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Have you ever had disgruntled eLearning customers and wondered how

Have you ever had disgruntled eLearning customers and wondered how


Have you ever had disgruntled eLearning customers and wondered how to turn them into happy clients? Here are 4 tips on how to deal wi…

Learn how to convert school curriculum to ELearning.

8 Little Known Ways to Conduct Content Analysis for Your ELearning Course | Blog articles | Content analysis, Content, Articles

Customer Service eLearning & Onsite Training Customized Engaging Customer Service Training JCPenney WOWs Customer with Empathic, Heartfelt Email Response

Best Ways to Deal with Customer Complaints

I'll walk you through how to reframe conversations, so customers don't get worked up ...

Pin by Your ELearning World on ELearning articles | Author, Tools, Articles

Your ELearning World

We just loved the manager responses from Robert J. of the Peppermill Restaurant in Valentine

Customer Service eLearning & Onsite Training

25 best Customer Complaints images | Cruises, Customer complaints, Princess cruises

How to Design an Elearning Course

What's New in eLearning – Post #2

The Rapid E-Learning Blog - this is a play button

Customer Service eLearning & Onsite Training

eLearning Simulations

Dashboards are a great way to display information pertaining to your course content in a visually

Most common complaints from Etsy customers

10+ Hilarious Customer Complaints And Responses That'll Make You Laugh Customer Service Meme

The Rapid E-Learning Blog - mimic instant message

United Airlines Phone Number to Book Holiday Trip with Low Fare

Content development = hidden costs

Artificial Intelligence Stats Show How Machine Learning Will Evolve Our Lives In Future [Infographic]

February 14, 2013 Articulate / authoring tools / dominKnow / e-learning vendors / Rankings / rapid content authoring tool / SCORM

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8 Tips To Develop Interesting Online Training Characters For Corporate eLearning

7 Tips for Editing E-learning Content

The Rapid E-Learning Blog - tour of player interface

Why We Should Apply The Golden Circle Model To eLearning

Top 6 Features to Look For in an Extended Enterprise LMS | Knowledge Anywhere

Customer Service eLearning & Onsite Training

8 Writing Mistakes to Look for When Proofreading Your e-Learning Course

Why storytelling in eLearning works? Secrets to telling compelling stories

Captivate 2019 Error Message 183

LMS Administrator Hiring – What you need to know to find the right 1

EMBRACING THE MOBILE FUTURE: Aligning L&D with the Rise of Enterprise Mobility in Corporate eLearning ...

Notes from the Brandon Hall Show

The container and the content

Create Delighted and Devoted Customers

If you've ever worked in the customer service industry, you've probably heard this more than once: Customers who've had a negative experience are more ...

How to Use Branching Scenarios in E-Learning

Decoding Game-based Learning Courses in Online Training: What and How

How watching Breakfast at Tiffany's today may be a good indicator you need to change your approach

What you'll learn

A dialogue tree in iSpring TalkMaster

Visual Learning: 6 Reasons Why Visuals Are The Most Powerful Aspect Of eLearning

Top 6 Features to Look For in an Extended Enterprise LMS | Knowledge Anywhere

The Rapid E-Learning Blog - examples of different navigation tips

Infographic: Moving from Classroom Training to E-learning

Impact of Learning Technology on Corporate Training | PTC University: eLearning Resource Center | Scoop

What I am suggesting here is to reverse the order of thinking. Each step will lead to the next on:

6 Must-Have Tools for Engaging e-learning Development

I have wanted to present something on this topic ever since I went to ICALTearlier this year. There seemed to be two groups of people present at the ...

Substance Abuse: The Danger of Superficiality in e-Learning

5 Areas eLearning Contributes to Effective Training

Saba Insight 2018 Insights

Project & Lean Management Essentials

E-Learning 24/7

While investments in disruptive technologies such as cloud, AI and IoT are delivering significant benefits for businesses, including improved productivity, ...

I heard about the Campus Computing survey for the first time at Educause 2016 – but this survey has been around since 1990 – before, I suspect, ...

Do You Know Your Customer Journey Map & the Emotions Overlay?



If you are looking to implement a new LMS, or you are planning a LMS migration, you may be wondering how to narrow down your search. How do you know what to ...

Why We Should Apply The Golden Circle Model To eLearning

Encouraging re-evaluation of the trainee's reply.

Discover 5 Famous Ted Talks on Learning

5 Steps to Effectively Implement Microlearning Into Employee Training | Knowledge Anywhere

Eye Appeal in eLearning Course Design: 3 Effective Ways to Use Color Theory, Typography, and Images

Benefits of Outsourcing eLearning Content Development - Infographic

User interface displaying: step1 of 4 steps to handle stress. Understanding

7 Ways to Create a Great Customer Experience Strategy

AEG/Telefunken television from 1937. This was newfangled back when I started screening videos

E-learning Elements that Can Be Translated – Secrets to Cut Translation Cost

The Rapid E-Learning Blog: common mistakes demo

... was asked to write an e-learning module about the Power of Tenacity; as I contemplated the topic, I wondered what makes a person tenacious? Are you born ...

Top 6 Features to Look For in an Extended Enterprise LMS | Knowledge Anywhere

The slide with answers in the eLearning simulation

Or as we like to say, Enable e-learning where your users ALREADY are…

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by the end of 2022.

The reality of more

Moodle Installation Guide Pt 2 | Moodle Course Creation & Management

Introducing the simulation purpose.

The Rapid E-Learning Blog - get more life out of your clip art

How to Go From a Good to a Great Website: Engage and Convert More Successfully

CX Institute eLearning Module Teasers

5 Teaching techniques that annoy adult learners

Infographic: Moving from Classroom Training to E-learning

New eLearning Templates that are Good for Your Skin!

Marketplaces should release some of their customer data to brands and brands should be more selective about what they ask from their marketplace partners.


Get Em Back – Ur Learners Ur LMS

e-Learning Stuff

5 Things You Never Knew About Building Rapport with Customers