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Ever wonder how to protect your home in a more efficient way How

Ever wonder how to protect your home in a more efficient way How


Ever wonder how to protect your home in a more efficient way? How about adding a trip wire alarm to the perimeter of your homestead or compound?

Ever wonder how to protect your home in a more efficient way? How about adding a trip wire alarm to the perimeter of your homestead or compound?

21 Things a Burglar Won't Tell You

Despite over 30 years of home building experience, there is one home I have never built, and that's a home with an unlimited budget.

energy efficient house with solar panels

Beautiful home

Kid cooling off with a fan

This guide will tell you everything you need to know in order to get those undesirable

Many homeowners from the Portland area all the way up to Camden consider home performance upgrades such as professional air sealing or insulation in order ...

Come springtime, most of us are eager to throw open the windows and clean out the closets. It's also time to give your house, inside and out, ...

What California Homeowners Should Know About Supplemental Tax Bills

For the most part, we hunker down in the winter, as the weather is often too cold and unpredictable to tackle major home improvement projects.

Ever wonder that your Title Insurance covers? We have the answers for you. #

Top 13 Foolproof Ways to Stop Burglars from Targeting Your Home - Reolink Blog

A 2007 study by the National Association of Homebuilders detailed the life expectancy of most items typically found in a home. Some materials, like hardwood ...

8 Tips to Protect Your Computer From Viruses and Malware

House Sparrow in Winter

What's the Most Efficient Home Water Heater?

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Welcome to the great home insurance swindle

Amazing Insights on Home, Money and Life

50 Ways to Make Your Home More Organized, More Attractive, and More Efficient

Do You Know How Much Your Stuff Is Worth?

My deep dive into one of the largest dark web hacking forums | Dylan Curran | Opinion | The Guardian

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Ever Wonder Why Today's Kitchens Look the Way They Do?

Golf ball screens are designed to protect your home, porch and windows from stray golf balls.

Think inside the box

39 Cleaning Tips and Tricks to Make Your Home Shine

Image titled Save Energy in Your Home Step 1

What's Better for the Environment, Heat Pumps or Furnaces? Here are some tips on the most efficient way to heat your home

Vinyl Windows are More Affordable

HomePod, Echo, Google Home: How secure are your speakers?

What Is A Title Defect And How Do Settlement Agents Avoid Them?

Neighbrohood watch sign From ...

A tablet displaying the EDGE home performance app for tracking energy use in a smart home

Tree shading an outside window to keep house cool

The Best Surge Protector

Should You Leave Your Lights On At Night? It Depends

Should I Reheat My Home or Keep it Warm?

Do you Need Title Insurance When Buying a Home?

Is "Organic" Dry Cleaning Really Organic?

Why you need to know the difference.

Feature | Soldier Trap | Unusual Booby Traps to Protect Your Home

So What Do Your Property Taxes Pay For?

I'm not afraid to break a window

10 Inexpensive Tricks to Make Your House Look Expensive

Getting Rid of Tree Roots From Next Door

Vinyl siding will protect your home for 60-100 years. This non-porous material is easy to clean and dries quickly. Additionally, it is the most cost ...

Ever wonder what happens at home while you're away? Wonder no more. With our security and monitoring systems, you can rest easy that your home is secure, ...

A Wall-Mounted Water Treatment System. Whole House Water Treatment Systems Offer Protection for the ...

The four types of burglary

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iPhone X review: The best damn product Apple has ever made

If you read the paper this week, the Town of Nantucket is asking the state

You're sitting, enjoying the outdoor view. The sun is shining and nature is unfolding before your eyes. You sip your hot beverage and go back ...

Amazon.com: HOUSE DAY 6 Pack Metal Wonder Magic Hangers Space Saving Hangers Closet Space Saving Wardrobe Clothing Hanger Oragnizer, Updated Hook Design: ...

A man looking at a dryer vent to help prevent a dryer fire

CM6 Vulnerability Check - letter from Alex

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Getting a safe is one of the most important steps homeowners can take to secure important documents and priceless possessions. While a security alarm is a ...

A Nest thermostat being adjusted in a home.

Say Farewell to Fiberglass Insulation! Here Are Alternative Insulation Options for Your Home

Ever wonder what is the real cost of IOT insecurity?

... most efficient way to heat your home. Gas or Electric—Which Stove Is Better?

Productivity is not about doing more faster. Rather it's about achieving more by doing less as a result of focusing on getting the ...

Furnace vs. boiler infographic by Reliance Home Comfort

Biggest Packing Mistakes from Moving Experts

Why choose an endpoint firewall like Wordfence?

Kid cooling off with a fan

Infographic | Booby Traps Reminders | Unusual Booby Traps to Protect Your Home

Awning for shade to keep home cool

Carbon fibre: the wonder material with a dirty secret

house in heat wave, low energy, keep cool, trick to stay cool,

Dust mites are the scourge of allergy sufferers everywhere. They are microscopic insects, not detectable to the human eye, that feed on human and animal ...


Make sure that your mirrors don't reflect your home alarm.

We Sold the House! Here's How I'm Investing the $400,000.

how to get rid of mice: photo


Using a humidifier, avoiding secondhand smoke, and washing your hands regularly can help manage

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