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I never cease to amaze my spouse Vegetable Garden Beds Backyard

I never cease to amaze my spouse Vegetable Garden Beds Backyard


I never cease to amaze my spouse.

I never cease to amaze my spouse.

I never cease to amaze my spouse. Vegetable Gardening, Pallet Gardening, Veggie Gardens

Use Metal Trough as Container for Vegetable Garden and Install a Path Between Your Veggies.

How to Build the Easiest Garden Box | Best of Pinterest | Garden boxes, Easy garden, Garden beds

How to build a raised bed garden for under $12! When I first started researching raised garden beds, I was in shock at the pricing of those “raised garden ...

Raised Vegetable Garden Bed Tour | Rocky Hedge Farm

Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Tour Rocky Hedge Farm - Simple Living | From Scratch Recipes | Natural Home Farmhouse Blog

Planting a raised bed: Tips on spacing, sowing, and growing in raised bed

Easy Do-it-Yourself No Dig Edging - Garden Lovers Club

The Perfect Border for your Beds: Defining a gardens edge with inexpensive stone that fit any shape or size garden bed. Details @ www.jennaburger.com

Onions in a Raised Vegetable Garden | Rocky Hedge Farm

Since my husband is taking up all my yard space with his stuff, I think I will try this.

A ...

... only cover gardening, but also reflects the 77-year-old's passion for agriculture and the organic and healthy lifestyle that he's leading with his wife.

weedy herb garden pre vinegar

herb garden after vinegar

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garden tour: hydrangea, hosta

Free printable Garden Schedule to help you plan your gardening tasks throughout the year. #gardening

The Advantages of No-Dig Gardening

I love these raised beds. They're made of corrugated iron...in NZ. Hope we can find an American source!

Raised Bed Revolution: Build It, Fill It, Plant It ... Garden

A new group that just formed this year is the Succulent study group. Who doesn't love succulents! And there is so much to learn about them: sun? shade? how ...

garden tour: side garden

The bed in question is located between my Kitchen Garden and Woodland Garden. As you can see, it is planted with young peonies, Baptisia, and some mighty ...

Help out on our lovely permaculture-ish farm & Retreat in the Victorian country, Australia.

Sunchokes in hand

Building a raised bed

My Parents' Garden

How to deter deer

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raised bed tomato tips

Dahlias and cannas were both wildly popular in the Victorian era, so it's no surprise that two of our favorites grow today at Osborne House, ...

Lastly, WHY are you growing cut flowers? I know this probably seems like a silly question, but during the height of summer, when the mosquitoes are thick, ...

Workshop: Designing the Perfect Vegetable Garden. Aerial view of Love Apple Farm


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55 gallon barrels cut in half to make little raised garden beds...really easy to do. I plan on adding pea gravel around the base once completed.

In addition to around two hundred hedging saplings being planted, four raised beds were built, a long picket fence constructed (all made from scratch, ...

A raised, irrigated porch garden that you can guarantee veggies from whether you keep it on your home's patio or set it out on your apartment's balcony.

Woman 'beat husband to death with stone frog' then hid body under marital bed for 18 years

... his wife, Jeni, ran a foster home for runaway youths in Philadelphia, PA. Even then, Bob was torn between his innate optimism and the difficult ...

Sunchokes in hand

Posh UK Magazine Heralds “Modern Era” of “Truly Sophisticated” Glads


If you're new to flower growing or you've dabbled for a little while and now you're ready to get serious, spending a little time getting clear is an ...

No dig potato beds mulched with straw

Early this spring while the snow was still melting, I noticed how the water pooled in a low spot in my lawn. A large puddle formed that thawed to a thick ...

For those of us gardeners, on this side of the 'pond', the Chelsea Flower Show is the ultimate in flower shows. Held at the Royal Hospital Chelsea grounds, ...

Plant Swap

garden tour: hydrangea clematis

November 8, 2018 Gardens, News, TipsCanada Blooms, Garden Ideas, Raised Beds, Raised Gardens, VegepodLisa Pascoe

When most of us plan our gardens, especially the backyard, we place a patio or deck near the back door of the house—it gives us an easy transition from our ...

nor.zuliantie@nst.com.my. GROW YOUR OWN VEGETABLES

Growing a Thyme Lawn

The partner ...

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Our speaker this month will be Toni Gattone, with the topic of 'You Can Garden for Life with Adaptive Gardening'. She will bring tools that will be handy ...

The DIY wicking bed for the greenhouse is a great self watering raised bed. Filled

Divine I One-Bedroom

The children got to work with planting…

And ...

While the fruit is delicious, be prepared for your canes to spring up in unexpected places.

How much space do you have to work with? Even if you only have a few pots on your deck or a small garden plot in your backyard, it's still possible to ...

Hannes Brueckner's vegetable garden, which lies amid a spacious lawn behind his Route 340 home, is seldom from his thoughts. A scientist by profession, ...

Last of the Tomatoes

Over to my husband who has a few things to say … about cabbage, onions & co.


We've Got Your Back(yard)

Rude behavior: What was once a nice garden is now overrun with hooligans.

Yellow Sticky Trap The more we ...

A padded kneeler that flips upside-down into a sturdy seat so you can get down and dirty with your favorite plants despite any back or knee pain.

October 7, 2018. Bean Station, Tennessee. Yahel, who's husband was deported

He also started a small, experimental garden, with vegetables that villagers had rarely if ever seen before—cabbage, peppers, some lettuce.

Each morning, from frosty fall into spring, my husband heads out to our backyard no matter the weather, weather, dressed in robe, slippers and knit hat, ...

Get Outside and Celebrate Preservation Month!

Raised gardening beds keep vegetables away from contaminated soil, can deter some pests, and are easier on backs and knees--here's some information about ...

... The Benefits of Raised Bed Gardening

Couple love RF

All New Square Foot Gardening, 3rd Edition, Fully Updated: MORE Projects - NEW

Ciscoe Morris works in the garden at his Seattle home. When he's not speaking,

First, water the bed deeply. Then lay paper directly atop the weeds, and in-between the ornamental plants.

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Have a look at this organic gardening video discussion hosted by the Longfellow Community Council in Minneapolis Minnesota. We had a great time talking ...

In reference to the controversial Monsanto herbicide, Bob says, “Take Roundup. We have never ever sold Roundup, and we never will.

... of plants in one lot to lower the number of pests. This is because some plants are pest resistant and can serve as protector to other vulnerable plants.

Hilary and Kristin sit on a bench surrounded by their colourful garden.

February 04, 2019

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