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I guess blue really doesnt have a clue Lol LOL Funny Tumblr

I guess blue really doesnt have a clue Lol LOL Funny Tumblr


I guess you could say blue doesn't have a clue. LOL

17 Tumblr Posts That'll Make You Say, "Huh, I Learned Something Today"

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I still think Steve being replaced by Joe is the biggest plot twist ever.

This person who's really sober:

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Well it's nice that his/her family accepts the gay status enough to joke about it

fuck it up Cathleen!



24 Things So Wholesome You Can't Help But Smile Tumblr Posts, Tumblr Stuff

Remembering Tumblr's wildest community drama

This should give you a clue about what's being depicted. BREASTFEEDING. Tumblr however doesn't want you to see this vile and depraved act.

Nature documentary but the narration is just weird enough to make you question it | funny tumblr post

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Facebook Also Becoming a Sexuality-Free Zone: Reason Roundup

Meme Center - Largest Creative Humor Community

Masked Singer Clues

Mom of 'Fortnite' Superfan Orange Shirt Kid Sues Epic Over Use of His Dance

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Why did my boyfriend like Emily Ratajkowski's butt on Instagram?


... there will get the superhero movie reference (hint: it's from a fairly recent DC movie) I used with the Taylor&Ed picture, lol…(I'm the speaker in blue)

50+ Short Funny Stories That Will Crack You Up In 60 Seconds | Thought Catalog

31 Strategies for Living with Brain Injury

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How to win at video games: When I was little, I would go on Nickelodeon.com all the time and they had this game similar to Club Penguin, except it was ...

Do you ever get so fed up with all the toys lying around that you threaten


Brexit is not the will of the British people – it never has been | LSE BREXIT

Masked Singer Spoilers

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when you recognize a new emotional problem you have that you don't have the

Most viewers miss the same-headed people in the background.

There is a Tumblr ...

If a scientific conspiracy theory is funny, that doesn't mean it's a joke - The Verge

whoops I did a thing and I am not sorry

Graphs showing tax rates and GDP growth over time


“If you play this song on New Year's Eve”: 2017's last great meme - Vox

What color is chartreuse? Mandela Effect

How To Hockey Apparel

Titans Exposes Everything Wrong with DC's Gritty, Boring Approach to Live Action | Tor.com

James Holzhauer: Why the 'Jeopardy!' Contestant Is Bad TV (Column) – Variety

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The Hidden Meaning of the Movie "Coraline"

Chat Log: What It Looks Like When Hackers Sell Your Credit Card Online | WIRED

Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda


twitter book

What is the Biggest Star in the Universe

8 Rules of Texting Etiquette for Gay Men (Because apparently We Still Don't

Let's try an actual graphic – one I snipped from a video presentation.


Bellman, that's the UHI version to 2010, natural variability prior was a bit more prosaic, less catatonic, so if you want it in context:

May 22nd 2019 Karaoke Wednesdays feat. you yah rockstar!

Catfish: How to Spot a Fake Social Media Profile Online


Then, of course, there is the blood. And most famously, in both cases, there are the all-white costumes, against which the blood stands out in sharp, ...

Is this how trans works?

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There was no difference between refined and unrefined low-fat diets, but the refined high-fat diet led to rapid and marked fat gain. This finding has been ...

IMHO still not a good idea to combine channels in the hope of getting anything that one would call TLT …

Did you ever ask yourself how much solar energy over time is just enough to keep the ocean temperature constant? I did, the result is shown here:

blue and golds award ceremony

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Girl: "how much do u love me? Boy:".

KnowYourMeme KnowYourMeme

Bluehost package information and payment screen

Sometimes we beat ourselves up for staying too long, for not reacting fast enough,

Masked Singer Spoilers


The CERES record using cumulative energy balances -the novel method is described in the link – NASA did all the hard work – shows continuous planetary ...

Sean Penn Bradley Cooper


Costa Rica: Why some love it, why others hate it, & what I ultimately thought

#MeToo Survivors on the Year That Rocked Hollywood

32 Tumblr Posts That Prove It's The Funniest And Weirdest Place On The Internet

Facebook Community and Support Forum for Long Distance Relationships

Never ASK ALEXA These Questions or You Will Regret It - STOP

Berenstein Bears or Berenstain Bears?

But you don't really care because you have the ~perfect~ V-day plans.

The MolotovCocktail Series