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Cleopatra Jones Movie stars in 2019 Coat Fur Cleopatra

Cleopatra Jones Movie stars in 2019 Coat Fur Cleopatra


Tamara Dobson as Cleopatra Jones. Style Icon. Strength Icon!

Cleopatra Jones...Go Get'em Girl! Ha!

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Hollywood Flashback: In 1973, 'Cleopatra Jones' Ruled the Box Office | Hollywood Reporter

Tamara Dobson in Cleopatra Jones (Jack Starrett - 1973) African American Women, Cleopatra


*Cleopatra Jones.* 1973. USA. Directed by Jack Starrett. The Museum

Cleopatra Jones

Cleopatra Jones [Blu-ray]

Tamara Dobson from the 1973 blaxpoitation action film “Cleopatra Jones.”

Cleopatra Jones

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Remember Tamara Dobson From 'Cleopatra Jones'? Sadly This Is What Happened To Her.

Download this stock image: TAMARA DOBSON CLEOPATRA JONES (1973) - BP8GPK from Alamy's

Cleopatra Jones [VHS]

Tamara Dobson holds a gun in the doorway in a scene from the film "Cleopatra

The Tamara Dobson Iconic Afro In All Its Glory. Source:(deluxefox.blogspot.com)


Amazon.com: Cleopatra Jones: Tamara Dobson, Bernie Casey, Brenda Sykes, Antonio Fargas, Dan Frazer, Bill McKinney, Stafford Morgan, Michael Warren, ...

Stephane Dunn on Tamara Dobson. “

We don't share many photo covers, but this novelization caught our eye because it's one of the better images we've seen of Cleopatra Jones star Tamara ...


Left: Dobson as Cleopatra Jones. Right: Dobson in a print advertisement for Johnnie Walker Red.

Cleopatra Jones - Movie Poster

Cleopatra Jones (Blu-ray Review)


Pam Grier T shirt Foxy Brown Tee Shirt

Cleopatra Jones - Movie Poster

Cleopatra Jones and Avan Jogia | Actors, Artist, Films, and Musicians in 2019 | Avan jogia, Fashion, Blazer

Above are two gorgeous Italian posters for the blaxploitation classics Cleopatra Jones: licenza di uccidere and Operazione casinò d'oro, better known as ...

Cleopatra Jones [VHS]

Pam Grier Foxy Brown T-Shirt


The famous Blaxploitation films from the 70's & 80's are getting a second chance in Hollywood. Warner Bros. is bringing back the character of Cleopatra ...

Here's what happened, I was minding my biz while #

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Your Week In Film: Cleopatra Jones and Felicity Jones together at last!

Standing six-foot-two, the beautiful former model Tamara Dobson was Warner Brothers' answer to Pam Grier. The first female action star, Grier was killing it ...

Cleopatra Jones – Original Soundtrack (red & blue starburst vinyl pressing)

Tamara J. Dobson: Actress Best-Known for Role as Cleopatra Jones [Video

Cleopatra jones trailer

The return of blaxploitation: why the time is right to bring back Shaft and Foxy Brown | Film | The Guardian

Via Deadline.

A good-natured if rickety assemblage of action movie cliches, Cleopatra Jones is dominated by two bigger than life actresses, Tamara Dobson and Shelley ...

Elizabeth Taylor

J.J. Johnson / Joe Simon / Millie Jackson. Cleopatra Jones ...

EIN FALL FÜR CLEOPATRA JONES- Cleopatra Jones (TAMARA DOBSON) ist eine Spezialagentin der

If I spent too much of this review comparing “Cleopatra Jones” and “Coffy,” I'll have to apologize. A.I.P.'s take on the same avenging woman premise is ...

Pam Grier Foxy Brown Tee T-shirt

Ein Fall für Cleopatra Jones, (CLEOPATRA JONES) USA 1973, Regie: Jack

... a rehab for addicts run by her boyfriend. When Cleo gets back stateside, there's hell to pay as she takes down Mommy's gang of cutthroats with the aid ...

Tamara Dobson in Cleopatra Jones


Hong Kong (& Macau) Film Stuff

Dobson was an actress and fashion model. She became best known for her title roles in the 1973 Blaxploitation film Cleopatra Jones and its ...

Here's Every Upcoming Action Movie With a Female Lead


Oct 02, 2006; London, England, UK; TAMARA DOBSON, the actress

The 5 Female-Led Blaxploitation Flicks to Watch after Proud Mary

Shelley Winters as "Mommy" in "Cleopatra Jones".

Cleopatra Jones Movie Poster Fridge Magnet (1.5 x 4.5 inches)

Tamara Dobson straddles a dirt bike in this promo photo from her blaxploitation thriller Cleopatra Jones. In the film she commandeers the bike at a race to ...


... Snapshot Cleopatra Jones by Logan White for Paper Magazine ...

CLEOPATRA JONES-1973 Blaxploitation Film Program-NM. Sold for:

... only dreamt about in his movies. Cleopatra Jones is her own woman. As played by 6'2” model Tamara Dobson, Cleo is also fine beyond human comprehension.

We talked about Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold a few weeks ago. The above poster was made for the Japanese run of its progenitor Cleopatra Jones, ...

... crime-stopping, lewks-serving Cleopatra Jones. With poise and personality to spare, Dobson made this heroine into a real-deal Wonder Woman for the 1970s ...


Three Reasons to Spend Time with Cleopatra Jones by Kimberly Lindbergs

Stills from the Warner Bros. film Cleopatra Jones. LEFT, CENTER A, and CENTER B: Beautiful promotional photos. CENTER C: With Albert Popwell and Caro ...

This is a photo of the lobby card for Blacula.

Summary. Cleopatra Jones ...

The Trailer For Taraji P. Henson's 'The Best Of Enemies' Draws Mixed Reactions

Cleopatra Jones corvette in the LA river

Dedicated to Tamara Janice Dobson (May 14, 1947 – October 2, 2006)

Other notable actresses of this era included Diana Sands, who made a name for herself as an acclaimed stage actress in James Baldwin's Blues for Mr. Charlie ...

During her high school days, 1920


Skouras Scholar Questions Joan Collins “Cleopatra” Allegations

"The Curse of Cleopatra - Parts I and II" -- "The Curse

Stills from the Warner Bros. film Cleopatra Jones. LEFT, CENTER A, and CENTER B: Beautiful promotional photos. CENTER C: With Albert Popwell and Caro ...

Cleopatra Jones


And there's also the fact that the star Teresa Graves (1948-2002) was a well-known comedian. She'd been a regular on Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In (1969–1970) ...

Met Gala 2019: Pose star Billy Porter arrives in style in a gold Cleopatra-inspired ensemble

Ron O'Neal starred in “Super Fly,” a 1972 movie that has been reimagined with Trevor Jackson in the lead role and will be released Wednesday.

Cleopatra Jones movie scenes

John Alderman Picture

... Snapshot Cleopatra Jones by Logan White for Paper Magazine2

Cleopatra Jones and The Gold Casino (1975). Original film poster of the premiere in Spain.