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Kelli Cessac on Instagram I had no clue how much my kiddos would

Kelli Cessac on Instagram I had no clue how much my kiddos would


Kelli Cessac on Instagram: “I had no clue how much my kiddos would love

Kelli Cessac on Instagram: “Student led conferences and Mondays are a perfect mix.

3,633 Likes, 194 Comments - Kelli Cessac (@mrscessac5th) on Instagram: “

Our focus board got a face lift! The board keeps me sane and

Test prep can be practical too! I hate to even label this activity test prep, but I want my students to have the skills they need when It…

... mrscessac5th - Kelli Cessac - Let me see you RAP! These posters will never leave

I may not have the date or events updated, but we have our #keepthequote

Media by mrscessac5th: When ideas from last summer, finally come together. Morning meetings

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... fearlessandfocused - C H E L S E A B O E R S M A - Are your spending time on YOU?! Not your kids,

We all have them, but do

Kelli Cessac on Instagram: “New week, new quote. The majority of my students had the same idea of how to apply this quote in our classroom and I'm so ...

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This blog post discusses how to use Would You Rather prompts for classroom discussions. Would

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A good self-help tool in the classroom. Our kids have a lot going

Team building games for the WIN in May! When the kiddos heard we were going

Real talk: This morning I could not stop thinking about how we are

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Kelli Cessac on Instagram: “Today was one of those survival mode days and Starbucks

... goloveteach - - Posted @withrepost • @lwtears Who knew that letter formation could be

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Counting with stickers. Numeracy and fine motor skills all

mrscessac5th. #iteachmentalhealth ••• I teach that hard times and hard days don

Voici une super ressource très amusante et grandement appréciée par les élèves en fin d'

These are my FAVORITE laminating sheets and

Christie Daugherty on Instagram: “Want to improve your lettering skills? Join my 28 day lettering challenge and have a chance to win some prizes!

Media by mrscessac5th: I was listening to the radio on the way to school this

This Teacher Came Up with an Ingenious Way to Help Kids with Their Mental Health

This Teacher Came Up With A Really Innovative Way To Find Out How Her Students Are Feeling And Other Teachers Are Inspired

#teachershare Instagram Story & Photos & Videos

Media by mrscessac5th: Review Mash-Up!! When you feel like you'

My favorite day of the year 🍹 #nationalmargaritaday #margarita #margaritas #celebrateresponsibly #

... yasowriter07 - 📝Yasowriter07📝 - @yasowriter07 #keepsuppoting #keepyourlovedonesclose #keepthequote #instagram

PenGems on Instagram: “This week we want to see your PenGems selfies! You can include any pens or PenGems products that you like, just make sure you are in ...


You can say the teacher was hungry when she was making this retelling chart🤣 #

One of my favorite ways to talk through poor choices with a student or to help

image by Christina Brauner (@beingmrsbrauner) with caption : "Today was my student

Match the flower (prefix) with a pot (Base Word) to make a new vocabulary word. Student

mrscessac5th. STATE TESTING is over!!! 🍩 Our schedule has been crazy,

Got some more items put up in my classroom. @lonestarclassroom had the amazing idea for the ✏ pencil save system. Fingers crossed 🤞🏻 that…

Take a moment to consider the power of literacy. If you can read and write


We had so much fun using this amazing Power Point Bundle from @2scoopsofkindergarten There we're so

Took our #TwelveAngryMen discussion outside today. Thanks to @buildingbooklove for such a great

image by Christina Brauner (@beingmrsbrauner) with caption : "Super excited about our

Are you ready for our biggest giveaway yet?!? To enter, simply repost

Have these fun Division Games as part of you Math Rotations. Go to the '

Media by mrscessac5th: “You mean we are going to read about Frotnite?

Fabulous small group discussions last week! My kids are so amazing! #teachersofinstagram #

image by Christina Brauner (@beingmrsbrauner) with caption : "I loved this great

mrscessac5th. Inflatables are back in the #targetdollarspot! I use the large bowling

@twobestieteachers 14 minutes ago; twobestieteachers - Miss Taylor & Miss Santaniello - The besties take in NYC!! Going

Media by mrscessac5th: Last week, I saw @msmiddleschool reverse the “I wish

Enlightened • Corner on Instagram: “This is my goal. I want a stage

image by Christina Brauner (@beingmrsbrauner) with caption : "My oldest went golfing

Miss P's Style | Megan on Instagram: “Love this idea to track missing work

Media by mrscessac5th: I was so excited to find this book by accident today,

image by Christina Brauner (@beingmrsbrauner) with caption : "Already thinking ahead to

this basic idea is really cool!

Hunter Rohwer on Instagram: “It's MONDAY and I love to start off the week

Kelli Cessac. @mrscessac5th Instagram profile

These were so powerful to read! I laughed, cried, and was so enlightened

Although today was exhausting, there have been so

Using graphic organizers has changed my students' lives! They find so much success with. 41 964. Kelli Cessac


One of my favorite teaching moments of the year begins with this...#

Make Modern Magazine on Instagram: “Happy Make Modern Monday! This is our pick

image by Christina Brauner (@beingmrsbrauner) with caption : "Notes like this on

Media by mrscessac5th: There is something about March and upcoming testing that has me thinki

The 5th grade Glow Mixer was a success! Kids had a blast in the middle


Today began my least favorite week of the school year...state testing!

Top Monday hashtags, feel free to copy and paste into instagram, click the link to be able to copy it. Maximum hashtags for instagram is 30!

Melissa ...

Tongue Twisters: The students of Kids III created their own tongue twisters. ¤

image by Casey Boehm (@organizeandeducate) with caption : "You know what has

“Then she discovered that women weren't allowed to attend the group's meetings.

@mrscessac5th Kelli Cessac. Squad talk! There isn't much that can top kiddos learning from other kiddos

carousel by Christina Brauner (@beingmrsbrauner) with caption : "I'm still

Y'all, I can't stand my desk being in rows

Here's Why Jessica Simpson's Post About Breastfeeding Has Caused A Huge Debate On Instagram

Such a great read aloud!! My kids LOVED this book

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Binder covers are available info TPT in editable and PDF versions! Binder spines included!

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My cat is very unwell, and I took Thursday off to care for her in what could be her final days. When

Last night we had a #ladiesnight Krav Maga class, so we spent a portion

Need an idea for Teacher Appreciation week? Teachers love easy peasy nails. #teacherappreciation

Media by mrscessac5th: Room 317 takes on MINUTE-to-WIN-it challenges

image by Christina Brauner (@beingmrsbrauner) with caption : "This printable activity from

Want to read alongside me this summer? Consider joining the Book Love Foundation's Summer Book

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32 Personalized Things You Should Buy Yourself For No Reason

The ...

Stasha The Mustache Cat on Instagram: “Rawrrr 🧟 ♀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Don't mess with me Monday! #mondaymotivation⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .

image by Casey Boehm (@organizeandeducate) with caption : "It's Friday, Friday