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Exploring the Ancient and Medieval Worlds The Origins of

Exploring the Ancient and Medieval Worlds The Origins of


Amazon.com: The Origins of Civilization: From Early Humans to the Babylonians (Exploring the Ancient and Medieval Worlds) (9781502605665): Zachary Anderson: ...

Asia Through the Ages: Early History to British Colonialism (Exploring the Ancient and Medieval Worlds) Library Binding – August 1, 2015

10 Ancient Serial Killers That Foreshadowed Jack The Ripper

Medieval Worlds: An Introduction to European History, 300-1492 1st Edition

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Picts, Gaels, and Scots: Exploring their Mysterious (and Sometimes Mythical) Origins

5 Objects That Illuminate the Medieval Exchange Between Africa and Europe

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Ancient, Medieval and Modern History - BA (Hons)

The world's oldest medieval map

Ancient/Biblical History » General Resources

Human Prehistory and the First Civilizations

The Fra Mauro map, one great medieval European map, was made around 1450 by the Venetian monk Fra Mauro. It is a circular world map drawn on parchment and ...

The Routledge Handbook of Identity and the Environment in the Classical and Medieval Worlds: 1st

Atheism Is Ancient: 'Battling the Gods' Explores History of Non-Believers

History of the Ancient World - A Global Perspective Course

15 forgotten Lost Worlds - and how best to explore them

Sack of Rome

Top 7 destinations for a history buff

The History of Halloween: Exploring the Age-Old Origins of the Enchanting Holiday

Ancient Japan

St. George and the Dragon tattooed from a stencil block that is 200-300


Great Zimbabwe is a medieval city in the south-eastern hills of Zimbabwe (Shutterstock

On the canal in Tongli. (Jennifer Billock)

World's First Medieval Gold Cross Reliquary with Holy Cross Particle Discovered in Trapesitsa Fortress in Bulgaria's

Exploring Ancient Ireland: Loughcrew, Hill of Tara & 6 More Highlights

Britain's historical highlights

The Waldseemüller World Map, 1507. (Credit: Heritage Images / Getty Images)

Image representing History and Social Anthropology

Ancient/Biblical History » Greece


'We give access to a lost world': Assassin's Creed's new life as a virtual museum

Mythology in Romania: Exploring Beliefs about Witchcraft and the Devil

Mosaic depicting warrior on horse

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History of science

Ramesses II: Heartbeat of History

Now seen as early evidence of prehistoric worship, the hilltop site was previously shunned by researchers as nothing more than a medieval cemetery.

close-up image of folio 16v

The Ancient City

2,400-Year-Old Ancient Greek Ship from Bulgaria's Black Sea Zone Declared ' World's ...

The next episode of Lost Origins take us to the Giza plateau with our friend,

A reconstruction of a Theban painting from the Ancient Egyptian Dynasty XIX depicting a childbirth scene

The Peutinger Map. (Credit: Public Domain)

Amazon.com: Medieval Worlds: An Introduction to European History, 300-1492 (0046442560870): Jo Ann Hoeppner Moran Cruz, Richard Gerberding: Books

Marathon: The Persians Have Landed!

The Nuremberg Chronicle as Entry Point to Explore the Rise of the Print

Nineveh - Mashki Gate. (Omar Siddeeq Yousif/CC BY SA 4.0)

Santo Stefano Rotondo: Scavenger architecture and Stendhal Syndrome on the Caelian Hill

See larger image

Greece and Rome: An Integrated History of the Ancient Mediterranean

The Amber Fort of Jaipur at sunrise


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Discover Ancient Rome

Derinkuyu Underground City is an ancient multilevel underground city in the Derinkuyu district in Nevsehir Province

Gold plate displayed at the Gold Museum, Bogota

Middle School Social Studies Textbook & Curriculum | Middle School History Resources

Ancient City of Petra, Jordan

Leonardo, Vitruvian Man

Exploring Waffles: A History and Recipes

Here is an excerpt about Medieval Art and Architecture and some of the topics that we could explore on this thread:

Grand Tour of Italy

The Dark Ages: Definition, History & Timeline

Screenshot from VR of Nefertari's tomb. Source: CuriosityStream


School of Athens (by Raphael)

Jungle explorers contract rare flesh-eating disease among ruins of ancient lost 'City of the Monkey God'

List of inventions in the medieval Islamic world

The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel


History for Kids

Arabic New Finds 8

Petra at night (Dreamstime)

The Other Side of History: Daily Life in the Ancient World | The Great Courses