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Half of all amphibian species at risk of extinction Conservation

Half of all amphibian species at risk of extinction Conservation


A mother and baby frog

Even More Amphibians are Endangered than We Thought

A species of the poison dart frog family (Dendrobatidae)

Amphibians are the most threatened group of animals in the world with nearly half of all species at risk. This crisis is considered the greatest extinction ...

Amphibians facing 'terrifying' rate of extinction

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The world's amphibians may be in even graver danger than we've thought, a

The Carchi Andes Toad was thought to be extinct - until now © Gabriela B. Bittencourt-Silva

New amphibian species are being discovered at an exciting rate, yet they are also the vertebrates most at risk of extinction.

About 41 percent of the world's amphibian species are threatened with extinction

fire salamander in France

Saving amphibians from a deadly fungus means acting without knowing all the answers

Module 2: Amphibians at Risk

Distribution of At-Risk Frogs (IMAGE)

Few realize that the lovable, cotton-candy-pink amphibian is on the edge of extinction. (Avalon / Photoshot License / Alamy)

About One Million Species Face Risk of Extinction, U.N. Report Says

Climate Change Birds, Amphibians, Coral: Large Amount Species At Risk of Extinction By 2050 Says Study

A Kanker rock gecko

Rhombophryne serratopalpebrosa

The lemur leaf frog, native to central America, is critically endangered

Over half of Europe's amphibians face extinction by 2050

Five endangered species that live in the Chesapeake Bay region

Conservation: Understanding the Pathology of Extinction

Biodiversity loss accelerates with 1 million species at risk of extinction, UN report finds

Europe's amphibians and reptiles under threat - IUCN

The critically endangered Panamanian golden frog (Atelopus zeteki). More than 40% of global amphibian species are at risk of extinction.

A two-month-old Bengali tiger cub in an animal refuge in El Salvador

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World's Deadliest Pathogen On Record Devastates More Than 500 Amphibian Species—and We Don't Know How To Stop It | Smart News | Smithsonian

Araripe manakin

Over half of Europe's amphibians face extinction by 2050 | Environment | The Guardian

Saving the Smallest Species

Toby Young

The authors identified industrial farming and fishing as major drivers

Woodland caribou was listed under the Species at Risk Act as threatened in 2003, but its 'recovery strategy' wasn't released until 2012.

Strawberry Poison-dart Frog on lichen

Stewart MacDonald

One in six of world's species faces extinction due to climate change – study

Under threat: The report found 25 per cent of mammals, more than 40 per cent of amphibian species, nearly 33 per cent of sharks and 25 per cent of plant ...

UNDP Ecuador

U.N. report: 1 million species of animals and plants face extinction due to climate change and human activity - CBS News

Letting the public name a newly discovered species could go horribly wrong

Archey's frog, native to New Zealand, are modern-day dinosaurs and are almost

Ambystoma dumerilii, known by locals as achoques, are found nowhere but Lake Pátzcuaro but

Frogs on the Verge of a Major Extinction

One of 2,000 captive Panamanian Golden Frogs managed in captivity by the Golden Frog Species Survival

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They survived the dinosaurs, but turtles worldwide are facing a modern extinction crisis, with half of all species at risk of disappearing.

Endangered corroboree frogs. The species has been badly hit by chytrid fungas. Photo:

Red list research finds 26,000 global species under extinction threat

At-risk species conservation

Peru is releasing half a million baby turtles to save species from extinction

Amphibian Extinction Crisis

Bd: The Amphibian Plague

A protester holds a placard during a demonstration in New York to call for urgent action

One million species at risk of extinction

Conservation partnerships help keep two birds, salamander and skink from requiring endangered species act protections

The Conservation Project: Panamanian Golden Frog Learning Lab for upper elementary and middle school students is one of the most requested school programs ...

Amphibians. All of the 189 native species ...

Front of the the PARC building in Panama. Panama Amphibian Rescue and Conservation Project

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Birds occur in nearly every habitat on the planet and are often the most visible and familiar wildlife to people across the globe.

They've been around for almost 400 million years, surviving the extinction of dinosaurs, ice ages and many other massive environmental changes.

Gray wolves

Extinction risk is most acute for the world's largest and smallest vertebrates | PNAS

Amphibian crisis Almost half of all amphibian species are thought to be declining, and a third are at risk of extinction, making this the most threatened ...

Why Do Species Live Where They Do and Not Where They Don't?

Agriculture has an insatiable appetite for new land. Seven million hectares of tropical forests were

There Are More Endangered Animals Than Ever. Here's What to Know on Endangered Species Day

Here are 10 plants and animals that might have gone extinct without the Endangered Species Act

1 million species threatened with extinction by humans


Humans threaten 1 million species with extinction: UN report

Amphibian Declines. Bufo alvarius: Sonoran Desert Toad. Adult from SE Arizona. Photo by Todd Pierson

1 million species face extinction as humans plunder nature at 'unprecedented' rate

1 million species 'at risk of extinction'

Climate change threatens half of wildlife in biodiversity hotspots, study says

Exploring South Carolina's Lowcountry

A new age of amphibian conservation

Dusky gopher frog