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Cleopatras Needle so called because it is not Cleopatras and it

Cleopatras Needle so called because it is not Cleopatras and it


Cleopatra's Needle: The Story Behind the Obelisks

Cleopatra's Needle: How an Egyptian obelisk ended up by the Thames… and why isn't it Thutmose's Needle?

Cleopatra's Needle, Central Park, NYC (photo: Stuart Dean)

Cleopatra's Needle

The So-Called Cleopatra's Needle, London Embankment. Own photo

Cleopatra, Napoleon, Queen Victoria and a Vanderbilt: How Three Ancient Egyptian Obelisks Ended Up Halfway Across the World

... Thames in central London stands an Egyptian obelisk flanked by two sphinxes. The obelisk is called Cleopatra's Needle, a nickname given to it when it ...

Cleopatra's Needle

Cleopatra's Needle as seen the west

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The Emperors' Needles by Susan Sorek, a Review

Cleopatra's Needle, London The ancient egyptian obelisk brought to London and known as Cleopatra's Needle

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Cleopatra's Needle


Ancient Egyptian artifact, an obelisk known as Cleopatra's Needle, was erected in New York City's Central Park January 22, 1881.

Cleopatras Needle WKPD Not ...

This is Cleopatra's Needle in Westminster, London. One of three similar obelisks in London, New York and Paris, it is actually a pair with the one in New ...

Cleopatra's Needle Obelisk, Central Park, New York City is an Egyptian obelisk dated 15

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The Obelisk, also known as Cleopatra's Needle, was created roughly 3,500 years ago, making it the oldest man-made object in Central Park and the oldest ...

The obelisk stands upright in its Alexandrian home before transport to the U.S.

Cleopatra's Needle sphinx © Memoirs Of A Metro Girl 2016

Will the London obelisk return to Egypt?

Cleopatra's Needle

Cleopatra's Needle: A Weathering Study

Photo of Cleopatra's Needle - London, United Kingdom. view from London Eye

Thutmosis III Obelisk ( Cleopatra`s needle) - notice the weathering of the inscriptions engraved on the surface.

Cleopatra's Needle - Victoria Embankment, London, UK - Satellite Imagery Oddities on Waymarking.com

Cleopatra's Needle in Central Park on a postcard published in 1917 by American Art Publishing Company

Geocache Description:

Cleaning Cleopatra's Needle and the Colosseum

View of the obelisk of Thutmosis III on the Embankment, London. Own photo

Twins of Cleopatra's Needle one is in London. Victoria Embankment Gardens and Cleopatra's Needle

River Thames Embankment - Cleopatra's Needle - Hieroglyphs - Tuthmose III - Ramesses II

Cleopatra's Needle, Puerto Princesa: Address, Cleopatra's Needle Reviews: 3.5/5

Dr. Zahi Hawass is none too happy with New York Mayor Bloomberg. The Secretary General of Egypt's Supreme Council on Antiquities has sent the Mayor a letter ...

The obelisk in the Place de la Concorde. Its transport from Luxor to Paris took

Cleopatra's Needle, Victoria Embankment

The New York obelisk at Alexandria in the late 1850s

File:Cleopatra's Needle, The Embankment - geograph.org.uk - 636338.jpg

The Obelisk, known as Cleopatra's Needle, London, England - Stock Image

Central Park's Cleopatra's Needle, with added protection

Cleopatra's Needle in London I've mentioned before that ...

(Photo by: Donald M'Leish).

3 English Obelisks – Philae, Goshen and Cleopatra's Needle

The only Egyptian Obelisk in the United... - Cleopatra's Needle

The Paris obelisk at Place de la Concorde


Cleopatra's Needle Embankment London England sphinx sphinxes bomb damage January 2007 copyright free photo royalty free. The sphinxes that ...

For 'Cleopatra's Needle,' a Cleaning to Last 500 Years - The New York Times

The Obelisk, known as Cleopatra's Needle, London, England - Stock Image

Grubby: Cleopatra's Needle in Central Park, New York City, which is to be

The tablet at the base

Image Unavailable. Image not available for. Color: Lithograph Titled Obelisk at Alexandria commonly called Cleopatra's needle

Central Park obelisk © Memoirs Of A Metro Girl 2016

Cleopatra's Needle under attack

Photograph of Central Park's obelisk ...

Ronnie Ross: Cleopatra's Needle (1968) UK Fontana/ (2006) Universal


Cleopatra's Needle, a link to the ancient builders?

The British government were pleased with their gift (one would imagine), but not pleased enough to pay to have the obelisk shipped to the UK. That didn't ...

Cleopatra's Needle © ...

cleopatra's needle home

1 Cleopatra's Needle I picked this monument because I like Egyptian myth and the Greek gods and stuff like that.

Cleopatra's Needle Embankment London England plaque abandon rescue recovery erection January 2007 copyright free photo royalty


The Central Park obelisk as it stood in Alexandria, published 1884.

1881 Bronze Architectural Model of Cleopatra's Needle Obelisk, NY at 1stdibs

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Cleopatra's heritage

A strange and wondrous Egyptian obelisk sits on the east side of New York's Central Park. Locals here call it, “Cleopatra's Needle”. This is odd.

Cleopatra's Needle is without a doubt New York City's most-ancient structure

For 'Cleopatra's Needle,' a Cleaning to Last 500 Years - The New York Times

File:Americana 1920 Cleopatra's Needle NYC.jpg

The obelisk "Cleopatra's Needle," not yet crated, on ramp in dry dock

Cleopatra's Needle 2

An Imperial ship did not visit often, and precious little passed for entertainment on ...

Cleopatra's Needle as it stood at Alexandria Egypt in 1880

Cleopatra's Needle, 3500-year-old obelisk in Central Park. Part 1

Postcard invitation to the opening celebration for the obelisk, 1881, MCNY 45.124.2

Memoirs Of A Metro Girl 2016

ИГЛЫ КЛЕОПАТРЫ египетские обелиски CLEOPATRA Egyptian obelisks


Geocache Description:

Cleopatra's Needle, from the direction of the Met.

Cleopatra's Needle, 3500-year-old obelisk in Central Park. Part 1

Cleopatra's Needle © ...

Photograph: Jason Alcorn

Map of Cleopatra's Needle Critical Habitat (the two dark circles indicate the base camps and

Cleopatra's Needle ...