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How to have a smooth baby delivery Baby Baby delivery Baby Birth

How to have a smooth baby delivery Baby Baby delivery Baby Birth


baby is delivered as mom pushes baby out

6 ways to make your labour and delivery easier (yes, it's possible)

woman kissing newborn

NATURAL BIRTH Baby Delivery Reaction Priceless! Baby Names Abigail Pregnancy

12 Baby Birth Videos That (Really) Prepare You For The Big Day - Care.com

How to have a smooth baby delivery

Mom giving birth holding husbands hand. Gorodenkoff/Shutterstock. Mom giving birth holding husbands hand. Second babies are easier to deliver ...

Perfect Hospital Birth! Baby #4 Emotional, Beautiful, Clean! Pins and Things

giving birth at a birth center. Jiang D Photography/Getty Images. Interested in delivering your baby ...

Labor & Delivery. The birth of a child ...

When it comes to getting you through labour, there could be a rival for your birth partner – your iPod. Research suggests music can help ease anxiety and ...

Your body after the birth. Approved by the BabyCenter Australia Medical Advisory Board. Mother with newborn baby ...

What should you do if you go into labor at night? Photo of a mom. A happy mom holds her baby moments after birth.

... and she is our biggest baby! The delivery was so smooth and I had no complications, also another first. We were so thankful and I was very relieved to ...

Traditional Chinese beliefs about pregnancy and childbirth

dad supporting mom in labor

15 strategies for an easier labour. Nervous or anxious about giving birth? Try these tips ...

anterior and posterior section of mothers stomach and back when pregnant. Our instructor showed us how in this position, the baby's ...

Mom in hospital bed with newborn baby

Normal Baby Delivery

Image of breech birth positions. Most babies will move into delivery ...


Prayer for a Safe Delivery - customized with baby Jensen sonogram

mom holding newborn baby in hospital, surprising things about labor

Abnormal Fetal Presentation and C-Section Delivery: Preventing Birth Injuries

... baby and the mother, and can make the birth slower. The semi-sitting and side-lying positions.

glass of red raspberry leaf tea with ice and a date split in half

Newborn in hopsital

6 Things You Should Know About Having a C-Section

When your baby is born, they may not look exactly as you expected. If you have not spent much time around newborn babies up until this point, ...

I had a good labor and birth experience. You can have it too. Read my tips to increase your chances of a smooth baby delivery.

baby and adult holding hands

Giving Birth To A Big Baby - 5 Reasons Why It Doesn't Mean It

Picture. You May Experience Strong Feelings of Uncertainty Followed by Strong Feelings of Wonder and Amazement At Your Child's Birth

Baby Shower Messages And Quotes a

vagina after birth

Newborn Photography. “

It's normal to be afraid of giving birth. Here's how to calm your mind.

6 Reasons Why Your Baby Might Be Admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

couple looking at their newborn baby for the first time. Labor and Delivery

Dua for Delivery. “

While the health of the mother and baby is always of utmost importance, every woman has the right to play an active role in how she gives birth.

As Eva gives birth, 7 even more dramatic deliveries in soap | Entertainment Daily

Prayer Before Birth - Prayer Before Giving Birth

Revealed: The 20 ways to have an easier labour (according to a midwife!)


Prayers For Labor

vernix caseosa Share on Pinterest. Labor and delivery is a ...


New mom holding baby

Childbirth: The Role of Hormones in Labor and Delivery

What You May Experience: Here, the contractions will be longer and much more intense as your cervix would be reaching its maximum dilation.

As I come to the final weeks of this pregnancy I'm attempting to prepare myself physically, mentally and spiritually for labor.

This multi-part figure shows the different stages of childbirth. The top panel shows

Natural Birth 101

Giving Birth Naturally: 9 Must-Do Tips to Prepare

Tips For Normal Delivery

On 29 June, our family welcomed our third child — and our second child born in Denmark — to the world. The experience of giving birth again in Denmark ...

12 Baby Birth Videos That (Really) Prepare You For The Big Day - Care.com

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Premature baby in hospital, attended by adult

7 Tips for Baby Skin Care

Vaginal birth comes with risks too – so should it really be the default option?

I was expecting a non-teleserye labor for my first baby, but hell, it did become a teleserye labor when my water broke. Contrary to popular belief, ...

What happens if the umbilical cord is around my baby's neck? | Your Pregnancy Matters | UT Southwestern Medical Center

Face Presentation and Brow Presentation

The History of Midwifery and Childbirth in America: A Time Line

Letters to Baby: Week 6

dad and doula

Ultimate Guide to Baby Position

When do providers/patients choose to move from a vaginal birth to a C-section?

Nuchal Cord - 9 Facts About A Cord Around Baby's Neck

Labor Tools

Lesley Rathbun attending a water birth

Mother with 'two wombs' gives birth to twins one month after delivering a son

Every Step Of Your Motherhood Journey. We're Here.

Woman holds newborn baby

A study published in the British Medical Journal Open reports that midwifery patients were 41 per cent less likely to have a small-for-gestational-age baby ...

Baby Shower Card Messages

“The increasing medicalization of normal childbirth processes are undermining a woman's own capability to give birth and negatively impacting her birth ...