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Cereals have become apart of everyday life for children teenagers

Cereals have become apart of everyday life for children teenagers


Get Your Child to Eat Breakfast

Cereals have become apart of everyday life for children, teenagers, University students and adults in the mornings, thanks to the ease of preparation, ...

A bowl of cereal is fast and easy, but is it nutritious? We've rounded up the most wholesome options to make your mornings better.

teens eating during school lunch ...

Breakfast Cereal

Happy girl eating


A bowl full of Cheerios cereal and milk

The Serving Size of Grains Needed Daily

Child eating salad

Dietary Recommendations for Healthy Children

They need extra nutrients to support bone growth, hormonal changes, and organ and tissue development, including the brain. The two main nutrients of ...

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Are Breakfast Cereals Healthy

kids breakfast of oatmeal layered with fruit and nuts so it looks like an owl

Cheerios Protein is much higher in sugar than the original Cheerios, and has about the

It seems that for today's youth, cereal isn't easy enough

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Rates of depression and anxiety among teenagers have increased by 70 per cent in the past

Why Dutch teenagers are among the happiest in the world

Smartphones have changed teen life, but is it as bad as the Atlantic says?

Person eating chips and hamburgers

A study has concluded that claims about whole grains, vitamins and folic acid “might

Cereal, a Taste of Nostalgia, Looks for Its Next ChapterCereal, a Taste of Nostalgia, Looks for Its Next Chapter

Is sharing residency better for children's mental health?

Cereal and milk: a perfect match.

Cereals Begin to Lose Their Snap, Crackle and PopCereals Begin to Lose Their Snap, Crackle and Pop

Dairy Alternatives for Kids | Girl Having Breakfast

Breakfast cereals

girl buying lunch coffee looking at camera happy

a father and his son with their bowls of cereals looking at each other and smiling

What nutrients should vegetarian teens be concerned about?

Our Kids' Addiction to Sugar

27 Things '60s Kids Did That Would Horrify Us Now

Childhood Nutrition

How to Tame Your Kid's Sweet Tooth in 30 Days

Friends preparing food together

How being diagnosed with diabetes changed my life. "


Growing Pains: How to Feed Your Teenage Boy

Mother and daugther sitting together and enjoying their breakfast cereal

Boy Eating Spaghetti

Did you know?

Image titled Improve Bone Density in Kids with Milk Allergies Step 2

Saki Suzuki, 2 ¾ years old, ...

How Much Fiber Does My Child Need?

North Korean Cereal 01

Infants, children and teenagers have special food needs because they are growing and developing. They also need extra energy for playing and being more ...

Teenagers Abuse Household Items as Drugs

Have a New Teenager by Friday: From Mouthy and Moody to Respectful and Responsible in 5 Days: Dr. Kevin Leman: 9780800722159: Amazon.com: Books

Sugar: How Bad Are Sweets for Your Kids?

A good breakfast will give your teen energy to start the day.

Man eating an apple

Shreddies (Post)

A healthy teenager with an apple

One in four teenagers of alcohol abusive parents have been homeless in the last five years

Bowl of Cereal

A doctor's recipe for a healthy breakfast

Nutrition For Teens

The little-known eating disorder your picky kids could have

Woman in supermarket aisle checking ...

5 Safe Types of Iron Supplements for Kids

A young teen girl is eating breakfast.

Children and Sleep

British children among the least active in the world, with exercise 'stripped out' of modern lives

Breakfast cereal with fruit and milk

When Should Kids Snack?

If you don't eat breakfast in the morning, it's likely your kids won't either. Kris Kesiak/Flickr, CC BY-NC

Coco Pops: How did the cereal come to have such a hold on children?

Weight Loss Tips for Teens

If your children come home from school hungry — and what child doesn't — is it okay to let them have snacks before dinner? With all you've been hearing ...

How Children Develop Unhealthy Food Preferences

Woman putting vegetables in fridge

16 things you'll only understand if you love cereal

Diet For Teenage Girls

Healthy eating: What adolescents need

3 reasons your child shouldn't go “gluten-free” (unless your doctor says so)

Gluten Free Dairy Free Diet for chiAutism. Child girl drinking milk at the kitchen

A serve of grain (cereal) foods is 500kJ which is: