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Double Teamed i love this movie ohhh the old Disney channel

Double Teamed i love this movie ohhh the old Disney channel


Double Teamed.... i love this movie! ohhh the old Disney channel

Double Teamed | 25 Of The Best, Old Disney Channel Original Movies That Need To Be Released From The Vault

We will always and forever miss the old Disney channel shows.

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Zenon, the main character who is pictured above (the blonde one), is a 13-year-old who lives on a space station that orbits the Earth. This movie was great ...

Double Teamed dvd Disney movie

I miss the old Disney

The Luck of the Irish Poster

Disney Channel Original Movie: Double Teamed

Good old Disney channel original movies...there are no more of these. WHY!?

List of old Disney Channel Series


Above is a picture of him. In the 90's, my friends and I would have died for a chance to run our hands through his sunkissed lock.

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"Smart House," my other favorite Disney Channel Original Movie, also has a scene that I just NEED to point out. To give a little background, "Smart House" ...

I've been saying I would write this blog since I started The Salty Ju and nothing motivated me more than Disney announcing a MDW DCOM marathon and excluding ...

Forget what Lifetime and Hallmark try to pass off as movies, you haven't really lived until you've seen a Disney Channel Original Movie, DCOM for kewl peeps ...

2016-17 canceled or ended TV shows

James Gunn Guardians Of The Galaxy

Toys of the 90's


I can pretty much tell you almost nothing about this movie but it's on this list because Riley Smith. I think I only saw it the one time but if I know ...

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Top 11 Funniest Siskel and Ebert Reviews


Film Review: 'I Can Only Imagine'

Forget what Lifetime and Hallmark try to pass off as movies, you haven't really lived until you've seen a Disney Channel Original Movie, DCOM for kewl peeps ...


Disney Princess Quizzes

Ohhhh I don't even know where to begin with this movie because everything about it is too great. Right off the bat, N*SYNC's “Here We Go” in the opening ...

Jake Paul - YouTube Stars Diss Track (Official Music Video)

2019 in pop culture: from Adele's 30 to 'zapping' your TV

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Thunderstruck Poster

Haley Wheaton could be a body double for Travis Birkenstock from the movie Clueless.

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AVGN Movie

LARRY: If you want some bloody good action, it's definitely worth ticket price, and it's got some solid laughs too, I'd say. But....yeah just know that it's ...

Quints (TV Movie ...

We are kicking off 2019 the only way we know how at The Shared Desk. We're bringing in a special guest who has never been on the show, but is practically ...

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X-Men: The Last Stand


Friday January 26, 2018

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KIM POSSIBLE – Based on the global hit animated series, the live-action “Kim Possible” Disney Channel Original Movie follows everyday teen hero Kim Possible ...


Tom and Huck



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Beyonce, The Owner's Wife, and The Beyhive: A Drama In 3 Acts

A St. Patrick's Day staple on the Disney Channel, other top Disney hottie Ryan Merriman stars in this REAL weird number about Leprechauns.

Good Luck Charlie House and Sets Disney Channel


Friday May 17, 2019


Home Official Trailer #2 (2015) - Jim Parsons, Rihanna Animated Movie HD - YouTube

Friday March 16, 2018



Always love a bit of Guilermoroororo Del Tororororo news here at Screwvies. The guy dips his fingers into a shit-ton of potential, multimedia projects but ...

No Country for Old Men. "

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... that gently parodies the tendency for all Starfleet captains to be polymath fans of highbrow literature (with occasional forays into such areas of ...

The 98 Greatest Songs of 1998: Critics' Picks

Family Movies That Could Traumatize Your Kids | Common Sense Media

swipe for chapter 23! they'll always have summer camp 🤪 #andimack #

Once again with First Man he's made yet another completely different film in tone, experience and even visuals...and yet once again made another amazing ...

SF Pride

Evolution of Game Music - 1972-2018 | ALL 41 GAMES (Plus 3 New Games) - YouTube

The ship is thrown back in time, Ed jokes about how they could stop Kelly from eventually ruining his life while they're in the past.

This page contains unmarked spoilers. You Have Been Warned!

Stylist and sneaker designer Aleali May on Jordans, Maya Moore, Kawhi — and California love

DIY Kim Possible Pendant Necklace


The 44 best tracks of 2018 so far

Major recurring characters[edit]

The ButterCream Gang

Some Like it Hot

How Universal Drove Jordan Peele's 'Us' To $70M+ Opening, The Best Start For A Live-Action Original Since 'Avatar' – Update

Blunt, as Poppins, is absolutely excellent, channeling the energy of Andrews while still making it her own and having fun with it.

Good Luck Charlie House and Sets Disney Channel Pasadena

Old vs. New: Nutty Professor


A genuinely brilliant musician who is also a genuinely brilliant comedian is a rare beast indeed, and Bette Midler is one of the few who can claim the ...

Watch The Rolling Stones perform 'You Can't Always Get What You Want' in new 'Rock and Roll Circus' reissue

... Orchestra on the Disney Channel. Next is an 8/1/98 two-page ad with two "editor's choice" descriptions, for the premieres of two Showtime series, ...


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Evolution of Game Music - 1972-2018 | ALL 41 GAMES (Plus 3 New Games)