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Have you noticed that most cereals are more dessertlike than

Have you noticed that most cereals are more dessertlike than


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General Mills Releases Lucky Charms Frosted Flakes, a Sugar Bomb for the Ages

Dippin' Dots Cereal Is Now at Walmart

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Whether it's for breakfast or a late-night snack when you can't help


Snap, Crackle, and Pop were nowhere to be seen back in 1928. Just a nice, beige, straightforward box telling you these babies are “ready to eat.”

What All Your Favorite Cereal Boxes Used to Look Like Back in the Day

General Mills is apparently releasing Mermaid Cereal. It is “naturally fruit flavored sweetened corn

Sour Patch Kids Cereal

More like scary rabbit. The Trix mascot got a facelift from his 1960 version.

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Funko Is Selling a Limited-Edition Golden Girls Cereal

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All Berries is one of the 10 most sugary kids' cereals on the market, according to the Environmental Working Group.

Kellogg's Raisin Bran Crunch Breakfast Cereal, 18.2 Oz

Cereal milk cream pie

The Special K Diet was created by the Kellogg's breakfast cereal company.

A new look at cereal snacking: The top brands and producers for the first half of 2018

ingredients for rice krispies treats

Healthy Breakfast

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Excellent, that's most of you. But did you know that some of the granola we eat should really be re-classified as dessert? Despite its rather saintly image, ...

I'm always hesitant to say a recipe is the “best ever,” especially for a dessert like Rice Krispie Treats that everyone knows and loves. But once you've ...

What will become of our beloved Twinkies? The latest turn is a Wall Street Journal

Waffle Crisp (Post) I barely remember the shows I watched on Saturday mornings as a kid, but the commercials for sugary cereal that frequently interrupted ...

Another cereal product I like is the Ezekiel 4:9 brand made by Food for Life. Though these cereals are not exactly intact grains, they are made from many ...

FITCRUNCH Snack Size Protein Bars, Designed by Robert Irvine, Protein Snack, Whey Protein

Popcorn and meat snacks need flavor innovation to boost sales, says Mintel. Show more

Back Roads Granola is real deal

This is the most addictive cereal in the world. I love this stupid cereal so much that I cannot really buy it anymore, ...

Funko Is Selling a Limited-Edition Golden Girls Cereal | Extra extra | Golden girls, Cereal, New cereal

cheerios recall

I have found one company that makes a kind of granola without sugar. Muesli is actually the appropriate term for this kind of cereal.

melting butter in pot

Boxed cereals

Cereal milk cream pie from @bijouxandbits #cerealmilk #pie

Cereal milk cream pie from @bijouxandbits #cerealmilk #pie


Cereal milk cream pie from @bijouxandbits #cerealmilk #pie

Multi Boiler

They believe in adding flavor with spices rather than loads of sugar, and the result is granola that tastes like I would ...

7. Pop Tarts

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Cereal milk cream pie from @bijouxandbits #cerealmilk #pie


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For this reason I do not eat them alone, but instead mix them with my favorite flake cereal, Nature's Path Flax Plus.

This time of year when the super cold and miserable days have passed (fingers crossed), but the new season's produce is not yet available is when I struggle ...

Snack Betch on Instagram: “Reese's Puffs Bunnies. A must buy! 🥣 Spotted at CVS!”

Maybe GF cheerios box. You may have ...

To celebrate National Cereal Day this Tuesday, March 7, Kellogg Canada shares the first Canadian Survey on the different types of personalities and cereal ...

Cereal milk cream pie from @bijouxandbits #cerealmilk #pie

... artificially flavored rice flakes that just hit it, allowing every bowl of Fruity Pebbles to taste like the first bowl ever.



FITCRUNCH Snack Size Protein Bars | Designed by Robert Irvine | World's Only 6-Layer

Cereal milk cream pie from @bijouxandbits #cerealmilk #pie

Part 2: Replacing Dairy Milk

I'm a big fan of dessert-like things for breakfast, but my parents were all about healthy eating, so I was lucky to get things like pancakes and doughnuts ...

On November 4th, the Kansas City, MO Health Department sent police to confiscate food that was to be distributed to homeless people, throwing it in trash ...

PB & J Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowl - This easy, 5 ingredient, paleo and

Cereal milk cream pie from @bijouxandbits #cerealmilk #pie


9 Breakfast Parfaits That Are Basically Morning Sundaes

Cereal milk cream pie from @bijouxandbits #cerealmilk #pie

“Home-Cooked Vegan Comfort Food is the ultimate cookbook for dispelling forever the myth that vegan cuisine is nothing more than 'bird food.

Healthy No Bake Apple Pie Protein Bars- Just 10 minutes and 1 bowl to whip

With Reese's Puffs, you are actually eating the cereal incarnation of actual candy. It's SUPER DELICIOUS dry, but when doused with milk, this promising ...

If you are like me (American) you probably don't often make custards. It isn't “our” go to dessert like a chocolate chip cookie or a pie.

Cereal milk cream pie from @bijouxandbits #cerealmilk #pie

How to Make Cherry Clafoutis, a Dessert so Elegant, Your Guests Won't Know How Easy it is

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I know some people love their store-bought protein bars (and I have a few favs too) but I honestly really like making homemade protein balls because I can ...

This is one of those cereals my mom never bought for me because she always said it was junk. One time I ate it at my friend's house and ...

Hemp Seed Hearts

Cereal milk cream pie from @bijouxandbits #cerealmilk #pie

It's 5 a.m. and I'm sitting at a computer, bare footed with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice at my elbow. Mr A and I have annoyingly been up for ...

Photo of Squeeze Juicery - Buffalo, NY, United States


Anything you eat too close to a meal

This is one of the greatest cereals ever cerealed, and I am using very scientific criteria to reach this decision: They are delicious straight out of the ...

And you can't forget a little dessert like a granola bar! This lunch is packed with protein and great fiber!