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Powerful: The massive whale tail also smashed the windscreen of the boat's cabin Humpback Whale

Whales are often seen to represent creativity and intuition in many Native American cultures. They can also symbolize death and rebirth, a regenerative ...

Image of the tail or fluke of a whale

You can't stage a photo like this. Only in Alaska! Wild Creatures

The Whale Center of New England, originally founded in 1979 as the Cetacean Research Unit of the Gloucester Fisherman's Museum, is a non-profit organization ...

Humpback Whale Photographic Print by John Dominis

Humpback Whale Pictures, Largest Whale, Baleen Whales, Whale Song

Humpback #whale fin

Port Angeles Whale Watching Humpback Whales

Humpback Whale Pictures, Largest Whale, Baleen Whales, Whale Song

“We had a number of fun whale moments today but one of the best ones was a mother and Calf lob tailing together (lifting their tails up and crashing them ...


Then there was “lobtailing”.

Whales, Penguins, Baleen Whales, Penguin, Whale

Humpback Whale Lobtailing | Masa Ushioda CoolWaterPhoto.com

Resultado de imagem para fotos de animais aquaticos Underwater Sea, Ocean Life, Killer Whales

"After almost two hours of not seeing any whales, we came across this Humpback Whale lobtailing (slapping its fluke on the ocean surface)."

The beautiful minke whale, he's the primary victim in the Japanese whaling season each year. If it continues, we won't see him anymore.

humpback - Google Search Baby Whale, Whale Watching, Sea World, Ocean Life,

This whale breaching is photoshopped. Humpback Whale at Maui, Hawaii. Whales don't live in lakes, nor could they breach in shallow water.

T he highlight of our education and outreach program is clearly our Visitor Center, which opened its doors in July 2004. The Visitor Center is focused ...


Cultural Behavior in Humpbacks

Mermaid & Orca Whale

Mason Weinrich | Center for Coastal Studies, Massachusetts | Humpback and Right Whales

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Orca Network's Sighting Network Map

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Social inheritance can explain the structure of animal social networks | Nature Communications

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Love Beluga Whales and Eliot loves the song Baby Beluga


Bernd Würsig's research works | Texas A&M University - Galveston, Texas (TAMUG) and other places

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06 獨角鯨破冰遷徙Narwhal Safari-雄鯨有著3公尺的牙齒

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Fishpics® - 48x68cm Poster Whales - Azores

Forbes. A view of the impressive Town Hall built in 1891 from pretty Victoria Square

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Ancient Trees (11th Century) @ Ripley Castle,England,UK

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Figure 4

The original anchor windlass prior to upgrade

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... DSC_4090 - Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Park ...

017 | Vol_III-0525

Table 1. Cultural variation in dimensions of social organization, including leadership, summarized by categorization by subsistence base reproduced from ...

A mermaid (a half fish half human being) in “Bestiarium, En .

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston


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... Calm Waters at Trempealeau National Wildlife Refuge ...

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Binalong. Statue of Australian write and poet Banjo Paterson. He started school here in

Elephant at Mombo


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Voortplanting en ontwikkeling[bewerken]

"I Mangiatori di patate" Olio su tela, cm. 114 x 82. È uno dei più celebri dipinti di Vincent Van Gogh. Il quadro fu compiuto durante il periodo che era in ...

Manjuyod Sandbar: The Good, The Beautiful, and the Delicious

Figure 1. Spectrums illustrating differences in speech use and species-typical repertoires for a

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3 Apr 1875 James McGovern, elected State Treasurer AOH in Pgh. Ours?


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