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Historys Most Ridiculous Cigarette Ads History History Ads

Historys Most Ridiculous Cigarette Ads History History Ads


... history's most absurd cigarette ads: Cigarette Ads Benson

... history's most absurd cigarette ads: Cigarette Ads Benson. Marlboro Mom

... history's most absurd cigarette ads: Cigarette Ads Benson. Marlboro Mom. Cigarette Ads Virginia Slims. Tiparillo Violinist Ad. Tareyton Twins Ad

... 33 Vintage Cigarette Ads That Are Now Hilariously, Tragically Absurd

History's Most Ridiculous Cigarette Ads (14 pictures)

Vintage Cigarette Ads Doctor

Photo Of The Day: When Cigarette Advertisements Came With The Doctor's Backing

History's Most Ridiculous Cigarette Ads (14 pictures)

As branded cigarette packets end, here's a retro look at how fags were once sold

Smelling point… Pall Mall banked on aroma to lure ladies

Vintage Cigarette Ads Dentist

12 health lies cigarette ads Old Advertisements, Advertising Ads, Poster Ads, Old Ads

Can you really trust these scientific claims?

1956 Winston Cigarettes Advertisement Retro by LaOohLaLaBoutique, $12.95

... cigarettes as a safe, doctor-approved weight-loss alternative to “ ridiculous and dangerous nostrums.” Oddly enough, the company did not claim that Lucky ...

Doc and awe… Medics were once used to promote cigs


Camel Cigarette ad advertising that the most doctors smoke Camels. From Life magazine-1946 ...

... history's most absurd cigarette ads: Cigarette Ads Benson. Marlboro Mom. Cigarette Ads Virginia Slims

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Camels Funny Vintage Ads, Vintage Signs, Vintage Humor, Retro Vintage, Vintage Style

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Gay Ads for Calvin Klein, Salem Cigarettes, and Bud Light | Adweek

But for remaining smokers, fire up a menthol and enjoy this stroll down the tobacco aisle of yesteryear.

Marlboro Cigarettes before the man. From the 13 Most Evil Vintage Ads in History.

... history's most breathtaking ads. Low blow… Pulling power of Tipalet might just go up in smoke


1940s Camel Cigarettes Vintage Advertisement World War 2 Smoking Gay Sailor Navy Queer by Christian Montone, via Flickr

History's Most Ridiculous Cigarette Ads (14 pictures)

1971 Advertisement Salem Cigarettes 70s Couple Springtime Spring Menthol Smoking Tobacciana Fashion

Screenland // Public Domain

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Salem cigarettes ads. Do you enjoy smoking as much as I do?

An ad for Lucky Strike cigarettes

Virginia Slims ad (1984), "theory of slimness," encouraged women to smoke to stay thin. Image Source: Stanford University.

Sterling - An 80's brand

An ad for a weight loss cream

Brian Kemp's Weird Campaign Ads

Tobacco Control Research Group/University of bath

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An ad for Reducine

Raleigh - This was the brand your old neighbour probably smoked.

ridiculously racist ad for soap. the ad dates back to the 1860s - a sign of the times in American history. #advertising

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Originally appearing in Life Magazine, this advertisement had the snowman pitching Phillips' milk of magnesia (Picturetown Collection)

Virginia Slims ad (1990s?), "Ever wonder where we'd be if history had been herstory?" Image Source: University of Toronto.

Tennis ad is ace in the pack

Strange and Unusual Taxes Thoughout History

An ad for a weight loss soap

Advertisement for Cocaine Toothache Drops,1890. Courtesy National Library of Medicine. (Credit

Vintage/Rare Cigarette Adverts: Peter Stuyvesant Filter 20s (1974) LARGE ADs

Source: Cory Doctorow, “Particularly Despicable Cigarette Ad,”, Nov. 25, 2011. Figure 6.5This is a 1962 advertisement for the L&M cigarette brand featured ...

An ad for the weight loss supplement Neutroids

The Very First 'Just Do It' Ad (1988)

Somehow, Van Heusen worked spanking your wife into their shirt ad. How clever.

Right Now in Ridiculous History. Fort Blunder: The US Fort ...

More - An icky tasting super long and thin "120" cigarette. I snagged a pack of these from the rack at Fred Meyer when I was a kid. They looked weird ...

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The Return of Listener Mail

The Man Behind History's Most Iconic Movie Posters, From Breakfast at | Vanity Fair

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Ad for Fatoff from Life magazine

Oliver Cromwell. (R Walker/Getty Images)

Carlton - The lowest tar and nicotine of any cigarette (without the nicotine, there's no point in smoking cigarettes.) Memorable for it's plain magazine ads ...

An ad for Weil Reducing Belt

Entry 16

Marie Antoinette and the Diamond Necklace Hoax

During the 1st century AD, Roman emperor Vaspasian placed a tax on urine. The

The 'Spruce Girls' wearing their specially made wooden bathing suits in 1929. (

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Merit - Another former brand of choice. Of all the low-tars, I actually LIKED Merits. They were tolerable. But Merit was one of those "old peoples" brands ...

Rolling Stone 50 Most Influential Marijuana Enthusiasts

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The Honorary Citizens of the United States


Dave's - A '90s brand still being made, Known for it's folksy magazine ads that made you think it was made by some average person, just like you, ...

Electric belts featured in a Sears catalog, 1900.

Laptop Infected With 6 of History's Most Dangerous Viruses Just Sold For $1.3 Million

An ad for a weight loss bath

Outrageous Postcards and Ads of Snowmen Gone Wild | Arts & Culture | Smithsonian

Political campaigns are like car accidents—we know what's happening, we know nothing good can come of them, and yet we all stop and stare.

U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare Anti-Smoking Ad, 1970

An old ad for a horse-riding exercise machine

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Hermann Rorschach is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list Famous People From History

The snowman on a matchbook hauling a large bottle of Mt. Whitney beer. (Picturetown Collection)

Photo: Dawn.