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How To Exaggerate by batangbatugan on DeviantArt

How To Exaggerate by batangbatugan on DeviantArt


How To Exaggerate by batangbatugan ...

'WHA-PAK' by batangbatugan ' ...

batangbatugan 508 109 Sam: Threefolds by batangbatugan

and according to the rules I should write down ten interesting things about my art. Well just to make things interesting I turned it into my very own list ...

batangbatugan 265 119 Samantha: Blue by batangbatugan

Rock Dove - Ventral Anatomy by Nambroth

batangbatugan 313 111 Peter Parker by batangbatugan

batangbatugan 850 292 Harry Potter Manga by batangbatugan

batangbatugan 90 23 The Adventures of Weapon X and 23 by batangbatugan

Dr Sketchy Sept 2009 by mashi

Pei, John, Layla and Amira by batangbatugan ...

batangbatugan 343 136 Love Your Prime Minister by batangbatugan

batangbatugan 841 199 Black Foresssssst by batangbatugan

Venom from last year (paint and markers) by trylam

elizabysmal 30 2 marker time by elizabysmal

LunaticEye 1 0 Cairo by LunaticEye

batangbatugan 81 11 Back From The Brink with Death by batangbatugan

and Silverstreak and the DOA girls approve too.

Nellufy 28 4 Red Brush by Nellufy

batangbatugan 594 216 Intimate Exchange by batangbatugan

the gravity of love by Phroggz

Gif fail- by Heyrandomppl

Zenn Richtig charts by Razurichan

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batangbatugan 44 6 DRAGONBULMA CHI! by batangbatugan

I'm Sorry by LunaticEye

Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles

batangbatugan 49 4 TETRAX THE BARBARIAN by batangbatugan

DaeStock 1,414 187 Hands Reference by Kibbitzer

ll 458 41 Eclipse by batangbatugan

batangbatugan 183 22 Blue in the Sky by batangbatugan

batangbatugan 404 24 teXt-Men by batangbatugan

METRO COMICON '09 by batangbatugan

Nellufy 50 5 Re-imagine Goku by Nellufy

Ninjin-nezumi 916 13 Moh :3 by DemianKiddo

Sherlotte 0 5 Obsessionedwell by Sherlotte

Comicon pics / Need your help please ! by batangbatugan

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TOYCON pics and HULKamania by batangbatugan

kitsunedajfox 36 18 How to Animate the dog run by CumhCroi

iDNAR 266 25 the process by Alex0wens

batangbatugan 1,336 138 My Little Cosplay: Raven Sparkle by batangbatugan

y2jenn 181 85 Jekyll and Hyde Transformation by agoldfishonfire

elizabysmal 24 2 accessorize by elizabysmal

Fran and Bel

batangbatugan 39 5 TEEN TITANS GO!!! by batangbatugan

batangbatugan 313 111 Jun, The Swan by batangbatugan

batangbatugan 180 20 She Dated Cliffjumper! by batangbatugan

batangbatugan 60 11 Now That's Just Prime! by batangbatugan

Environment and World Building reference by EtheringtonBrothers

COSPLAY MANIA X by batangbatugan

I dunno about you, but I like deviantART's new look.

This is tutorial in my "Nsio Explains" series. I have frequently been asked for a shading tutorial, but for a long time I thought it's unnecessary.

batangbatugan 540 59 The Water Snake by batangbatugan

elizabysmal 27 4 Fambly by elizabysmal

Bulma :iconkasai:

Warm Company by batangbatugan

KOMIKON / Trese / Reunion / Hasbro by batangbatugan

SketchComm Skruluce: Antlers of Darkness by prdarkfox

batangbatugan's Profile Picture

Spooky Selfies by batangbatugan

Plankton and the Krabby Patty Recipe! by owstalaga

trylam 2 0 Undead Joker by trylam

이미지 보기 : 네이버 카페

owstalaga 2 0 Marvel and DC Superhero Mix 2! by owstalaga


Arms Tutorial Via Phantasm Comic by PhantasmComic.deviantart.com on @ DeviantArt

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How to Art

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I'm not that crazy about the art style but this is a great outline (NOT TRYING TO SHAME THIS ARTIST)

Trip the Light

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How To Exaggerate by *batangbatugan

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what up facebook live credit to @fluffans DISCLAIMER!!! i do not own

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