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First claimed Viking voyage to an unknown North America VIKING

First claimed Viking voyage to an unknown North America VIKING


Pre-Columbus viking voyages to America [1350x832] ...

The northern explorers became known as vikings, which essentially meant settlers in the old Norse language of Scandinavia. [The Norse word víkingr literally ...

vikings landing in Iceland

Viking settlement 'Hop' is in New Brunswick, claims archaeologist

Coming to America: Who Was First?

Who discovered North America first? Vikings, Columbus or Chinese? | Harreira

The first Europeans to visit America

Possibly, early vikings introduced their DNA to the Inuit, and by the time the English arrived five hundred years later, the European DNA had spread through ...

vikings history

Viking ship carrying Harold III of Norway against his half-brother Olaf II in 1030

Vinland map

History of Scandinavia

... Map showing location of Point Rosee and L'Anse aux Meadows

An Icelandic museum happens to stand where a Viking clan settled 1,000 years ago. (Scott S. Warren)

L'Anse aux Meadows: Discovery of Norse settlement in Canada Proved Viking Sagas Contain Real History

Statue of Leif Erikson, Greenland

V for Viking: Fighting Norsefire with Fire

Photo by Lorie Shaull CC BY SA 2.0

... and other North American sites. (Figs. 18 & 19 & MAP), and other sites. These texts, written in Teutonic and Norse tongues, used alphabets that have ...

A modern statue of a Viking with the mythical horned helmet

Amazon.com: The Far Traveler: Voyages of a Viking Woman (9780156033978): Nancy Marie Brown: Books

View From Space Hints at a New Viking Site in North America - The New York Times

Viking settlements in North America --- and, of course, the expedition that reached what is now Alexandria MN where the Norsemen left behind the Kensington ...

Leif Eriksson


10 of the Most Important Vikings

Blackened stone

Hulton Archive, Getty Images

John Cabot

10 Viking Voyages

The cruise ship Viking Sky started listing after engine failure. Photo: Reuters

V's death doesn't kill his idea, his funeral is the mechanism of his victory over his enemies and the fulfilment of his vendetta. Moreover, through Evie and ...

European exploration: early voyages

His father, Erik the Red, founded the first European settlement of Greenland. Erik Thorvaldsson (Old Norse: Eiríkr Þorvaldsson; 950 – c.


View From Space Hints at a New Viking Site in North America - The New York Times

Did Israelite Vikings discover New Zealand?

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A Viking Ship; 6. England Claims Newfoundland ...

Christian Krogh's 1893 painting "Leif Erikson discovers North America"

Coming from Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, Vikings ...

Columbus Map, drawn ca. 1490 in the Lisbon workshop of Bartolomeo and Christopher Columbus


John Cabot in traditional Venetian garb by Giustino Menescardi (1762). A mural painting

Early Years in Iceland

Replica of the Gokstad Viking ship complete with the Stars and Stripes proudly flying, featured at the World's Columbian Exposition at Chicago in 1893 ...

What really happened to Greenland's vikings?

Mass grave

VIKINGS HNG4thumb. "

The location of the Kensington Runestone in relation to historic river navigations. Photo by Canada

... Leif Erikson - Discoverer of America | by Antoon's Foobar

Viking Age


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Amazon.com: The Far Traveler: Voyages of a Viking Woman (9780156033978): Nancy Marie Brown: Books

The Viking invasion of England under Hinguar and Hubba

Vikings in the South

Historians largely agree the vikings reached America before Columbus, around 900AD, with early settlements

The "Lofotr" viking ship and the smaller "femkeiping". Both recosntructions based on excavations from the Gokstad find. Credit: Geir Are Johansen/Wikipedia

Vikings… in Georgia?

11 Leif Erikson Facts for Leif Erikson Day

First claimed Viking voyage to an unknown North America

Viking Cruise Ship Begins Evacuating 1,300 Passengers by Helicopter After Sending Mayday in Storm

If you tuned in to America's Lost Vikings S01E04 “Ghosts of the Great Lakes” hoping to see a serious investigation of the controversial Kensington ...

The picture to the left shows a sketch of the side view and hull section, and a photo of a 9th century ship that was recovered early in the 20th ...

Viking Homelands

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Visitors to Mystic Seaport Museum view warrior artifacts in the new Vikings exhibit in the Thompson

Evidence of the Irish influence on the early years in Iceland can be found across the country, particularly in the naming of locations.

'Who Was First?'

Old Arabic texts describe dirty Vikings


The Norse often brought caged ravens along on their voyages to help them find land, a bit like Noah in the Old Testament who sent out a dove to see if the ...

Norse Ship

River cruise ...

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A Compilation of the Viking Ruins & Pagan Burial Mounds I have visited on my Travels around Iceland

Bjarni Herjolfsson had been the first to discover America. He did so after having been storm-tossed in a voyage from Iceland to Greenland.

"Main Altar" with Greek Doric style plinth. To the left is fish-

"Norse America:During the ninth century Nordic seafarers left their native Scandinavia

The coloured area indicates the Khazars' territory, one of the regions where travelling Arab writers describe having met Vikings. (Image: Wikimedia Creative ...

Uncovering New England's Viking connections

17 A settlement consisting almost exclusively of dwellings is unknown in any other Norse area. It might be argued that during a incursion into virgin ...

Larger map (150dpi jpg). It remains possible that the Vikings ...