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How did Cleopatras pearl end up on the Venus of Pantheon The

How did Cleopatras pearl end up on the Venus of Pantheon The


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The Banquet of Cleopatra

How did Cleopatra's pearl end up on the Venus of Pantheon?


As he was about to go onto the battlefield of Pharsalus against Pompey, his primary opponent in the Roman Civil War, Gaius Julius Caesar promised Venus to ...

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Interior with central apse (left)

12_camp_doublepediment. What was ...

It is more than likely that Tiepolo saw Mazzoni's work, for he himself was given major commissions by the Scuola dei Carmini, which pressed him to paint ...

Rome's Pantheon. The Pantheon in Rome is ...

It was therefore the special significance of pearls for the Medici that led to their inclusion as one of the principal subjects in Lo Studiolo of Francesco ...

The temple of Venus and Roma from 135 CE, seated the deities at a high vantage point over the city, inside twin halls. The one facing east onto the ...

Also we know that one of Cleopatra's pearls was cut in half to be used as earrings for the statue of Venus.

Pantheon, east exedra, with alignment of sunbeam at summer solstice at 16h50. (Photo: author, 21 June 2016)

Pantheon Front, Rome

Pantheon, rear apse.

Pantheon Obelisk

One of the niches surrounding the rotunda

Once in Rome, the Pantheon Obelisk was moved to multiple places, including near the Basilica Santa Maria sopra Minerva (1374) and in the Piazza San Macuto ...

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Blog-Post by the Classical Scroll #ClassicalArchitecture #ClassicalOrder #OldEuropeanArchitecture #ClassicalHistory #

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At the top of the limestone terracing in Pamukkale, lies a thing of unassailable beauty: Cleopatra's Havuzu, literally Cleopatra's Pool in English, ...

The ceiling inside was vaulted, ending with a domed niche behind the cult idol, ...

The building inscription mentioning Agrippa

Remains of the Temple of Venus Genetrix in the Forum of Caesar, Rome.

Cleopatra facts

Cleopatra's magistery of pearl, offered in toast to Antony, was thought to be an aphrodisiac, probably because pearls were associated with the goddess Venus ...

Cleopatra's Pearl Earrings

Cleopatra facts

Pearls of Antiquity


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Hole in the Top of the Pantheon

The building of the Pantheon stands on the site of the first and original Pantheon which was built in the Field of Mars, or Campus Martius.

Statue of nude Venus of the Capitoline type, Roman, 2nd century AD, from Campo Iemini, housed in the British Museum

... ever made ( 5 million $ in total....at least, Cleopatra's pearl in real life was 30 million $ so she could have bought the entire crew 7 plus, times).

Plan of the Pantheon with floor paving marked. (Drawing by Mark Wilson Jones, with his permission) ...


Scholars have pointed out Hadrian's intelligent play on words in the temple's architecture. Venus is also the goddess of love which is amor in Latin.

... unionis eius parem, capta illa tantae quaestionis victrice regina, dissectum, ut esset in utrisque Veneris auribus Romae in Pantheo dimidia eorum cena.

The Roman temple Maison Carré of Nimes, France, built 19-16 BCE, dedicated to Gaius and Lucius, the grandsons of Augustus / Wikimedia Commons

Rinse Well

... gem made it a favorite of Diana, the chaste moon goddess. Pearls were ...

Marcus Aurelius sacrificing

Cleopatra's Pool (sometimes called the Pamukkale Antique Pool), was according to the legend, a gift from Marc Antony to none other than mighty Cleopatra.

The ancient bronze doors are still preserved, though they were repaired in the sixteenth century. The pronaos is irregular, 34 metres wide and 13.60 deep, ...

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Roman painting from Pompeii, early 1st century AD, most likely depicting Cleopatra VII, wearing her royal diadem, consuming poison in an act of suicide, ...

Early life of Cleopatra

Quirinal Obelisk

... PRADA PRADA espadrilles Cloth espadrilles Cloth Green Green PRADA Cloth espadrilles Hr4q6H ...

Portico of the Pantheon

... PRADA PRADA espadrilles Cloth espadrilles Cloth Green Green PRADA Cloth espadrilles Hr4q6H


This mid-1st century BC Roman wall painting in Pompeii, Italy, showing Venus holding a cupid is most likely a depiction of Cleopatra VII of Ptolemaic Egypt ...


strings of cultured pearls

The oldest religion known to man is so ancient, that no written word or Bardic

Piazza Navona Obelisk

Pantheon Portico with inscriptions on Pediment.

Cleopatra's remarkable achievements, her legendary charisma and her renewed intelligence assured her place in history; but just what that place is has ...

The awkward fit of the ante-room and the square substructe of the cupola.

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Another bust of Cleopatra, with the nose damaged

frieze of the Venus-Genetrix temple Caesar Rome

Beam in the dome of the Pantheon

Alexandre Cabanel 1823-1889 Rendition Of Cleopatra, Click Here For Unbeatable Value On Sterling. “.

(PDF) Augustus, Egypt and Propaganda | Valerie Broadbent - Academia.edu

Cleopatra facts

Plan of the Pantheon. (Drawing by Mark Wilson Jones, with his permission) ...

Antony and Cleopatra. “

Temple of Venus Genetrix

Gardner Ch. 10 Roman Empire.109-001

Fresco with a seated Venus, restored as a personification of Rome in the so-called ”Dea Barberini” (“Barberini goddess”); Roman artwork, dated first half of ...

Hadrian designed the Pantheon to be a sanctuary for all gods, to represent the heaven on earth with the oculus acting as a disc of daylight, ...

The ...

These three figures are some of the few non-white subjects in the historical works displayed on Level 2 of the NGV International.

Original photograph at www.vroma.org: Pantheon (bronze doors) 1976; Rome

The Life and Times of Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt by Arthur E.P. Brome Weigall

pearls in champagne

When statues of Aurelius and Faustina had been placed in an altar besides Venus, couples would make a sacrifice there after their marriage ceremony.

Today ...

Sappho was one of the only female poets of the Greco-Roman world. Most of the body of her work was lost when their civilization collapsed, but some poems ...

Venus also was honored in the Pantheon & it was this statue that Pliny was talking about, that received the second of Cleopatra's pearls, which would have ...

338.jpg Egyptian Picture of Cleopatra

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