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Collapse of the USSR in pictures Twentieth Century History War

Collapse of the USSR in pictures Twentieth Century History War


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Did Vladimir Putin call the breakup of the USSR 'the greatest geopolitical tragedy of the 20th century?'

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Soviet Union

Yeltsin, Boris; collapse of the Soviet Union

Collapse of the USSR – in pictures | Twentieth Century History: War, Peace and Daily Life | Mikhail gorbachev, Soviet union, Back in the ussr

Communism Timeline

Turning Points in World History - The Collapse of the Soviet Union (hardcover edition): Paul A. Winters: 9781565109971: Amazon.com: Books

Striking workers carry banners through the streets of Petrograd (St Petersburg) at the start


The Fall Of The Soviet Union

Military history of the Soviet Union

Vladimir Lenin

Consequences of the Collapse of the Soviet Union

Elton John and Rod Stewart training at Watford FC Vicarage Road Stadium (1973)

Two Super Powers: The United States and the Soviet Union

East Berliners on top of the Berlin Wall, 1989

Fall of the Soviet Union

A statue of Stalin is carted away after the fall of the Soviet Union

Putin says he wishes the Soviet Union had not collapsed. Many Russians agree.

Physicist, dissident, and Nobel laureate Andrei Sakharov addresses the Congress of People's Deputies as

Was the Soviet Union's Collapse Inevitable?

cold war timeline

Communism - mosaic hammer and sickle with star on the Pavilion of Ukraine at the All

This is the second of three articles by Anna Malyukova about her memories of the Soviet Union, where she grew up and lived before its collapse in 1989.

Herfried Münkler. Herfried Münkler dpa. The twentieth century ...

the vietnam war

Economy of the Soviet Union

People hitting the Berlin Wall with hammers between Brandenburg Gate and Reichstag.

Summits: Six Meetings That Shaped the Twentieth Century: David Reynolds: 9780713999174: Amazon.com: Books

RED FAMINE: STALIN'S WAR ON UKRAINE by Anne ApplebaumDoubleday, 496pp., $35.00

Newspaper reporting of Gagarin's space voyage

A man holds a portrait of late Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin as others place candles at

Soviet Union. historical state ...

Korea Before the Twentieth Century

Did Perestroika Cause the Fall of the Soviet Union?

Leaders Throughout The History Of The Soviet Union

Nicholas II: The Last of Russia's Tsars

The Berlin Wall falls

A man shows the headline of the 'Pravda' in front of the entrance of

Historical photo of members of the Cigar Makers Union Local No. 128 in El Paso,

... glasnost

Post-Military Society: Militarism, Demilitarization and War at the End of the Twentieth Century F Edition

Putin and patriotism: national pride after the fall of the Soviet Union [excerpt]

1960s Cuba-Soviet friendship poster with Fidel Castro and Nikita Khrushchev

Chernobyl. Last Day of Pripyat by Alexey Akindinov. Source: Alex Akindinov, available

The Devil in History Communism, Fascism, and Some Lessons of the Twentieth Century

World War II: Operation Barbarossa

Communists, Nationalists, and China's Revolutions: Crash Course World History #37 - YouTube

History of China in the 20th Century. 2 1989: ...

Fall of Berlin Wall

1917 The Soviet Union after the revolution Stalinism and the degeneration of the Soviet Union

Throughout the 'Cold War,' the two main protagonists the Soviet Union and the US, avoided direct confrontation, but there was a confrontational build up in ...

The end of the Cold War and the End of History?

Image of the flag of the Soviet Union

Nearly all the items on display date from the 20th century, primarily from the period between the start of World War I in 1914 and the collapse of the ...

20th-century international relations - The coming of the Cold War, 1945–57 | Britannica.com

USA vs USSR Fight! The Cold War: Crash Course World History #39 - YouTube

... Fall of the Soviet Union: The Cold War Ends

Droughts and famines in Russia and the Soviet Union

Cold War World

"A comprehensive history of Afghan politics in the 20th century, highlighting the events leading up to the Soviet military intervention in Afghanistan ...

A Failed Empire: The Soviet Union in the Cold War from Stalin to Gorbachev (The New Cold War History) Paperback Edition

Red Guards at Rally Reading Mao Zedong's Little Red Book, Beijing, ...

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World History II SOL Questions

Lomonosov Moscow State University

20th century battles: the worst military disasters. operation

Getty Images/Vetta

Czech students hang their national flag on a Soviet tank in Prague

A Short History of Russia/USSR in the 20th Century

collapse of the Soviet Union

The collapse of the Soviet Union and the creation of 15 new countries in December 1991 remade the world overnight. The Cold War and the threat of nuclear ...

A photo (possibly staged) shows Bolsheviks storming the Winter Palace in Petrograd, ejecting

The Space Race was a 20th century competition between two Cold War rivals, the Soviet

Cultural Diplomacy: Volume I - Waging War by other Means (Footprints of the 20th Century - Third E) 3rd Edition

The Vietnam War lasted twenty years, and was the USA's greatest military failure. An attempt to stem the spread of Soviet and Chinese influence, ...


Propaganda shows the use of tractors (in this case McCormick-Deering 15-30) as a backbone of collectivization. Soviet Ukraine, 1931

A new series of maps

A manager passes past TV screens in an e

National Revolutionary Army soldiers march to the front in 1939. (Photo: Public Domain

How the Soviet Union Thought Itself to Death

Gorbachev, Mikhail

A Historical Timeline of Afghanistan