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By democratizing our workplaces we can supplant the dominant

By democratizing our workplaces we can supplant the dominant


An investor views the stock index at a securities company on May 30, 2007 in

This blog is part of our ongoing series, IPsoft's 2019 AI Trends, detailing what we believe will be the dominant developments and movements in the ...

New Book: Employers' Economics versus Employees' Economy – How Adam Smith's Legacy Obscures Public Investment in the Private Sector


New Book by Richard D. Wolff: Capitalism's Crisis Deepens – Essays on the Global Economic Meltdown

New Book: Knowledge, Class and Economics – Marxism without Guarantees

By Richard D. Wolff,. By democratizing our workplaces, we can supplant the dominant ...

NRA questionnaires are hitting candidate mailboxes here in Kentucky and presumably in other states.

anderson-book-cover.jpg Work can go wrong in ...

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'Club Gitmo' is now for children, too | EcoSocialism/Environmental/Economic/Gender & Racial Justice | Children, Club, Donald trump

New Book: Class, Party, Revolution – A Socialist Register Reader

'Technology and democratization of work will fuel the future ...

Will digital life be mostly helpful or mostly harmful to individuals' mental and physical well-being in the next decade?

It's not my title: it's the Harvard Business Review. I stumbled across this draft

Richard D. Wolff

A truly effective climate policy will require 'a cultural shift that is bigger than legislation

New Book: Allegory and Ideology

Now is the time to put the Republican Party out of its misery.

RRPE Call for Papers: Special Issue on Precarious and Informal Work

Chisago-Isanti MN for Bernie shared a link.


Author on left in blue sarape (circa 1986)

Deep learning involves a highly iterative process where data scientists build models and test them on GPU-powered systems until they get something they can ...

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Lance Taylor on Growth, Distribution, and the Future of Capitalism

... their capacity to modulate their level of connectivity and their general happiness. The three questions: 1) Over the next decade, how will ...

Conditions are not guaranteed to improve on their own, but with continuous efforts by doctors, engineers, scientists, philanthropists, and others, we can ...

... Liz and I purchased a vacation home in a working class neighborhood of Eastern Long Island called “The Springs.” Over time, we have gotten to know our ...

Making excuses for unemployment: The myth of a “skills gap”

4) Will employers be accepting of applicants who rely on new types of credentialing systems, or will they be viewed as less-qualified than those who have ...

The Final Religion


Monster Under The Bed | Book by Stan Davis | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

FROM PEOPLE whose job it is to sabotage the efforts of others, we can take a lesson or two.

A Functional Optimization Based Approach for Continuous 3D Retargeted Touch of Arbitrary, Complex Boundaries in Haptic Virtual Reality

Which Hotelogix Marketplace partners work best for your hotel? by

Iqbal Masih | EcoSocialism/Environmental/Economic/Gender & Racial Justice | Iqbal masih, Gender, People


The harder part is taking steps to reduce harms already caused, and preventing them from recurring. Its employees, and many others, will be watching.

The Elementary and Secondary Education Act at Fifty: Aspirations, Effects, and Limitations | RSF: The Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences

Table of Contents

There was no marriage gap between rich and poor a couple of generations ago, but one has been opening up. The Office for National Statistics divides Britain ...

The Political Economy of Obama/Trump

Privacy Preference Centre

i need to leave az this shit sucks Losing Faith In Humanity, Intersectional Feminism,

Data Democratization

We are witnessing a remarkable double standard in the media's treatment of tech workers. It has transformed completely unknown people who happen to work in ...

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An audience member asked the panelists a question about how creators compete against those in their industry who produce the same content.

Communist Party USA

Photo: Aurélien Adoue

Drawings may still be used in the offices of architects of record but they are already obsolete in the offices of perception management architects.

Democratizing the Workplace through “Worker Self-Directed Enterprises”

David Cunningham, Roland Boer, Edward Baring, Jon Goodbun, Emilie Connolly and Terrell Carver: 170 Reviews / Radical Philosophy

Media and the Government of Populations

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Copyright Š by the Inter-American Development Bank. All rights reserved. For more information visit our website: www.iadb.org/pub

Radical municipalism. “

It has been around a decade since social networking websites first entered public consciousness – now they seem like an indispensable part of daily life for ...

... we can create a county, a community and workplaces that are an alternative to the current narrative driven by hate and violence which are dominating our ...

We won't regain security by going backward, especially as robots and technology render more and more jobs obsolete, but we can go forward, to a basic income ...

Note: all transcription errors are my own. See my other book reviews on this topic.

What's Really Up with These Facebook Bans?

A clear majority of the responses from these experts contained material outlining certain challenges, fears or concerns about the AI-infused future.

As you can probably imagine, launching satellites is a complicated business. To get into the game, companies must often go to the biggest players, ...

The way I like to think about it is not, Human vs. Bot, but Human + Bot. The bot amplifies what you can do. The bot is an exponent.

Table of Contents

As a part of getting our Threshold project off the ground, we hosted an extremely lively and well-attended pop-up symposium at York on the 22nd of September ...

It's why we're here. Equal Rights, Faith In

photograph of the stained glass window of the Victor Building

We publish this as a document of workers struggle against reactionary union laws that promote class cooperation and a demonstration that questions of ...

Global Problems, Complexity, and Civil Society in East Asia

The Employee-First Era: How Business Leaders Can Navigate The Power Shift

Table 4 Contributions to contemporary organization studies from feminist theories

Jose Luis Conejero (right) and Manolo Gómez (center), members of the neighborhood association of Can Sant Joan, during their presentation at the I European ...

Neoliberalism's War on Higher Education, by Henry A. Giroux

... 37.

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The Inconvenient Truth of Modern Civilization's Inevitable Collapse

A handy guide to capitalism, socialism and democracy – Communist Party USA

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... Adela Nieves, William Copeland) We started our Healing Circle and Assembly with a panel discussion on "Defining Healing Justice and Decolonizing Health ...