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Figuring out what to charge as a photographer can be so tough But I

Figuring out what to charge as a photographer can be so tough But I


How Much Should You Charge? Each year, I write and update this article for photographers.

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From point-and-shoot to DSLR and mirrorless, here's how to choose a camera

Honestly, I write articles about pricing, and regularly price my photography, and still find situations where I have trouble determining ...

We started our photography business in 2006. That's almost 12 years ago, but it feels like a lifetime, especially when we look back on all that's happened.

Per-Image Pricing

Canon EOS 6D best DSLR cameras for travel camera

Useful Travel Photography Tips

Different Specialities of photography have different average price ranges.


Am I ready to start a photography business? Here's how to know.

Don't forget to add marketing to your estimate. It doesn't matter if you personally network at events or use Google AdWords: marketing costs money.

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Our favourite creativity and photography quotes to inspire you!

This won't guarantee your success but it will save you time and money to make sure you have the best start possible.

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I am a full-time wedding photographer who is currently in the higher price range of my market. When I started out, I shadowed photographers for free and ...

Pricing Your Photography


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Figure out the html container size

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Wedding Photography Tips

The Complete Guide to Wedding Photography Pricing: Part 1

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This guide is intended for concert photography beginners. If you have a DSLR camera and are interested in how to control your camera settings to take great ...

How to Take Good Pictures of Yourself

wedding photography business tips

Below is a list of the most popular social media networks for photographers.

Anyone who knows me as an educator, author, or photographer already knows my answer to this question, and the answer is YES.

... out the pain points of insurance coverage for photographers is finding the right dollar amount of coverage within your policy. From our survey, we found ...

This is my favorite common real world example of why per-image pricing is better: You receive a call from a business which needs new website photographs.

What Are Your Goals?

So, now we know exactly what we want to photograph and where we want our business to be. Now we need gear. Most likely you have everything you might need to ...

Peggy Farren, a professional photographer, offers tips to start a business.

When it comes to choosing a theme for a particular niche – such as photography – there are two schools of thought. A niche-specific theme can be a solid ...

Sony versus Everyone Else. Original Equipment Manufacturer versus Third Party. We all know the world of photography generates a lot of ...

Pricing For Profit For Your Photography Business

LinkedIn for Photographers - This is what you should be doing! ;-)

... has a non-removable hood, I positioned the sun strategically in one of the hood's notches to get as much flare as possible. If I could have done so, ...

Wedding Photography Tips

Pricing Question and Answers


As such, your theme should set you up for success – something that Photographer does very well.

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Here's Why Photographers Need Insurance. There are so many cautionary tales out there and ...

What is better about a dslr when compared to a point and shoot digital camera.

bride and groom sharing their vows at their wedding ceremony shot through the trees los angeles

Having all of your images on your new website, your social media accounts setup up, and your advertisements on Facebook going are great but now that you got ...

Am I ready to start a photography business? Here's how to know.

Photography Lighting Tips: How to Shoot in Direct Sunlight

Here's Why Photographers Need Insurance. There are so many cautionary tales out there and ...

smart phone vs. point and shoot vs. dslr cameras

One very important aspect of starting a photography business that a lot of photographers overlook is documentation and payments.

How to Find Your Ideal Makeup Artist

Simple Guide to Setting Up a Photography Business Legally

The rear view of my two 4x5 cameras, with the Toyo on the left and

The Ultimate Photography Guide to Depth of Field (DoF)

Photography is a niche that can be classified as both a hobby and a profession. That means both professional photographers and more casual artists need ...

The beginner's guide to natural light and how to use it to take great photos


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She has spent most of it chronicling the Venezuelan economic and social crisis. Her persistence and courage have brought her into some very tough ...

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Lightroom vs Photoshop for Beginner Photographers

Wedding Photography picture

Inevitably, when speaking with a group of photography students, or even a gathering of photographers, one point that is bound to come up is an anxiety over ...

And that's my list. Is it all that you'll ever need? No. Is some of it stuff that you'll never need? Probably! Like I said, there's no need to rush out and ...

And if you're just starting out and feel you don't have much to write about, check out What to include on your About page if you're new to photography?

How to Buy A Domain, Setup Hosting, and Install WordPress

Terms like sleek, stylish, and modern probably come to mind. If you're working with fashion photography, your website should also fit ...


Focusing a filtered camera and lens after it was aimed. Note the solar glasses perched on top of the wide-brimmed hat. If you are shooting the sun, ...

Best photo editing apps for iPad

Not to get too technical, but you're going to set your camera to a very small aperture so that you can have the most depth of field your camera is capable ...

This is so important as this might be the only time you will have to learn in a real-world setting and you don't want to lose any of the information.