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Easter is celebrated all over the mainland and on the islands it is

Easter is celebrated all over the mainland and on the islands it is


Easter (Πάσχα) | Inside Hydra Island Greece | Hydra News & Info from Hydra Locals

Corfu is the best and most famous island for its' Easter celebrations so if you only get one chance to visit in Spring choose Easter time.

On Holy Saturday morning, preparations start for the festive dinner that is served after the Resurrection Midnight Mass. Mageiritsa soup is a traditional ...

Greek Easter Service

How Easter is celebrated across Greece? Unique Traditions to explore!

Epitafios in Pyrgos village, Santorini. The hillside is lit up with burning fire brands

The procession ...

Easter at midnight, Ag Thomas, Athens Greece

Easter on Corfu island by Giwrgos Katehis

Patmos Island. Easter celebrations are exciting all ...


Easter at Ag Thomas, Athens, Greece

A statue of JESUS ON THE CROSS is carried in the Good Friday Procession, known

Easter Traditions in Belize

Easter Fireworks

... at Easter, celebrations are still mainly tied to religion and the church. Even for non-Christians, the customs that take place in churches are wonderful ...


Easter celebrations in La Palma

Easter in Greece is full of ancient traditions and customs, followed faithfully throughout the millennia, making the feast a colorful one after the Lenten ...

In cosmopolitan Syros, the two main religious dogmas - Orthodox and Catholic - come together to celebrate in unison

Scenic Greek church in front of an ancient classical temple on an island

People celebrating the holidays in Reykjavík

Celebrating Easter Sunday with Dynamite

Semana Santa Easter Festival at Oaxaca Cathedral.


Easter In Greece - 2018 Guide


What is it like to celebrate Easter in Leonidio

easter egg hunt. When Easter's date comes later in ...

Corfu's Easter tradition is unlike any other (Photo: Sakis Mitrolidis/AFP/Getty

Traditions differ between families, but for most Ecuadorians Easter means friends, family and fanesca. What is “fanesca” you may be wondering?

It may be more casual, but it is definitely a day filled with delicious leftovers and a time to relax from all the previous celebrations.

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Discover how the Easter is celebrated in the Canary Islands

From Athens and Patras to towns all over Greece, the Greeks start celebrating Carnival three weeks before Easter with masquerades, parades and Dionysian ...

History of Easter Island

Easter in Hawaii, Maui Easter Activities, Exotic Estates, Vacation Rentals

The name of this island has nothing to do with the celebration of Easter celebrated by Christians, the island is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean ...

... the entire island celebrates Easter in its own way and it's also worth visiting some of the other towns and villages (try Pollensa) to get a real taste ...

What Icelanders get up to on New Year's Day (Nýársdagur) is not radically different from people all over the world. As you will read about later, ...

The Saturday in western Christianity Is the day where the main celebrations are. “Holy Saturday” is the most important and takes place around midnight.

Easter throughout Greece is a very special celebration and it is also an opportunity for the holiday of your dreams.

Fun Things To Do (And Eat) In Greece This Easter

It's all hoppening: The ultimate Easter roundup 2018

Greek Easter biscuits and egg

Features & guest posts | How Greeks celebrate Easter: the feasting after the fast

Easter Island by Steve McCurry Easter Island by Steve McCurry

Greek Easter Sunday or Kyriaki tou Pascha, is a day of celebration. Families gather together all over Greece and they will eat, drink and dance together in ...

Easter strikes in Spain and Portugal to cause chaos for UK travellers

Everything You Need to Know About a Trip to Easter Island

pilgims easter cross

... Greek Easter, celebrated in Hydra Island, Greece Kamini Harbour on Megali Pasakevi, Good Friday (Photo was unattributed and taken from the Internet)

Some things you should know about Easter time in Ecuador

Extinction Looms for Easter Island's Only Remaining Native Species

Easter Island rapa nui tapati festival

Greek Easter on the island of Chios. Experience the Resurrection - the most important religious festival in Greece.

Experience Greek Easter on Rhodes


On the islands. In Heraklion, Crete, Easter feasting is ...

An Isle of Wight Easter

Source: Link. The island of Hydra comes ...

view from Koundouriotis mansion in Hydra

Easter celebration in #Corfu! Easter Celebration, Corfu, Monument Valley

Another Reason to Remember the Easter and Passover Weekend. As we celebrate ...

Speggtacular Easter Celebrations — Anna Maria Island—Anna Maria Island Condo Rentals

Moai, Easter island

Back Celebrating Easter in Hawaii

While not quite as prominent as Easter, or Pascha, Christmas is still an important holiday celebrated on Hydra, as witnessed by the festive lights and other ...

Visiting Madeira in April - An Easter Break

Fest, Fast & Feast your Easter in Greece!

The U-UK justification for forced displacement of Chagos islanders and occupation/colonization and maintaining the base in the Indian Ocean is that it is ...

Greek Orthodox Easter: Food and Traditions

Anakena Beach in Easter Island

Orthodox Easter

The most distinctive characteristic or Easter in Corfu is the concerts or classical music and processions. On Palm Sunday a parade with the body of St ...

If your vacation overlaps Easter Sunday this year, or this is your first Easter being an Anna Maria Island resident, no worries! There are plenty of local ...

The lighting of saites, long cardboard tubes filled with gunpowder, at Kalamata Municipal Stadium on Easter Sunday.

Ceramic steps in Caltagirone


While I decided to take some time to visit family and friends back on the mainland, Wade and crew sailed the seas from The Galápagos down to Easter Island.

It is certainly 15 moai statues stand on a platform are the biggest of their kind on the island

Easter customs in Corfu!

Return with a fascinating tale as souvenir! Easter Island in Chile continues to fascinate travellers

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