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How To Build A DIY Light Blaster Photography t

How To Build A DIY Light Blaster Photography t


Having seen the Light Blaster image projector, I wanted to know if I could build myself. Kinda out of pure curiosity. I wanted to know, is building a Light ...


Build Process

Now, once the projector is finished, I have to make some slides. Sure, projecting some old slide film is always an option, but it is cheaper and faster to ...




DIY Light Blaster


The Sun-Blaster: How to Build a Powerful DIY 1000W-Equivalent LED Light for $40



Canon Light Blaster ($99) Light Blaster + Nikon Adapter ($116)


Light Blaster: A Strobe Based Image Projector


Spiffy Gear Light Blaster with Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM Lens

Creating stylish cinematic portraits with the Light Blaster

Light Blaster Creative Kit (printed transparencies)- Effects

Light blaster 33 1024 resize

Spiffy Gear Light Blaster


... it where and how you place your blasted image e.g using a zoom lens and not covering the whole background or blasting over the model as a key light.

Light Blaster Creative Kits reviewed: Pro Gobo Kit & Backdrops Kit

For those that dont know the Light Blaster or haven't seen my Part 1 and Part 2. Light Blaster turns your on-camera flashgun into a portable slide projector ...


... 1547252575_dsc05453.jpg ...


Building an Arduino Light Gun




A Gobo Revolution: Add Interesting Light The Easy Way



Photo by Hep Svadja

Adding drama to a nighttime scene

DIY 1000w Equivalent Water Cooled LED 'Sun Blaster'


Gobo templates - these can be cut out of mounting board and clamped in front of a desk lamp

#ishootpeople #joeedelman

View: original size

Don't try this at home… Lightblaster taped to a 200ws Bowens flash and snoot

How To Build A DIY Light Blaster™ And Create Photographic Projections

Don't Spend Money on Equipment: DIY Lighting Setup


There is no limit to your creativity! Lit with a gobo.

Sean Light Blaster Example 1

Light Blaster: 35 Times Less Expensive Alternative to Broncolor Optical Spot. The Review And Demo

Spiffy Gear Light Blaster with Foam Modification

You can make your light softer by increasing the distance between the source and your diffusion layer. In the above example, the reflector has now become ...

Pin by Lauren Callaghan on Halloween Costume | DIY leather harness, Leather harness, How to make diy

Faster than the speeding light ...

Picture of How to Make an IR Blaster

The slide of fish is actually in focus on the back ground, but its outside the depth of field of my aperture

The big advantage here, compared to the Gobo kit, is that the transparent slides do not block as much light. Although I have used the Backdrops kit only ...

Brian Opyd

Watercooled LED (DIY SUN BLASTER 2.0)



Light Blaster Diaprojektor-Aufsatz für Aufsteckblitz - by www.enjoyyourcamera.com - YouTube

Simulating moonlight in a dark, outdoor environment.

Creek 131110 078 X3 resize

Spekular with subject in middle

3 Pack Desmond DP-25 25mm QR Lens/Camera Body Plate Arca Compatible P25

How to Achieve Fast Autofocus In Low Light Situations

DIY Long Distance Laser Telescope Does Some Damage

There is basically no limit to what you can create as long as you can get a lot of different images to put into your blaster. Slides aren't the only ...

Canon Light Blaster ($99) Light Blaster + Nikon Adapter ($116)

Gear: Light Blaster


It begins with a toy squirt gun, shown above. The water bladders and trigger tubing were removed and the battery pack, taken from a relatively familiar ...

#ToiletPaperGOBOChallenge #ishootpeople #joeedelman

Setting up the back ground image and then Nina modelled in-front of the Light-Blaster and we lite from the side

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Sure, many DIYers are making their own versions of Overwatch weapons, but it's nice to know that you can get these right off the shelf soon.

Here is the same basic set up but with the blight blaster behind the model and the key light coming from the other side.

Picture of DIY Wii Gun G36C VK ...

Illustration for article titled The Nintendo Switch's Labo VR Kit Is Cheap


Setting up the back ground image and then Nina modelled in-front of the Light-Blaster and we lite from the side

T-21 blaster cooling fins

Fstoppers Reviews the MagBeam Light Modifier from Magmod