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Giraffe caught practicing big zucc on fence Animals Giraffe

Giraffe caught practicing big zucc on fence Animals Giraffe


Giraffe caught practicing big zucc on fence

gorgeous giraffe - my favorite animal African Animals, Animals And Pets, Baby Animals,


The keeper first took us into the kitchen in the giraffe barn and talked all about the kinds of food they get. He showed us the different storage areas for ...

Sometimes these two types will interbreed in the wild, but it is rare. Both of the females in this herd are Masai, and their main bull is a Masai as well, ...

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A relatively common side effect of chemotherapy is changes in food taste: The sweet, salty, sour, and bitter flavors you are used to just don't taste the ...

Q8010: where do two giraffes look at their surroundings ? Correct answer: zoo. LSTM: 1. pen 0.2684 2. zoo 0.2555 3. pin 0.0456 4. pool 0.0303 5. cage 0.0200

I highly recommend that if you can't remember the exact year of the last time you went to the Zoo, or if you haven't been in at least 10 years, ...

Q8046: how many giraffes standing around in the middle of a field ? Correct answer: two. LSTM: 1. two 0.3939 2. three 0.2978 3. four 0.1539 4. five 0.0951


Giraffe close-up showing head and horns Google Images, Yahoo Images, Giraffe Head

giraffe at Behind the Scenes Tour Greenville Zoo


Close-up of a Giraffe

Is giraffe milk the new superfood?

Little Giraffe 'Big G' Oversize Stuffed Giraffe (Infant) | Nordstrom

Guide to New England Zoos

pair-wild-giraffes-senegal-africa-duo-giraffes -look-camera-foundiougne-senegal-108175095.jpg


That is kind of like the water bottle you might have in a hampster cage that has a little ball at the end. When they push their tongue against it, ...


April the Giraffe & Family Fund by Animal Adventure Park - GoFundMe Giraffe Family, Wild

1. giraffe 0.0786 2. clock 0.0776 3. elephant 0.0752 4. refrigerator 0.0457 5. toilet 0.0306 6. zebra 0.0268 7. tower 0.0227 8. mirror 0.0186 9. cow 0.0137

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Image result for image pencil drawing Giraffe Art, Giraffe Head, Elephant Head, Elephant

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Guests board a ride vehicle and use night vision goggles to try to spot some of the thirty animals that call the savanna home!

Toledo Zoo announces death of giraffe, cites multiple 'severe abnormalities&#

An older giraffe with darker spots

I don't name my lambs that go to market on purpose. I don't want to have an emotional connection that might make me falter when we select which lambs will ...


The Zoos I have seen in the United States make a much greater effort to provide the animals with a semi-natural habitat, but nobody seems to be making that ...


Super excited lion and his human friend


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Wildlife Safari in Tanzania


KwaZulu-Natal Parks

But watch out for the aggressive, 14-foot reindeer?

... 2015-06-23T19:36:58.87Z never ...

Our campsite is well equipped with warm showers, plenty of bathrooms, a grassy camping area, a bar in front of the watering hole and WIFI ( also in front of ...



Expense #1: Heating


baby shower favors

A Baby Giraffe and 10 Tips for the Perfect Denver Zoo Visit

K.O (Ball of steel)



The first photo with the green pads is the pen where a giraffe is held for examination. The padded side panels can be adjusted to hold the animal as tightly ...

Two giraffes



This comment section is open for any non-work-related discussion you'd like to have with other readers, by popular demand. (This one is truly no work and no ...

IMG_5776 IMG_5774 IMG_5773 IMG_5775

The Rain Dance

July 29, 2013

graffiti, wheat pasted maybe, of a young male deer beneath a green tree

An ecosystem is the natural balance between organisms, plants, and animals in a particular place. Certain species of wildlife depend on particular species ...


Miss Eve (who I insist on calling Evie) turned two, so we celebrated. ...

2.8.45. Cucumis maderaspatanus L. 1753

(1.02/23), 133

2. giraffes 0.1161 3. horses 0.0622 4. zebra 0.0501 5. cows 0.0496 6. elephants 0.0437 7. buses 0.0330 8. sheep 0.0278 9. motorcycles 0.0252

Big bang for your buck. For $5 each (ages 2 and younger are free), you get to enjoy horse drawn carriage rides, access to a gigantic corn maze, ...

Mitford at the Hollywood Zoo by Donald Robertson


... Dreaming of Kenya! The savannah, lakelands, the dramatic Great Rift Valley and mountain

IMG_5776 IMG_5774 IMG_5773 IMG_5775

C feeds a giraffe. This is NOT the AUS$29.95 professional photo. That one, which makes me look like the Hulk in blue and is taken from an angle that looks ...

Dobby, the baby giraffe Denver Zoo giraffe family


Notice the light spots

Below left: one of 3 spotted fawns we have regularly around our house this year. This is just over the fence in our front yard of the house.


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Noah's Ark With Cute Animals - Vectorsforall

... of the world's largest archipelago. Indonesia is a travellers' paradise, with cuisine as vibrant and thrilling as its scenery.

The best bit about the spinach and onion tart is the puff pastry! Most of the spinach ends up on the floor.

Ask a Manager

Vail, Colorado, Might Be Better in the Summer!

Peek-a-boo. parrot and cat

The feed bins and water licks are all adjustable height to accommodate the different giraffes. The big area in the last photo that looks pink is the " ...

Our first giraffe

Close-up Magic | Jacob's Pillow Dance

What was so cool about the scavenger hunt was that it made you find places in the Zoo that you might not always stop to see and, in the process, ...


Listen to the trees. The leaves as they rustle in the wind, the branches as they bend, the trunk that sways ever so slightly in the breath of the day.

Correct answer: giraffes. LSTM: 1. cows 0.3308 2. horses 0.1590 3. zebras 0.1200 4. sheep 0.0888 5. elephants 0.0615 6. giraffes 0.0545 7. cattle 0.0352

giraffes cant dance “