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Its Not Easy to Balance Attachment and Autonomy PolyLand

Its Not Easy to Balance Attachment and Autonomy PolyLand


It's Not Easy to Balance Attachment and Autonomy. April 15, 2019 2 Comments · a precariously balanced Jenga tower

The words "Point Reyes" are on the front

Not Scorching Earth

a chalkboard with the following written on it: If you choose an answer to this

Check out this strange yet effective trick for cleaning your bathtub. No bending or reaching

a row of white buses. In the foreground of the photograph is a side mirror

devRant - A fun community for developers to connect over code, tech & life as a programmer

People Pleasing & Poly: Resentment and Broken Promises - Poly.Land Broken Promises,

Polyamor Puerto Rico shared a link.

a black and white photo of a dove flying away after being let go

Drag to Reposition

I am dubtful about this calendar app.

Regardless of their relentless efforts, brands across industries suffer from churn problems in today's competitive world. As shown in the image below, ...

What is it like to be fat? Misadventures Of Fatwoman: http://

No more reactive software to crud that's already in your network. This device is PRO-active: fending off all forms of nastiness before it can even access ...


8 Dead Web Trends We'Re Better Off Without

This example was taken from the ABM Workbook we developed with Integrate. Look here if you are interested in other aspects of ABM.


Operation of the SmartDesk was pretty straightforward via the control switch. There are buttons for “up” and “down” along with four numbered “memory” ...


Screenshot of response from polyfill.io service for IE8

A very different feet illustration: The stark shadows show the people caught in the spotlight of a bust with their hands up. The hands are already behind ...

Fifth message from 5 message sequence LinkedIn marketing strategy: follow up

What's New For Designers, March 2019

an embroidered piece of art featuring the human brain

Nice way to shorten dates, Google.

The Strongest Amongst Us Are Not Applauded For Their Growth, Yet Bloom In Silence

#section21 allows landlords to evict tenants without any reason #Evictions is the LEADING

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Webp conversion from jpg, png & gif images

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You may not be able to control how you feel in certain situations, but you

cnrestraurant/hjteng5_leegarden.sql at master · enhuizhu/cnrestraurant · GitHub

It was laid down horizontally on my porch, and wasn't the easiest package to handle as the size of the box was slightly unwieldy.


... high-voltage versatile theme with unlimited options, layouts, colors, headers, single post styles and features. It's a revolution in blogging platform!

a picture of a person kneeling down and rolling out a roll of paper. The

Uncredited generic photo

Augustin Prot and R my Berda, co-founders the Weglot multilingual plugin for WordPress, started their operation in a small apartment in September 2015.



Now, this might not work for every site. But you can perform 100 searches for email address per month for completely free.

Netflix Flexbox aligning items

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Google puts it's foot down, "age is not just a number"

a picture of a large shining glass wall taken from the level of a platform

This Sunday: books in the 3rd library's Stevenson Square. Joy is become new athletes in download introduction to bio-ontologies (chapman & hall crc ...

We Don't Choose Who We're Attracted To, But We Can Choose


Graph of IE8 usage vs other browsers

The whole article (March 22, 2018).

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Flank the beach of La Malagueta in Malaga


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More WPBakery Page Builder (Visual Composer) Bundles

Funny part is that he says there have been some other vegan dating sites before. None of them did it. Of course his will! Because his sites will do ads.

Ferris Wheel Noria Mirador Princess for a romantic idea in Malaga

Frames, the Original AJAX. That's right ...

I'm Long Distance Bae 😅🤣😍 #Repost @adventuresofpolycat ・・・


This gives us a lot more credibility when we make our ask of a deeper collaboration, whether that's a partnership, participation in a podcast or virtual ...

a red nightshade pod on a black background. The surface of the photo is reflective

Overall, bringing the frame box indoors may require two people, or the box can be opened outside where the individual components can be removed separately.

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(PDF) Tourism in the Antarctic: Modi Operandi and Regulatory Effectiveness (PhD thesis) | Daniela Liggett - Academia.edu



I've been in a polyamorous relationship for almost 12 years, but my partner, Nico, and I didn't always call it that. In fact, we adopted the "poly" label ...

Once you're on the page, go ahead and press Ctrl+F on your keyboard. That'll bring up the search option.


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Malaga promenade with Torre Monica on the horizon - Photo of Ruralidays.com

Dating and Relationship Advice for Women

(PDF) Andre Viljoen Continuous Productive Urban Landscapes Designing Urban Agriculture for Sustainable Cities | Joao Margarido - Academia.edu

źródło: chinskiekody1302.jpg

Screenshot of Amazon product page for Ferrero Rocher chocolates

a hand holding a lit match

Problem Solution Fit – Proactive Lifecycle Risk Prevention:

CAT Tourniquet Parts

Offer yourself, or your clients, a beautifully designed, aesthetically clean and to-the-point theme. A theme that cares about visuals and performance, ...

Autonomous SmartDesk 2 standing desk review

Editing a file from inside or outsite October CMS

NEW TO NON MONOGAMY ~ a 4 part series with @thegrowtharc 💞 . . Think

In the New York Times, a poly-mono warning

John Wick: Chapter 3 (Trailer 2)


If you're not familiar, this is a WordPress plugin that gives you a check sheet of how to SEO your content. Once you're written your post and found your ...