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Clearing an area for a shed allotment Our allotment garden

Clearing an area for a shed allotment Our allotment garden


Overgrown Allotment

You know, (or perhaps you don't) the letter from the Parish Council that tells you your allotment needs a good tidy up or you'll be evicted…

Take a look at how our Allotment Garden looks so far



DIY allotment shed

Allotment 17: Day 1

My Allotment Shed, Unexpected from Tenantry Down Allotments owned by Tony #shedoftheyear

A flourishing allotment

Although there are no official guidelines dictating the size an allotment should be, the accepted size is approximately 250 square metres.

Local authorities cutting size of allotments in half to allow more gardeners to share same space

Starting an allotment

The first big job was to clear out the shed which actually didn't take very long! I chose a particularly beautiful sunny day so that the entire contents of ...

How to get started on your allotment

How to Start an Allotment

Derelict Allotment Plots

15 Mistakes that Beginner Gardeners make

raised beds. Having planned out the space for our allotment garden and cleared ...

New Allotment - How do I clear the grass! 😮

Uncle Tony's allotment shed

Allotment 2017. Vlog 1 Where do i Start

It took me about three hours to clear the ground. I left it a little uneven because I am going to run the Mantis Tiller over this area of the allotment.

What Is An Allotment (And How Do I Get One)

Community Gardens

Potting Shed

How to clear your allotment of weeds

Top five shed-buying tips. If you want to choose the best shed for your garden or allotment ...

Overgrown Allotment Garden

Allotment shed tool storage ideas Before

Description. If you've recently had a clear out of your garden shed or given up your allotment ...

Allotment Starting Tips


"Your shed roof has blown off!"

Allotments in Mansfield Woodhouse Opens new window

Preparing allotment beds

A picture of the potager during the open day, with the chance sit and look

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On Saturday ...

Allotment Gardening: All the Interesting Things You Need to Know About Allotments

Community Gardens

Murder on the allotment: 'She was everything that he wanted to be'


Save Cemetery Road Allotments, Huddersfield

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Permitted Structures

views of other plots at our allotment site – my favourite shed is the green one with a real chimney pot!

Green Shed Diaries

Garden Allotment

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How to plan your allotment's layout

Deco vintage au fond du jardin

Incredible Learning Zone Work Party at Speedwell Allotments


Tool shed on the Allotments in Southam

Take a look at how our Allotment Garden looks so far

Tired timber outbuilding

In most parts of the country there should be an allotment site within easy reach of your home. If you don't know where your local allotment site is, ...

picturesque plot with shed at deptford allotments brockley

We traded the Wendy house for help with making raised beds and have spent the last few Saturday mornings weeding, clearing and tidying. I have my seeds ...

Tips for Choosing your Allotment Garden

Allotment Garden

There's just something about allotments, once you have the bug it never really leaves you.

Know and protect your soil. The soil of your allotment is the giant battery that powers all of your plant growth. Understand what it consists of (sand, ...


Paint your shed with a single wash for a weathered look

An ornate allotment shed

How To Dig Your Allotment

Two ponds, flower beds and compost area help us to grow our food in a natural way as they attract pollinating insects and provide habitats for a wide range ...

Real gardens: The stylish allotment

Our brand new shed is now fully upstanding, rising magnificently from the re-emerging nettle beds at the back of our allotment.

Growblogs Plot

Green Shed Diaries

Allotment Roof

Allotment Garden Stock Illustrations – 160 Allotment Garden Stock Illustrations, Vectors & Clipart - Dreamstime

Save yourself time and effort by avoiding these 15 common gardening mistakes. Includes tips on

The forest gardening concept was pioneered in the UK during the 1970s by Robert Hart, who examined the interactions and relationships that take place ...

Allotment Planting Design

Now Autumn is here, I've begun the process of clearing down my veg beds. Even on the smallest of plots, there can be a wide range of plants that need ...

I then pulled the last of the beetroot and while doing that saw that one of my slug traps had lost its lid so went to the shed to get a plastic ...

There's still time to get growing a bountiful harvest on your patch, with the help of some clever tools

2018 Allotment Resolutions

Combo shed and greenhouse, with floor plan.--- my hearts desire. I need my own home NOW! I want to plant and watch things grow in my beautiful greenhouse.

My Allotment Shed, Unexpected from Tenantry Down Allotments owned by Tony #shedoftheyear

Greenhouses on Allotments

How the humble garden shed inspires genius

The allotments were designed to be accessible to as many people as possible. Wide, flat paths welcome visitors in wheelchairs and an area was set aside to ...

A no-dig allotment (image courtesy of the Good Gardeners Association)

The overall size of my new allotment is 17m x 13.7m (56ft x 45ft).

This are perfect to prevent your legs getting wet when watering all your lovely plants. garden shed

Murder on the allotment: 'She was everything that he wanted to be' | UK news | The Guardian