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Eleggu is sometimes seen as a trickster and loves to make jokes on

Eleggu is sometimes seen as a trickster and loves to make jokes on


Elegguá is sometimes seen as a trickster and loves to make jokes on us. He

Elegua dancing

by Loki the Necromancer Eleggua... | by Loki the Necromancer


Not too long ago I set up shop right in the middle of a 5-road intersection. I was hawking fairytale frocks and bloomers sewn of the finest story-threads.


Small round sticker in 2 colors with head of the Little Big One, Eleggua.

Laroyé Elegguá! Black, red, grey or white, let it to Elegguá what's

Virgins and Tricksters

List of fictional tricksters

Trickster 2 by Mike Mingola Mike Mignola Art, Cartoon N, Ligne Claire, San

Eshu, Opener of the Ways!

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Oke Oggún, Kobú Kobú Aguanilé! Clear my path, open my road and let

Anansi Elegua Spider god Creator god: created sun and moon

An artist's depiction of Eleggua as a young child.

Orisha Elegua 4 T-Shirt

Whenever you come in contact with a trickster/troll/provocateur ... Inspiring

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Classic round sticker of Eleggua, the guardian. The Little Big One in control of

Elegua dancing

Picture of Eleggua Head Statue with Seashells 4 inches

santeriadesign. ¡Kaó Kabiesilé, Shango Alufina! Caps, clothing and more, see

Patrick Jane

Baba mi Laroye


Tribe of the Sun

What's the Difference Between Legba, Eleggua, Eshu and Exu | Haitian Vodou | Santería

48. Voodoo Pantheon 33 In ...

Santeria Design

Through divination with a Santero or Babalawo, a practitioner might find out that he needs to receive Eleguá. Sometimes Eleguá is given alone, and sometimes ...


Elegua is a messenger for ...

Eleggua King of all roads. Bless me, today, tomorrow, and always! Eleggua keep my path open, For all that is positive, beneficial, and good. Laroye Eleggua!

Anansi (/əˈnɑːnsi/ ə-NAHN-see) the trickster is a West

Elegua as y'all may know is the orisha who opens and closes the doors

Cover of Salsa Nocturna: A Bone Street Rumba Collection

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Conversation With Dita Sullivan

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Eshu & Eleggua

santeriadesign. Oke Oggún, Kobú Kobú Aguanilé! #oggun #ogoum #arrere #

All-Negro Comics #1 (June 1947). Cover artist unknown.

Elegguá is sometimes represented as a child, and sometimes as an old man. He

Orisha Elegua 7 Day Candle


Anansi, the beloved African trickster Spider

The Sacred Trickster is that part of yourself that wants to steal the raspberries and chase the gingerbread man.

How has eleggua effected your life? He has always met me at the crossroads,

Good morning my beautiful people!! I am now going to be selling some original

Papa Legba Says.jpg

#Eshu . . . . . #Warrior #InnerWarrior #Magick #saturday #

Different mugs for Eleggua. Designs also available on other personal gear. # eleggua #

Great warrior and king Shango, owner of the

Goddess of the river and sweet fresh water, beauty, love, sexuality and fertility

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Who * wrote how , sorry eleggua doesn't know how to type 🤷🏽

"Crowned Eleggua" statues made of polymer clay (Fimo) with keys and random. “

In Cuba he is called Eleggua. In Brazil they call him Exu. In Haiti he is known as Papa Legba.

This past Sunday's episode of American Gods (03/31/2019) was my favorite thus far! The conversation between Anansi, Bilquis & Ibis was POWERFUL!

A whole lot of choice, there's something for everyone... Mucho variedad,

Love for life, love is we all need. #blessings #power

Daughter of the Lioness

🔴⚫️ELEGGUA⚫ 🔴 Eleggua is one of the most important Orishas in santeria

Good Morning to all people; hope you'll have a beautiful day ! Buenas

Awọn Eroja Marun “The Five Elements”🌊🔥💨🌲💀 • • •

Betye Saar, Eshu (The Trickster), 1971 #betyesaar #soulofanationartintheageofblackpower #eshuelegba

Elegua- he holds the key to all doors in this life and has the power to close and open them at will. He is the spirit of transformation, of resurrection.

elegua in room


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#powerfulquotes ✨🏆WALK LIKE YOU HAVE 3000 ANCESTORS BEHIND YOU ✨🏆 #blackmagick

Orisha Community of Michigan

Walking the Path of the Ancient Ways

Lol Sometimes he just wants attention sometimes you need to sit down for a few. #humor #Orisha #Orisa #orixa #elegua #ellegua #eshu #elegbara #hegotthekeys ...

Abriendo oportunidades #alaroye #eshu #eleggua #elegba #echu #rojoynegro #afro #afrodance #folk #afrocubano #yoruba #mariwo #garabato #openandclose ...

Yalodde Yeyé Kari. Yeyeo. Omoriyeyeo! Have a 'sweet' sunday with your

So taken are the artists with their own hubris and art, in the first blush of coming dawn, they stop to admire the work they have channelled before ...

🔴🖤🗿ⅅℐЅℙᎾℕℐℬℒℰ🗿🖤🔴 #eleggua #elegba #elegbara #esu #

Santeria Design (@santeriadesign) - Laroyé Elegguá! Design printed on black, red

Gods & Stories from West African Mythology - Video & Lesson Transcript | Study.com

Él me abre los caminos, me da la fortaleza para seguir adelante sin importar lo

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Thank You for reading about Ellegua :) Blessed Be )O(

Elegua Head Elegua Face

Elegua: Trickster God of Crossroads, Beginnings and Opportunities

¡Laroyé Elegguá! Buen dia y buena semana a todo el mundo! Good morning