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Geronimo Head War Chief Chiricahua Apache now raiding Palace of

Geronimo Head War Chief Chiricahua Apache now raiding Palace of


"Geronimo, Head War Chief, Chiricahua Apache now raiding" - Palace of the

1854-1934) - Chiricahua Apache war chief - Protege of Cochise - Raids on settlers in Arizona in the 1870s with Chiefs Cochise, Bonito, Victorio, Geronimo, ...


"Chihuahua or Kla-esh, Sub Chief of the Chiricahua Apaches" - Palace

Victorio, chief of the Chihennes Apaches, softspoken in negotiations, fierce in war.

Geronimo. "

Battle of Tres Castillos - Nana was Victorio's second in command. He was absent at

Last of the Indian Chiefs Geronimo Red Cloud Spotted Tail

Nana, a powerful chief of the Chihenne Apaches, joined Victorio for several of his

"Dutch, Apache Scout with Captain Crawford when latter was killed by the Mexicans.

"Marita the old Zuni woman accused of witch craft and tortured by the 'Priests of the Bow'. Rescued by the mission people." - Palace of the G… | APACHE ...

Leader of the Chiricahua Apache tribe in Arizona. After the Chiricahua Reservation was abolished in 1876, repeatedly led raids against white settlers, ...

George Crook. From Wikipedia ...

"Chah, the Beaver, Apache Buck" - Palace of the Governors Photo Archives

Geronimo - Apache tribal chief, circa 1907 - Stock Image

"Apache Scout" - Palace of the Governors Photo Archives, Ben Wittick Collection -

Ka-e-te-nay [fi], Head Chief, Warm Springs Apaches

The Apache chief Geronimo was one of the last dreaded Indian chiefs who fought for 30

Apache chief Geronimo, ca. 1900.

"Apache Squaws, White Mountain Apaches" - Palace of the Governors Photo Archives,

Geronimo (1829-1909), Chiricahua Apache warrior in Indian clothing and feathered headdress

pache Indian tribes were known as good fighters and strategists. Some fought the encroachment of

"Apache Indians, Mother and Children, after the Children have had two Years'

Of course, the Apache weren't just at war with our NAFTA partners to the south – they also had to deal with the encroachment of U.S. forces into their ...

Chiricahua Apache war captain Geronimo had evaded U.S. forces for 16 months since his escape from the San Carlos Reservation in May 1885

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A portrait of Gouyen.

Taza, Son of Cochise (1954). Director

Before he left England he promised to lead three thousand Indians into the field on the royal side. Returning to America, by way of New York, ...

Geronimo, Native American leader of the Chiricahua Apache. - Stock Image

"Apache Women and Babies" - Palace of the Governors Photo Archives, Ben Wittick

Gerónimo Saccardi

In September I attended the 34th Annual Order of the Indian Wars Assembly in Tucson—“On the Trail of Geronimo"—for a few days of talks and tours.

Caption reads: Naiche (Natches), son of Cohise. Hereditary chief of the Chiricahua Apaches. Naiche was Geronimo's lieutenant during the protracted wars in ...

Campaigns of General Custer in the North-West and the Surrender of Sitting Bull

Geronimo, Apache chief cph.3b16454 - Stock Image

As he died, he whispered the names of the brave warriors who had fought alongside him during his struggle.

This photograph, taken on July 14, 1919 in Mescalero, New Mexico, features

Title : Apache Chiefs Geronimo & Natches; Fort Bowie, Arizona, ...

Report reaches the US cavalry that the Apache leader Ulzana has left his reservation with a band of followers. A compassionate young officer, ...

Further information: Apache Wars. Ba-keitz-ogie (Yellow Coyote), U.S. Army Scout

Geronimo (1829-1909), Chiricahua Apache warrior in 1898, when he was

From Cochise to Geronimo: The Chiricahua Apaches, 1874–1886 (The Civilization of the American Indian Series)

At the end of the battle, every enemy soldier had been slain. Geronimo stood alone on the battlefield, knee-deep in the dead, holding a dull knife, ...

Image may contain: 1 person

Soon after the breakout Patric/Gatewood led a patrol of soldiers with a handful of Apache scouts. A Chiricahua war party tailed him.

TLM D640 An apache and his wigwams.jpg

Geronimo as a U.S. prisoner in 1905

Hattie Tom, Chiricahua Apache, photographed by Frank Rinehart

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Geronimo Photo Gallery poster image

"Scene in Geronimo's camp, the Apache outlaw and murderer. Taken before the surrender to Gen. Crook, March 27, 1886, in the Sierra Madre mountains of Mexico ...

TLM D647 Topographical map of the expedition against the Chiricahua 1883.jpg

Victorio was about 55 years old when killed in Mexico.

We Shall Remain poster image

Indian Wars Us Military 1897 Custer Sioux Apache Sitting Bull Geronimo Old West

Red Cloud

Splash Image [this page]: Tungate, M. (2010). Mystical mountain [photograph]. Retrieved from Flickr, CC BY 2.0.


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History Overview Of The Buffalo Soldiers In New Mexico Territory & 1880 Battle With Victorio EL PALACIO MAGAZINE Vol. 101, No.

Geronimo and Nana

Apache raiding routes

Part of the Apache Wars · Hiding behind a rock, two Apaches plan to ambush a traveler.

"Geronimo poses with members of his tribe and General George Crook's staff during peace negotiations on March 27, 1886."

Little Robe, dead at two years old.

Brigadier General Nelson A. Miles, the vain, ambitious (and later controversial) officer who accepted Geronimo's formal surrender 126 years ago today.

Apache chieff Geronimo (right) and his warriors in 1886.jpg

Geronimo (1829-1909), Chiricahua Apache warrior, 1903 portrait by J.W. Collins

September 4, 1886 Chief of the Bedonkohe

Montezuma Castle 1

image 0

Chief Joseph (1877) led his tribe, the Nez Perce 1,500

Camp Apache, 1873, photo by Timothy H. O' Sullivan



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'Comanche War Party on the March, Fully Equipped' by George Catlin. (

Red Cloud, photographed by Charles Milton Bell 1880. Source: http://www.vahistorical.org


Geronimo, younger

Cowboys & Aliens

Years ago I made a table with Chiricahua chiefs (born/died and in which decade started their reign). Maybe it helps. And feel free to correct me ...

Castle A 2

Sarah Geronimo

Apache Wars - Geronimo, before meeting General Crook on March 27, 1886.

Secrets of clan fortress on Scottish island of Islay set to be revealed by archaeologists

Lozen was a famous warrior and prophet of the Chihenne Chiricahua Apache. Lozen can be seen in this picture with Geronimo and other warriors (6th from the ...

Chato's Land

Geronimo (1829 - 1909), War Chief of the White Mountain Apache [in

TLM D643 A warrior and his weapons.jpg