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I cant decide if it is clever or gross eithereverythingfunny

I cant decide if it is clever or gross eithereverythingfunny


I can't decide if it is clever or gross either.

Humor is one of the most important qualities “

Designing with humor: 50 hilarious advertising designs to teach you how

The best clever pick up lines on the Internet, they are guaranteed to work on smart people either girls or guys. Enjoy reading these cute and not dirty ...

Clever Jokes That Make You Sound Smart

50 Dirty Jokes That Are (Never Appropriate But) Always Funny

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1. Ambi Pur

Girl likes funny jokes. Smart good-looking student with bun hairstyle trembling from laugh

Bad Jokes That You Can't Help but Laugh At

15 Funny Tips for an Easier Life

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Asking questions is by far the best way to get to know someone, particularly a new boyfriend! What's even better is tying a bit of humor into the questions ...

Funny Weird Gift Does It Fart Book

Get outside and really get the kids moving with fun gross motor activities and ideas that are perfect for summer days!

I love my job as a nurse – but I'm not sure how much longer I can carry on

Which Netflix original movies are worth streaming? Illustration: Gluekit

Plight of the Funny Female

79 Hard Would You Rather Questions – Fun, but impossible to answer.

During ...


How to talk to children (even if you don't have any)

Clever Instagram Captions for Selfies, Photos and Couples

Why Women Aren't Funny

Whatcha gonna do when the crick runs dry?

Cover of The Invisible Orientation

Image for SS SMART HOME from Mattel

40 Memes That Every Single Girl Will Understand

5 Reasons I Don't Like Living in Korea


The 100 Funniest Things in the History of the Internet

The right game can boost your kid's cognitive, physical and emotional skills. Kick off playtime with some easy toddler games that are fun and educational!

Eliza Bray, Rob Okrzesik and Christen Smith

50 Comebacks Will Leave Them SPEECHLESS (& And Make YOU Laugh)

... and the US and European fertility rate is at an all-time low. According to Pew Research Center study, 1 in 5 people will remain childless.

Funny T Shirts? We have over 1000 of them!

Be sure to also check out this list of 100+ Funny Questions to Ask a Girl!

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'Eighth Grade' director Bo Burnham is happy that a lot of people 'have no idea who I am'

Women—and Men—Share Their Harrowing Stories of Workplace Harassment

Clever Instagram Captions Pinterest

bed time

The memory is vivid.

There are all kinds of strange and interesting things going on that we just don't usually know about. I have compiled a list of over 200 odd facts—some ...

Do these 9 things to feel confident and sexy when you feel old, fat and gross

"i saw you on tinder" Trastevere 2014

Slide 3 of 50: Zip it. Seriously.Share This on Facebook?Image

170 LOL-Worthy Jokes About Marriage That Are Perfect For a Wedding

Short Jokes Anyone Can Remember



If you're a true cinema lover, chances are you've stumbled upon the magical world of Hindi movies or Hindi films (a.k.a. Bollywood movies) at some point.

7 Bridal Shower Games That Are *Actually* Fun

Humorous love quips from someecards. Saving these doe when I have time to craft again.

Christine Krizsa via Flickr // CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The things abusers say and do vary, but there is a commonality you can count


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J.K. Rowling Made The Internet Post Gross Harry Potter Sex Memes All Weekend - Digg

Funny Weird Gift Does It Fart Book 2

Why You Should Quit Your Job and Travel around the World

The 100 Funniest Things in the History of the Internet

Robert Greene is the author of The 48 Laws of Power and most recently, The Laws of Human Nature. His books, which are popular with many world leaders, ...

Five Grammatical Errors That Make You Look Dumb


We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what movie quote always makes them laugh. Here are some of their side-splitting results.

venn diagram: only posts that do something positive for the reader are unannoying

Why is the marketing for 'Blockers' selling the wrong movie?

Raccoons pick locks

There is a good chance that you are the “friend” that everyone finds insufferable on Facebook



10 Words You Mispronounce That Make People Think You're an Idiot

Poor you . How pathetic it is to play victim to the shit you created.. Now you wanna cry about it ! You may as well put on your fat girl panties ...

Beyoncé and Jay-Z's Everything Is Love Lyrics: Cheating, Forgiveness and the Carters on Top

... or words that either have multiple meanings or sound like other words, the result of which is humorous. There are several different ways to make a pun.

If you're interested in learning how to write well, subscribe below. My upcoming guide teaches you everything I know about writing compelling and concise ...

The 8 Best Jokes From John Mulaney's Kid Gorgeous Special

Bride and groom at a wedding

Doctors Are Sharing Their Stupidest And Funniest Patient Stories, And It's Hilarious


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