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I embarked on a one year clothe shopping ban In this post Im

I embarked on a one year clothe shopping ban In this post Im


When I first embarked on this clothes buying ban eighteen months ago, I couldn't have imagined I would have continued it on past the original year goal I'd ...

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Continuing My Shopping Ban: 18 Month Update - Tread Lightly, Retire Early

Have you ever tried a clothes-buying ban? If so, was it worth it in the end?

Current closet: still plenty of things to wear

2018 Balanced frugal shopping ban, all the rules, lists, and things defined

“I'm giving up shopping for a year, and this is how you can too”

Still plenty capable of looking professional and not like I don't buy clothes

Camping two years ago – the sweater wasn't new then, and isn't new now as I wear it today

The One-Year Shopping Ban: How This Woman Lived On Just 51% Of Her Income

I bought no new clothing for a year

Candida (pictured) says during her clothing ban she found a number of clothes in

Me at 39 weeks pregnant in my hand-me-down maternity garb

Shopping Bans and Other Unusual Ways to Control Spending

And now that I've bought some pieces to round out my wardrobe, I'll be going right back to my new default of not buying clothes until the next time I do ...


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Why I'm buying nothing for a year – no clothes, no holidays, no coffee .

Candida Crewe (pictured) banned herself from buying any clothes for a year with the

Lessons From a Six-Month Shopping Detox

Why I Broke My Three Year Clothes Buying Ban

Babywoods and me hanging out in our hand-me-down threads

A mindful shopping ban year for the frugal pack

I'm still passing items along (and not accepting all good quality hand me downs) because I can afford to replace things

A mindful shopping ban year for the frugal pack

Hanging out in my way more than 3 year-old clothing

Candida who has no fewer than 20 little black dresses, says she was inspired to

My minimalist travel wardrobe ...

Not buying books either these days but waiting for library holds. Reading stories of full year shopping bans ...

A model walks down the catwalk at a fashion show during last year's Melbourne Fashion Festival


4 questions Mr. Money Mustache asks himself before shopping

Mint Notion Shop

Why I'm buying nothing for a year – no clothes, no holidays, no coffee ... | Money | The Guardian


My Undoing

PARED-DOWN PRIORITIES // Four Items Our Writer Could Justify Post-Fast

Hannah Rochell's wardrobe for the year

'I gritted my teeth and hid my credit card. For one year, I would not buy anything that wasn't strictly necessary...'

10 alternatives to the soul-suck of shopping on Black Friday

Candida (pictured) revealed that not shopping has taught her that not shopping is easy

A mindful shopping ban year for the frugal pack

The Year of Less by Cait Flanders

What's A True Necessity?

So, what's the real reason I'm embarking on a shopping ban?

United snack boxes and drink bottles // The Nothing New Year Redux, Celebrating a

Now food's the only thing I buy, I am a more mindful shopper

Happily making do with clothes that are a few years old


FILE: Owner of a luxury clothes shop Sohail Ataie, 22, poses for a

The Habits That Break A Shopping Ban

Why I'm starting a shopping ban right now

Why I'm Suing Twitter

Beginning Month Four of my Year Long Shopping Ban. I'm one ...

Facing Shopping Envy Right in Its Green Eye

Shelley Bridgeman: The pros and cons of shopping at Zara

Melbourne shopping guide: where to find all the top brands during the city's fashion festival | South China Morning Post

Essential clothing items - the minimalist ninja ...

The Nothing New Year Redux, Celebrating a Year of Less (minimalism, decluttering,

Today, one that was The Airbnb we stayed with my family the first part of last weekend on Orcas Island ...

I Gave Up Fast Fashion. Here's What I'm Wearing Instead.

Israel Museum exhibit uncovers the truth about clothing

Found this tunic in the trash, paired it with my red garage sale belt and

Pin “How to Dress in India” for Later!

Mad Money Cat - clothes-buying ban

A selection of photos uploaded by cross-dressing contributors to the Dress coding repository.

Before getting into the post, I wanted to touch on going to Europe in the first place during my shopping ban.

The Year I Embraced Minimalism and Completed a Yearlong Shopping Ban | Cait Flanders

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2016 Styx concert wearing a 2005 concert tee (first time seeing them – 7 times & counting now!)

Cait Flanders' new book, The Year of Less, with my morning coffee.

Me at 31 weeks (aka 7.75 months) pregnant!

My minimalist travel wardrobe-tops ...

One of my favorite shirts (and a necklace made from a friend back in college)

The Year Of Less: How I Stopped Shopping, Gave Away My Belongings, ...

shopping woman

One of my favorite thrift store outfits

You buy a purse at Walmart. There's a note inside from a “Chinese prisoner.” Now what?

Ribbon cutting at work wearing VERY old boots

A year spent without shopping

Hoi An, Vietnam, ia a bustling, centuries-old trading town where dressmakers and tailors turn out fine custom-made garments overnight.

Babywoods rocking her used clothes

I work in a business casual environment and wear jeans to work nearly every day. I already had two other colors in this style, and bought these because they ...

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Month One Shopping Ban Spending Report (July 2018)

Our Next Life

Girls here DO wear skinny jeans (the young ones), and I have seen this in bustling Delhi or in rural Arunachal Pradesh. Here's the 411 on Levis.

Tencent's WeChat Pay to allow Hong Kong users to pay for purchases on the mainland | South China Morning Post

Bleusalt Sustainable Jogger

Rely On Yourself, Not Your Clothes


As I face the end of month five of my shopping ban, I've decided to up the ante.