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Did You Know American Horses Are Slaughtered Every Single Day Join

Did You Know American Horses Are Slaughtered Every Single Day Join


Did You Know American Horses Are Slaughtered Every Single Day? Join Our Twitter Chat to

Did You Know American Horses Are Slaughtered Every Single Day? Join Our Twitter Chat to Learn More!

The term “horse slaughter” refers exclusively to the killing and processing of horses for human consumption. Horse slaughter is NOT humane euthanasia.

Horse Slaughter

Every year, tens of thousands of American horses are forced into crowded trucks and transported hundreds of miles to Mexico and Canada, where they are ...

Ban on slaughtering horses for meat gets last-minute renewal in spending law Trump signed


On Horse Protection Day, join the fight to stop slaughter. March 1, 2019

Horse racing abuse

Flatbread Fundraiser

Horses, led by Justify, run in the 144th Kentucky Derby on May 5. (Brian Spurlock/USA Today Sports)

Wild horses

The grim future facing most of America's racehorses

American horses are held in export pens in Texas and New Mexico before transported to slaughter

Hanaeleh's Response to Recent Horse Racing Deaths

... patch in their life does not mean that they are any different than any other horse - other than they have an amazing story of triumph that you can tell!

Horse racing


Two wild horses graze on the beach on Cumberland Island, Georgia

ulysses rescue horse

You wouldn't eat this pony … or would you? (Daniel Bockwoldt/DPA via AP)

Horse slaughter fact sheet

HORSE. Every year ...

Urge Congress to Ban Horse Slaughter

American horses in pens ready to be transported for slaughter in Mexico

On Tuesday, July 14th, horse advocates are coming to and calling Capitol Hill asking Congress to stop the grisly transport of America's horses for torturous ...


Six years ago, an episode of Canadian Top Chef featured a moment that would never be replicated on its American counterpart under any circumstances.

Register Every Horse

TAKE ACTION: Urge your representative to join them: https://bit.ly/2MLsEmE #yes2safe #wildhorses #nohorseslaughter 1/2pic.twitter.com/s0l6Dqtqgv

Click image above to ...

A lifelong dream fulfilled in Oman

Race to the Triple Crown: The Drought Continues

Join US. Scroll to: Calling All Horse ...

TAKE ACTION: Urge your representative to join them: https://bit.ly/2MLsEmE #yes2safe #wildhorses #nohorseslaughter 1/2pic.twitter.com/m04IPdMUmh

a wild horse

horse racing truths

Are horse parts really used to make glue or is that just an icky rumor?

1000 Wild Horses are already being rounded up. Hundreds of them could be sold for slaughter!

'The Mustang' Review: Matthias Schoenaerts in a Moving Horse Drama – Variety


Crazy Horse

"Nearly a decade after the last three horse slaughterhouses closed in the United States — including two in Texas — the trafficking of American horses for ...

Is glue still made from horses?

19 things you didn't know about zebras

BLM Oregon Blocks Adoption of Mustang with Rare Twin Foals - Take Action!

Last Act of Kindness

When the times comes, horses experience a peaceful and humane end of life.

9 reasons to attend the 2019 APHA Youth World Championship Show

Making horses risk their lives on the racecourse is wrong, regardless of their age. But it's especially heartbreaking to learn that these animals are ...

Go inside a horse slaughterhouse

Horse slaughter fact sheet

He collapsed and died following the post-race Winners Circle presentation while returning to the barn.

Tell Legislators to End the Slaughter of American Horses

That comes out to 56 billion land animals killed per year. Including wild caught and farmed fishes, we get a daily total closer to 3 billion animals killed.

Stables of The Buffs (East Kent) Regiment, c1914

1. Horses Die on the Track

NYU's Jay Rosen says 2020's political journalism will be even worse than 2016's. “

Orange County, CA: 18 y/o Hanoverian Needs Home

3927 36; The Old Salem Farm Spring shows are a wrap, and I couldn't have

26 essential Red Dead Redemption 2 tips to know before you play | GamesRadar+

American horses in export pens in Texas and New Mexico before transport to Mexican horsemeat plants

#BritishPathé #History #Disasters

'12 Strong': Formulaic war movie tells the true story of American 'horse soldiers' of Afghanistan

BLM Accepting Public Comments on Wild Horse and Burro Management in Northern California

Eyes. Horses give us joy every day!

Fast forward to 2017, when we were finally able to make our dream a reality by serendipitously finding a country rental property that could house horses, ...

A beautiful morning at @churchilldowns as the crowds rolled in to catch a glimpse of

A riding clearing a jump in a local eventing event. Denzil O'Brien, Author provided

Horse slaughter fact sheet

... representative and senators to: * Support the horse slaughter defund amendment to continue the ban on horse slaughter; * Oppose any provision that would ...

Crazy Horse

In order to know how you will need to approach jumping in any situation, certain rule do apply.

horse racing

Every horse placed makes room for another one to be saved; every penny donated goes to the acquisition, care and feeding of horses either in a kill pen ...

While he was down, you could see the sad condition he's in. Fortunately, as sensitive as horses are, it was a reminder of how resilient they can be.

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Inspecting a cavalry remount, 1914

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SAFE Act End Horse Slaughter

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Neurologic Form of EHV-1 Confirmed in Texas Horse

AWHC Releases Statement in Response to Cruel and Inhumane Proposal

Riders at the Grand National are actually required to carry whips – despite the RSPCA's verdict that “[u]sing whips can cause pain and suffering to the ...

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