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Egyptian Queen Cleopatra relied on essential oils for cosmetics

Egyptian Queen Cleopatra relied on essential oils for cosmetics


Egyptian Queen Cleopatra relied on essential oils for cosmetics, healing and seduction. #SkinCareSecrets

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Cleopatra Beauty Secrets

artnaturals Lavender Essential Oil displayed on a table with lavender flowers.

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History of cosmetics

History's Beauty Secrets Revealed!

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Graphic Nonfiction Biographies: Cleopatra : The Life of an Egyptian Queen by Gary Jeffrey and Anita Ganeri (2005, Hardcover) | eBay

The Secret Behind Cleopatra's Timeless Beauty Finally Revealed! Egyptian Beauty Secret

Amphora Aromatics on Twitter: "#Cleopatra, Queen of Ancient #Egypt was said to take baths in donkey milk to preserve the vitality and #beauty of her #skin.

... FRAGRANT ESSENTIAL OILS: Rose, frankincense, cypress, neroli & myrrh essential oils,

Ancient Egyptian funerary practices

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What are Essential Oils?

Amphora Aromatics

Cosmetics, moisturizers, bath oils and perfumes were all essential to the daily routine of men and women of all classes. The Egyptians even included makeup ...

Almond oil, which contains mandelic acid, found in chemical peels, was a star in Cleopatra's repertoire.

I recently jumped on the Egyptian Magic Cream bandwagon and have thus, selected it as my first post in what I am going to call a BEHOLD THE POWER series ...

artnaturals essential oils displayed by an oil diffuser.

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... but is not limited to, manicures, pedicures, application of artificial nails, special occasion hairstyling, shampooing hair, cosmetic application, ...

Consult an Herbalist or Aromatherapist. Working with essential oils ...

Queen Cleopatra used plant-based oils and pastes in her famous beauty spa.

Soul of the Rose Waterhouse

CLEOPATRA (69-30 B.C.)

essential oils

"Lawrence Alma-Tadema- Anthony and Cleopatra" by Lawrence Alma-Tadema - Egyptian queen ...

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DIY Concealer Recipe

Egyptian eye makeup

All You Need to Know About Egypt Easter

Saffron, sometimes thought of as the King of Spice, is most popularly known for imparting food with its unique flavoring and rich golden hue.

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Olive oil: The Greeks called it liquid gold, is an ideal beauty and healthy cooking ingredient since ages. The use of olive oil dates back to the Egyptians, ...

The Triumph of Cleopatra (1821), by William Etty, now in the Lady

For example, a bath that smelled of roses - such as Cleopatra used to take - would have been prescribed for someone who was feeling melancholic or who had a ...

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Moringa oil

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... Cleopatra and Nefertiti, two of the most alluring Egyptian Queens, relied on Aloe Vera gel to maintain their unlined and youthful complexions, ...

History tells us Cleopatra took honey baths as well: honey has moisturizing and antibacterial properties. And Mary Queen of Scots swore by wine baths to ...

An ancient Roman sculpture possibly depicting either Cleopatra of Ptolemaic Egypt, or her daughter, Cleopatra Selene II, Queen of Mauretania, located in the ...

Organic Beauty Products: Natural Products for Personal Care

Combining the Best Essential Oils for Soap Making

Jean Valnet, a Parisian medical doctor and army surgeon, who was also a colleague of Gattefosse's, began to use essential oils —with great success—as ...

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10 essential oils for anxiety REDO

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I'm back with another easy makeup tutorial... This is how to

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Cleopatra loved her skin care. Did it include the original Egyptian Magic?

Accenting the mouth using Egyptian makeup techniques

Valley of the Queens

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Sculpture of a Ptolemaic Queen, possibly Cleopatra VII (c. 50–30 BCE): Despite a growing naturalism among portraits of male elites, those of women remained ...

Courtesy of Pauline Reid

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The 5 beauty products you need this Spring!

Therefore, the first fragrances depended mainly on what could be used to make a fire. Applying a scent soon became an important ritual, often accompanying ...

Queen Victoria famously perfumed her gloves with rose essential oil, keeping malodorous smells away from her olfactory faculty and serving to soften and ...

An ancient Roman sculpture possibly depicting either Cleopatra of Ptolemaic Egypt, or her daughter, Cleopatra Selene II, Queen of Mauretania, located in the ...

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Rituel de Fille is a magic-inspired, cruelty-free, handcrafted natural cosmetics brand founded by three sisters.

ancient beauty rituals

Princess Charlene of Monaco ...

Humans have scented their bodies and the objects around them since long before they learned how to extract fragrant substances or to store essential oils in ...

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The History Of Red Lipstick

14 Egyptian Seductive Queen Cleopatra Beauty secrets you must follow

In general, the Egyptian woman covered her body, if some drawings appear the transparency of the clothes, this returns to the drawing philosophy and not the ...

Essential oil

Cleopatra's Lost Tomb

Lavender Oil Benefits, Facts and Uses

Princess Charlene of Monaco Queen Jetsun Pema of Bhutan ...

Essential Oil: Practical Aromatherapy in the Home

ancient beauty rituals


Economic Botany

Dr. Mercola Natural Aloe Vera Gel

186–145 BCE): In this relief from a ring, Ptolemy VI wears the traditional white and red dual crown of Upper and Lower Egypt while displaying the ...

Its essential fatty acids encourage healing and its high levels of protein phospholipids and ceramides defend against ageing and wrinkles.