep whilst resting on

Annual call for volunteer bighorn sheep counters - The San Diego Union-Tribune

A well camouflaged bighorn sheep ram (Ovis canadensis) is falling asleep whilst resting on

Sheep hunting is easy—but only if you know where to look

Rocky Mountain National Park

Bighorn sheep are common on the tundra. Rocky Mountain National Park

Sheep Hunt? Maybe you CAN afford it

Big horn sheep climbing the tundra - Rocky Mountain National Park's Trail Ridge Road

Big Horn Sheep, Rocky Mountain Front, David Letterman

Close up photo of a rocky mountain bighorn sheep

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Bighorn_sheep_Waterton_2017_5 Bighorn_sheep_Waterton_2017_5A bighorn sheep ...

Hunt of a Lifetime by Kathy

A big horn sheep in Rocky Mountain National Park. I also saw moose, mule deer, and herds of elk.

The hunt of a lifetime

bighorn sheep

Baker hunters hit the jackpot

Bighorn sheep are common on the tundra

Bighorn_sheep_Georgetown_2017_3 Bighorn_sheep_Georgetown_2017_3Two bighorn sheep ...



winter-photography-in-rocky-mountain -national-park.jpg?zoom=2.625&resize=330,233&ssl=1

A reliable place to see wintering Bighorns—close to town on the National Elk Refuge.


High on the mountain while hunting down to the river in late September.

Photo Bighorn sheep on Colorado River Trail

So You Wanna Hunt Sheep? By Dustin Roe

3 Reasons to Visit Banff National Park Immediately

10 Best Things to Do in Rocky Mountain National Park, CO

Bighorn Sheep Rocky Mountain National Park Alas, our five glorious days spent ...

After a two minute staring contest, he shifts his gaze away from me, takes a few steps towards a tall yucca, and beds-down beside it.

West Side Stories - Rocky Mountain National Park (U.S. National Park Service)

The bidding for the Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep tag started out at $5,000 at a Scottsdale hotel. The energy level in the banquet hall intensified as the ...

Bighorn rams relax in the sun on a grassy hillside in Sheep River Provincial Park west of Turner Valley on Nov. 14, 2017.

Chris, our guide Danny, and I spent the next two nights under a Hilleberg tarp weathering a steady rainstorm and still stayed relatively dry.

Photo by user jelli303, caption reads “As long as I live, I'

Big horn sheep in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

Rick Brandt of Roca, Nebraska, rides his mule up a switchback trail on the Middle Fork of Soldier Creek in the Soldier Creek Wildnerness Area of the ...

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I'd have to drop back a bit, cross the creek, climb up, and past, the sheep and come down from above her to get a chance. My daughter would have a front-row ...

Just like every season being unique, so is every day. One day I'll be tracking back in on that mother bighorn sheep to check on how her and her new lamb are ...

When we got home we thawed out and relaxed a little before preparations for the summer begun. We couldn't believe that it was already time to start planning ...

We all appreciate nature in our own way

story image story image ...

Bighorn Sheep, Desert National Wildlife Refuge ...

Once you arrive in Banff there are a few campsites where you'll be able to call home for the next few days. My favourite, due it's location and beautiful ...


Rocky Mountain Front, David Letterman

Vancouver to Banff Tour – Which One is the Best?

Dylan Maddalena, Head Wrangler, YMCA Jackson Stables

14 of the best weekend getaways in Colorado for a romantic road trip or just a

From the thunderstorm on Friday night that rattled us in our tents, to drinking muddy water out of pot holes, heavy packs, and “unsurmountable” slick rock ...

Desert Bighorn Sheep - Colorado National Monument, Colorado. Desert_bighorn_CNM_2017_4

Mountain Hunter Magazine Fall 2016

Mountain terrain for rocky mountain bighorn sheep

Bognorn sheep lying peacefully along the trail

American Road Trip for Nature Lovers

Down a shear rock wall is no problem either. Rocky Chase. The ewe covers large ...

In fact, getting close to them and off this ridge was challenging enough. There was no way down that was out of sight of the sheep.

Sheep Head Drawings - Bighorn Sheep by Mary Rogers

bighorn sheep

West Side Stories - Rocky Mountain National Park (U.S. National Park Service)

One tag for the Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep sold at the Scottsdale auction for $197,500. (Photo by Alexandra Olgin - KJZZ)

I'll ...

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Wildlife photo tours in the Rocky Mountains

Gearing Up for Mountain Extremes: It's an exciting time to be a mountain hunter

Given all this, a bit of good advice from someone with significant sheep hunting experience and who is also a qualified financial professional might be ...

Tough Hunts - DFTQ Part 1 - (Mantra of Die First Then Quit). This is my best Rocky Mountain ...

Happy Valentine's Day! Yellowstone wildlife l'amour


A Walk On The Wild Side

Another time we spotted bighorn sheep grazing alongside the road.

I've been fortunate enough to be a Biologist in the State of Nevada, working primarily with ungulate species such as Rocky Mountain Elk, bighorn sheep, ...

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Rocky Mountain Front, David Letterman

Banff is bigger for visitors, but Jasper is the real gem of the Canadian Rockies

Nathan French and client with a Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep


The weather can be unpredictable at this elevation

Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park: America's Only Mountain-Top Theme Park! This is where