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Get a little news with your notifications t Newsroom

Get a little news with your notifications t Newsroom


Get a little news with your notifications

Notification screen on tablet screen.

Pushed Even Further: US Newsrooms View Mobile Alerts as a Standalone Platform

US newsrooms use mobile alerts to define their brand

Rich notifications from HuffPost.

Google News vs Apple News 4x3

Introducing Message Reactions and Mentions For Messenger

Disable Those Annoying 'Displaying Over Other Apps' Notifications on Your Galaxy S9

Everyone loves push alerts, but there are problems. Like: What if readers don't actually open them?

Stop unwanted notifications by unfollowing the entry in your Notifications list.

Your guide to the BBC News iPhone and iPad app

App notifications on your phone

Turn off your iPhone notifications, and more ways to beat Apple and get your life back

Big, breaking news like this was once the sum of most news outlets' mobile alert strategies. Now, news outlets are using push alerts to define their brands ...

Using Web Notifications for News

As of last year, the two Gannett apps—USA Today and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel—were among the most consistent users of rich notifications.

For a show that's ostensibly about the news, “The Newsroom” spends a hell of a lot of time focused on other things (like the flaws in women and the ...

Launch Video in the Mic App Showing Users How to Expand Alerts and View News in the Lock Screen

Scientists made people turn off their notifications for a day, and saw an effect years later

August 8, 2017 by Lucia Moses

In an unrelenting year of news, some news app users (a group that grew worldwide in 2017) saw seven alerts just about the family separation policy in one ...

Storytelling from the Lock Screen via Mic's iOS App


Image of Pinterest app and new tab focused on following

Dealing with notification overload

Alert Frequency Settings in CNN's iOS App

You don't have to switch off push notifications—personalized notifications can help reduce our anxiety — Quartz

Smartphone Notifications... in Real Life

God has a big part in “The Blackout: Part 1,” both as savior and political cudgel. But the Devil gets a lot more screen time, especially in the monstrous ...

Press manager Ron Alvarado, left, and pressman Tracy Belcher pull copies of The Denver

@NotesFromHel Pop-Up Newsroom pops into a record expungement clinic | Helen Ubiñas

Individual reporters now lobby for their stories to be pushed; notifications' wording are labored over in Slack; and even masthead editors get involved.

Illustration for article titled The Newsroom: “News Night 2.0”

Teaser Alerts Pushed to Apple News by The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times

Bringing a pop-up newsroom to the neighborhoods, armed with chocolates | Helen Ubiñas

Teenagers took over the Daily Mirror newsroom for a special edition - here's what happened

Add your TV remote control to the notification panel

This is the story behind that double push alert The New York Times sent about Comey's Trump memo

BBC News on the App Store

In Defense Of HBO's 'The Newsroom': Why This Might Be One Of Aaron Sorkin's Smarter Shows

A hand with painted pointy black nails holds an apple with a bite taken out of

You can also receive $100 USD off any two devices — this means a bundle of two Portal devices will be priced at $298 USD, so you can share the experience ...

At The Dallas Morning News, becoming truly digital means starting over

Tap Following, tap Manage Notifications, tap On/Off switch

Reva is pictured here helping reporter Michelle McQuigge vote. The black Labrador guide dog is officially retiring this year. (Michelle McQuigge/Twitter)

Push Notifications

Since 2014, Yahoo's News Digest app has offered a unique way to stay up to date on the world's events without getting lost in an unending torrent of ...

Your Notifications Are Lying to You

There was a moment in the second episode of The Newsroom where I really felt this series might pack a punch. Will McAvoy, the anchor of the evening news, ...

Unfortunately, this is an all or nothing approach, so if you just wanted to disable one app's notification badges, you're out of luck for now. You have to ...

Get Accounted For

Courtesy of HBO

Police Commissioner Ross to Philly news organizations after Md. shootings: 'We take this very seriously'

Introducing Web Push Notifications

T-Mobile Takes on IoT with New Network Tech & a Growing Product Family | T-Mobile Newsroom

The Google CMS: Reinventing the newsroom content-management system: What would Google do?

Slack in the Newsroom

BBC News on the App Store

Lessons from SRCCON and our own newsroom—for organizations of every size

But what do I know? That's why I am writing a recap, and why Aaron Sorkin is writing the show. But that's not news either. So let's get started.

My commute to and from Global's Toronto newsroom on a recent day, which runs counterclockwise

Delete a particular app you don't like

Image of the new archive boards feature on Pinterest

Laura Littlewood.

Turning off your notifications for 24 hours could change your whole perspective — Quartz

Modern Newsroom · To update its breaking news ...

Introducing Portal From Facebook: New Video Calling Devices to Connect You With Friends and Family

Turn on push notifications to receive Facebook alerts on an iPod touch.

Steve Keast, Strategic Visualiser @_keastie_

Will McAvoy Goes to Jail: Reporter's Privilege and “The Newsroom”

Tap Following, long left swipe on unwanted item

What is a digital newsroom?

Ever seen a web push notification in action?

The Washington Post Alerts Pushed Concurrently to Apple News and Its iOS App

There appears to be an interesting critical split emerging around “The Newsroom.” Reviewers — including myself — have mostly weighed in with negative ...

KOCO 5 News - Oklahoma City on the App Store

In an era of social media and fake news, journalists who have survived the print plunge have new foes to face.

Photo: The Wall Street Journal

Why Badge notification is not appearing while receiving new mail or Message?


In this example, the app in question is NavBar Apps. Turn this notification off and you're all set!

Addressing Pain Point #5: Notifications

Courtesy of HBO

The Ithacan's Newsroom (Sabrina Knight/The Ithacan)

The bad parts of social media are here to stay, but that doesn't mean you have to give them your attention. Photo: Getty Images

EARLY EDITION: A double agent at the newsroom door

Inside The New York Times' new push notifications team

Courtesy The New York Times Recode