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Hiding identities amongst a sea of people Taiwan in 2019

Hiding identities amongst a sea of people Taiwan in 2019


Hiding identities amongst a sea of people

Hiding identities amongst a sea of people

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Foxconn founder Terry Gou prays at a temple in New Taipei City, Taiwan, on

Taiwan's leader, Tsai Ing-wen, faces an unprecedented primary challenge from former Tainan

... in the center and wearing a red vest, says a sea goddess has blessed his bid to run for Taiwan's presidency.CreditRitchie B Tongo/EPA, via Shutterstock

Taiwan Today

Foxconn founder Terry Gou prays at a temple in New Taipei City, Taiwan, on

Three retired Hong Kong police officers reportedly travelled to Taiwan to monitor pro-independence activists

China Tries to Erase Taiwan, One Ally (and Website) at a TimeChina Tries to Erase Taiwan, One Ally (and Website) at a Time

The pilots went on strike in the peak of the Lunar New Year holiday season,

Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents

Do the Taiwan Independence Movement's Symbolic Victories Hide a Lack of Practical Hope?

Deng Yuwen believes Beijing is coming to the conclusion that if it is to achieve reunification

Western Xia Hotel and the Paradox of Becoming (non)-Taiwanese: The Identity Politics of Second-Generation Mainland Writers

Soldiers hoist Taiwan's flag in Taipei. Beijing regards the island as a renegade province that


... Gou (R) holds a testimonial next to KMT Chairman Wu Den-yih (吳敦義) as he announces his intention to seek the party's nomination on April 17, 2019.

President Tsai attends opening of 2019 Indo-Pacific Dialogue

Front cover of a Taiwan passport

... you tell people you are from Taiwan, they immediately warm up and they

Glass beads are treasured by the Paiwan and integral to the tribe's rites of passage. (Photo by Chin Hung-hao)

Sam Brownback, U.S. ambassador for international religious freedom, gives a speech during the opening

China casts a long shadow over Taiwan's economy, and attempts to revitalize it

... clams in Kinmen County, Taiwan, among antitank obstacles installed long ago to defend against China. The skyline of Xiamen, China, is in the distance.

... the Taiwanese Residents Association, it is impossible for them to accept people who “ ...

Taiwanese indigenous peoples

At Sea on Taiwan's Last Fire-Fishing Boats

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen

The Ainu, the Indigenous people of Japan, have fought Japanese domination for centuries.


Taiwan Strait I: What's Left of 'One China'?

Like the U.S., Japan Should Have Its Taiwan Relations Act | JAPAN Forward

What I Learned About Being Jewish and Chinese on My Birthright Trip to Israel — and to Taiwan

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Studentlocalism convener Tony Chung

A red stamp in the middle of the poster says the words 'Xi Jinping'

Taiwan's President Issues First Formal Apology to Nation's Indigenous Peoples

The Nightmare Scenario: Imagine if China Tried to Invade Taiwan

Lai Mick/Flickr

A Campbell said the lucky numbers were derived from a dream.

Girl, Sunset, Cold War, Birds Of Passage, What Will People Say Un

Premier praises Taiwan innovation at opening of InnoVEX 2019

Prospects for US-China Relations in 2019

How the Sausage Gets Made: The Hidden Work of Content

ilaria maria sexism alliance

S.E.A. Focus and Singapore Art Week 2019

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The 87-year-old billionaire has been the subject of smears for nearly 20 years, propagated by message boards and dispersed by Alex Jones, Donald Trump Jr., ...

Imax Cinema in Taipei | © soeperbaby/Flickr

Pedestrians cross a street lined with the signs of electronic brands in Taipei on Jan.

Taiwan, Japan, U.S. hold joint workshop on network security

Kaohsiung has tried to rebrand itself as a tourist hub, with little success so far

Taiwan's transformation from an agriculture-based economy to global technology powerhouse is an inspiration to Palau, he said, adding that its assistance in ...

S.E.A. Focus, Singapore (24–27 January 2019). Courtesy S.E.A. Focus.

'Don't challenge China on Taiwan': Chinese defence minister Wei Fenghe salutes after delivering his speech for the Xiangshan Forum in Beijing © AP

Front page of Ta Kung Pao, January 16, 2019. Photo: Screenshot.

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The 228 Massacre in Taipei: “Forced Into a Car, Never to Return”

Taiwanese-born Tangwai ("independent") politician Wu San-lien (second left) celebrates his landslide victory of 65.5% in Taipei City's first mayoral ...

The TOEFL test is widely used for university admission. Photo: Shutterstock

Taíno sisters

The UK just made it harder for the corrupt to hide their wealth offshore

10 more foreign professionals become naturalized citizens in Taiwan

Map of Explore Iran & Turkey including Turkey and Iran, Islamic Republic Of

The definition of Taiwan and its territory

Credit: CNA The offending representation of Taiwan.

Louis Farrakhan speaking at a press conference at the Mosque Maryam in Chicago, March 31

Captain Lee explaining how he lights the thrower. He blows the whistle when he spots

I'm Pablo Escobar's first son who was kept hidden from the world

... oversees the creation of an intricately crafted glass bead at her Sandimen Township studio in Pingtung County, southern Taiwan. (Photo by Chin Hung-hao)

Taiwanese aborigine woman and infant, by John Thomson, 1871

Japan's Taiwanese residents thrive in a state of 'hidden inbetweenness' | The Japan Times

—Andrew W. Marshall, retired, former Director of Net Assessment, Department of Defense

Robert Eldridge, PhD

The SVA/Robert Lemelson Foundation Fellowship Winners (2019)

Taiwan is trending, and L.A.'s Taiwanese community has mixed feelings about it


From left: a fisherman on board; one of the many sulphur canisters on the

Taiwan voters hand DPP 'crushing defeat'

Taino leader Francisco Ramirez Rojas

... at The Substation (19 January–3 February 2019), an interdisciplinary exhibition that addresses the relationship between people and places in Singapore.

AICA TAIWAN 51st International Congress: Art Criticism in the Age of Virtuality and Democracy —

Four Visions for Scaling Bitcoin: A State of Digital Money Panel

Does China Have Feet of Clay?

From 2005 to 2020, this represents a 15-year net increase of 400 total coast guard ships. That includes 202 additional ships capable of operating offshore, ...

Young residents in the Bunun village of Lona, Taiwan dress up for the traditional Christmas holiday (not an official holiday in Taiwan).

Follies 2019 Will Redefine What Crop Circles Mean To You

Some pictures taken during the 2019 Open World Visit.

In addition, it cooperates with accredited bodies in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Turkey to organize training programs for Taiwan ...

Backpacking Bolivia Travel Guide (2019)

TS Channel

On the question of Baloch-Pashtun unity over the dilemma of missing persons in Pakistan

Taiwan Set to Decide on Banishing Its 'Chinese Taipei' Olympic Moniker