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Follow litterpickupofficial and like their posts Litter will be

Follow litterpickupofficial and like their posts Litter will be


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This tropical bird is actually a single-use plastic bag that was originally white and

Please Follow & Share💚 on Instagram: “it still shocks us how many people turn a blind eye to all of these disastrous effects! please, do what you can to ...

#zerowaste #sustainable #eco #sustainability #gogreen #plasticfree #handmade #nature

We love hearing what our former students are doing since becoming a certified solar installer.

Let's work together to take small steps that make a huge impact in preserving our ecosystem

#trashtag #trashtagchallenge #savetheoceans #trash #greenpeace #cleangreen #saveourseas #plasticfree

Charity Miles! Move With Purpose. Earn Money For Charity.

#Repost @fridaysforfuture (@get_repost) ・・・ #SIGNOFTHEWEEK THERE IS NO

There's No Planet B! We need to stop littering and polluting the earth. Everything

💚Inspired by @kikplastic (check her out, she's amazing), we did


Throwback to last summer. I Want to see more sunsets like this 😎🌄🌅

Australians use about 10 million straws every day, or 3.5 billion a year. Most

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I love a #seniorprank as much as anyone but if you could please pick up

Britney Spears on Instagram: “We all need to take time for a little "me time." :)”


Plastic fragments, fishing-related litter and packaging

There's No Planet B! We need to stop littering and polluting the earth. Everything

WHALE! come with me whale We will go far into the blue I will take

Plant A Tree For Mom!

There's No Planet B! We need to stop littering and polluting the earth. Everything

“Buy a coffee, change a life”. This could be interpreted in so. “

Save the seas save the oceans save the trees save the bees spread awareness!

Free Food Quiz | Shop for your Cause

A bit like us all, scattered around the planet trying to break through that massive layer of old habits, ignorance and apathy. Have a nice day/ evening, ...

... on Instagram: ““I blush to think of all the times I pushed my daughter away when she wanted to cuddle, because I was busy, or I thought she should be…”

Give Back to Earth on Instagram: “📷 Beautiful Photo by: @shainblumphotography ✨ Follow this great artist! Support the Give Back to Nature project and help ...

Today was our first litter pick as an official group! 11 local volunteers joined us

Is this really how we want kids to see animals?? ❌❌❌❌

hat's a better gift than offering a tree to someone? 🎁 🔔Check our gifts

blue sky clean earth Abstract Reality 3d . The earth is placed in the cleanest place

As a way to limit ocean pollution and flight climate change, England officials are banning

Molly is a voice for the future💙🌏 Thank you for your passion and for encouraging everyone to stop plastic straws!

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Massive thanks to all who attended our beach litter pick yesterday. 🗑 This whole trailer

Walking near the Stanley Park Seawall over the weekend. The amount of trash that has

If seven people answered a question and you knew they had answered it incorrectly, how

Though it's a beautiful piece of #art , gift from Mr Drossos, nevertheless it points out the seriousness of the #pollution in our #oceans , #seas and ...



[Werbung] Schon immer hat mich fasziniert, was im Meer wächst und lebt. Wunderschöne Gebilde und erstaunliche Kreaturen - der Ozean ist ein unendliches ...

Save the planet. Our new 'Save the planet' white tee design is available

So, I furthered my study in my interested fields and started out in my series

Excellent idea. Thank you Innocent Divya, Collector of The Nilgiris and the enterprising Adivasis

Attention #trashqueens ! If the thought of picking up someone else's #trash bare handed makes you queasy, we've got you covered!

APTA @APTAtweets. As a small gesture to ...

We may be able to do the most incredible things, like travelling in the air


Here's to making adventures out of the litany of tasks on our daily to do.

A Medic Initiative ( @kidsbeachgarden )

The Hunger Site, a GreaterGood project

If you still use single use plastic, you just don't care! It

#trashtag #trashtagchallenge #savetheoceans #trash #greenpeace #cleangreen #saveourseas #plasticfree


There is nothing as important as our planet, as nature, a present that is

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Try 💚🐸🧤🌿 . www.oraki.ca . @jfgalipeau #reduce


beautiful cumbrian views from our litter pick yesterday! what do you do to help save

We don't want to destroy it,

Donate to plant trees in Madagascar, Indonesia, Nepal, and Haiti @plant28trees on

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He thought he saw who left this bottle behind. I bet it was the same

Took the kids to the park this morning and ended up picking up a whole bag

SUPER FUNNY MINION MEMEMEMEMEMEMEMME!!!!!! #dank #fortnite #pokemon #nintendo #boi #dolphingang #tfue #ninja #donaldtrump #bread #funny #minion ...

Feels good to be back in Utah! Unfortunately the weather hasn't been

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Blijft toch gek.. Er staan 9 prullenbakken rondom de skatebaan in Purmerend, maar

Nikki on how to convince your school, uni or company to switch to Ecosia

Busy morning with our village community- Hungarton- Leicestershire 😀 litter picking on my own doorstep, the country roads and the village 🙂 now to spend ...



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this is sad. many sea animals are dying just because we dont care and want


He and his human live next to a high school,

Fun time litter picking with Katie and @alexchisholm_ despite the torrential rain☔ Thankyou to @nonnaschesterfield for the free hot chocolate and taking ...

O nouă destinație. #newadventures #newdestination #descoperaromania #dreamer #gone #romaniafrumoasa

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resilience at its finest #mood #nature #cantstopit #bigsexy #fuckman #fucksociety

plastic takes MILLIONS of years to go away..... in only couple


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Drift away️ : @reillywhipple . . . . . . #mw #everything #

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Which is why they are described as the rainforest of the sea, we should work to spread awareness about coral reefs before they get ...

less plastic will be


we dont either. lets work toghther so less seaguls have to go through this!

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The #lighter side of #life #AntiWafflePodcast with @ilankelman available on #itunes