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CVI Series Summer Adapted Books Vision CVILow Vision Adapted

CVI Series Summer Adapted Books Vision CVILow Vision Adapted


CVI Series: Summer Adapted Books | Vision (CVI/Low Vision) Adapted Resources | Special education activities, Special education classroom, Autism classroom

Adapting "If You Take a Mouse to School" for a Student with CVI

Adapting picture books for children with CVI and other types of visual impairment

Adapting Materials Found Around School

Adapting Polar Bear Book for Children with Visual Impairments

Tactile board book for children with visual impairments or multiple disabilities

At the same time, we are focused on APH. In January, APH posted on its social media account about their plans to “Make Big Things Happen” this year for ...

Final Stop of PNW Book Tour: PORTLAND OREGON! 🚙 I'm leaving Canada today and returning to the USA to offer 2 more natural vision improvement events.

"Goodnight Moon": Accessible Ideas for Children with Multiple Disabilities


Natural Vision Improvement by Janet Goodrich is a great guide to how to improve your vision naturally. I love how it includes tons of cute hand drawn ...

Here is my list of FREE apps I have compiled for one of 3.5 year old

Adapting Polar Bear, Polar Bear for Students with CVI & Other Visual Impairments

Image: A boy lying down with his arms covering his face wearing a Start Seeing CVI t-shirt

I love @mrspspecialties 's adapted books. I will be using this one with a few kiddos with profound disabilities, including visual impairments.

Braille cryptoquip puzzles are a fun and challenging way to practice the Braille alphabet. I

Adapting Classroom Materials for a Student with CVI

A noble heart: Dr. P Vijayalakshmi (centre) at the Low Vision Centre

April is CVI Literacy

You know you're a vision teacher when... you're flipping through an IKEA catalogue and imagine this basket being illuminated with lights for a kiddo with ...

Tips on how to adapt literacy materials for students with CVI and multiple disabilities Tactile Activities

In this post, Jenny takes on a common challenge to parents of children with CVI and ocular forms of visual impairment. Take it away, Jenny!

PNW Book Tour Stop #2 - VICTORIA BC! 👁 Join me tomorrow, Saturday October 6th for a free outdoor vision walk from 12 to 1 pm at Beacon Hill Park.

It's with so many mixed emotions that I am closing the door on a big chapter

A vision for every kid

Adapting Itsy-Bitsy Spider Book for children with CVI (Cortical Visual Impairment) Speech

Grace at ipad

Cvi adapted toys!! These are the colorful, visually busy toys that have color, sound, lights and can be too overstimulating for our students with # cvi BUT a ...


Adapting Books For Children With CVI At All 3 Phases

Hope sesame place

Social Skills are one of the key areas of the Expanded Core Curriculum for students who

brenda's t-shrit

CVI and Adaptations for Literacy. Visually Impaired ActivitiesPowerpoint FormatMultiple DisabilitiesTherapy ActivitiesBook ActivitiesVisual ImpairmentVision ...

Tactile Board Book: Off to the Park | Vision (CVI/Low Vision) Adapted Resources | Multiple disabilities, Tactile activities, Preschool special education

Images: Above: Gunjan Rastogi-Wilson, CVI mom, advocate, and fundraiser with pie.

Adapting Images for Early Learners

If you are a parent or provider of a child with CVI and want to lend your voice, you can go to Start Seeing CVI Advocacy or the Start Seeing CVI Facebook ...

Image: Rheanon and her brother, Chase. She is wearing a Start Seeing CVI t-shirt.

Strategies for Promoting Literacy Skills and Students with CVI

Rheanon smile

This activity is designed for children with CVI (Cortical Visual Impairment) in order to

Collage of CVI sight words

Images: Above: Gunjan Rastogi-Wilson, CVI mom, advocate, and fundraiser with pie.

Creating digital books for a Kindergarten student with a visual impairment Learning Sight Words, Visual

Parenting Plan Washington State #BestParentingBlogs #Children Learning Activities, Sensory Activities, Activities For

iPads for students with CVI (Cortical Visual Impairment) in Phase III Educational Technology,

Image: Rheanon's brother, Chase, leans over an IPad and traces sight words for his sister.

Introducing iPad's VoiceOver Accessibility Feature to Young Children with Visual Impairments. This summary video follows

CVI in Practice: Teaching Visual-Spatial Skills Using Attribute Blocks

If your child is diagnosed with Cortical Visual Impairment or CVI, then visit this list

Color Highlighting for Children with CVI

14 tips to use an iPad as part of your Functional Vision Assessment/Learning Media

Teacher Education, Student Teaching, Teaching Tools, Teaching Kids, Special Education, Intensive

For those who care for and work with students with cerebral/cortical visual impairment (C/CVI).

Watch this video on the impact of cortical visual impairment (CVI) on AAC (Augmentative & Alternative Communication)

20 Great Android Apps for Kids with CVI or Low Vision

Create your own seasonal Active Learning mobile for Fall or Halloween for learners with low vision

Cortical Visual Impairment: An Approach to Assessment and Intervention: 9780891288299: Medicine & Health Science Books @ Amazon.com

Delayed Visual Maturation: A Visual Inattention Problem

Create your own Active Learning tabletop mobile for students with significant multiple disabilities. Sensory Activities

Make your own tactile alphabet book for children with visual impairments or multiple disabilities! Braille

20 Great Android Apps for Kids with CVI/Low Vision Best Android, Android Apps

Five ways the LightAide is great for kids with CVI

CVI in Practice: Hands-On Strategies to Develop the Visual-Spatial Skills Related to Writing Letters

Cause and Effect, experiencing echoes and differing tones. Vision Research ROPARD Fndtn

Introduce the scientific basics of light to your child with visual impairments through hands-on activities like exploring your home and other familiar ...

CVI Strategies for Pre-Readers. Visually Impaired ActivitiesMultiple DisabilitiesVision ...

A parent shares the experience of her son who has CVI, Phase II, and

Early Learning Apps - Part 2

Tips to teach visual complexity to children with CVI (Cortical Visual Impairment) Visually Impaired

Making Choices with Objects

Interactive Adapted Books

138 Apps for Early Learning

CVI and Adaptations for Literacy

Make your own CVI Bead Bar for children with cortical visual impairment and multiple disabilities.

aac systems for students with cvi and multiple disabilities collage Communication System, Effective Communication,

cvi, low vision and blind · Here are some of the best light-up toys for under $10. These are

Tactile Books for Students with Visual Impairments

Active Learning Slantboards Based on Child Preferences

Visual Impairment, Visual Aids, Point Of View, Iphone App, Disability, Ipod Touch, Itunes, Blinds, Apps

Out of Sight Teaching: Pre -Braille Games

Buzz Back

app for those with cortical visual impairment (CVI). This innovative app allows the user to create two-dimensional object identification tasks using their ...

1961 Winnie the Pooh Book

In Celebration of Grandparenting - For Grandparents of Children with Visual Impairments - This book is for grandparents of children with visual impairments ...

5 Back-to-School Resources for Kids with Visual Impairments and their Families

Optic Nerve

Teaching Learners with Multiple Special Needs: Fine Motor Work Boxes. A great way to take away visual clutter and highlight the target lesson.

Create images that are accessible to individuals with CVI using the You Doodle app. Early

Adapting Classroom Materials for a Student with CVI

grocery store BINGO!

Check out this tactile book of shapes for young children who are blind or visually impaired

Adapting "Are You My Mother?" for Children with Multiple Disabilities

Make your own pumpkin experience book with children who are visually impaired, deafblind or multiply

InPromptu by Ohio State University Life Skills Classroom, Teaching Social Skills, Special Education Classroom

Quiet Books

GREAT IDEAS Quiet books - inspiration pages, a how to quiet book guide, and some free printable templates from And Next Comes L

Make your own sensory bags to place on lightbox with students with CVI or multiple disabilities