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Large Oak Knot makes this natural nest cavity Barn Wood Birdhouse

Large Oak Knot makes this natural nest cavity Barn Wood Birdhouse


Unusual birdhouse offers feathered friends the feel of a natural nest cavity, more like home sweet home! Reclaimed materials form the North Georgia ...

Rustic Cedar Old West Style Birdhouse by SwampwoodCreations Porch Roof, Old Fences, Bird House

Birdhouse Primitive Rustic Traditional by PrimitiveWoodworks, $25.00 Birdhouses, Barn Wood, Love Birds,

PENNINGTON RED CEDAR BIRD HOUSE Wild Birds Small Cavity Outdoor Nesting Box Wood

4 in one birdhouse Condo

Wooden Garden Bird Cages Nests Birds House Outdoor Decoration Birdhouse LIN

PENNINGTON RED CEDAR BIRD HOUSE Wild Birds Small Cavity Outdoor Nesting Box Wood

Church Birdhouses | Rustic Birdhouse | Vintage Barn Wood Bird Houses. Large Oak Knot makes this natural nest cavity.

Red Cedar Wood Bird House Nesting Box Birdhouse Wooden Yard Birds Garden Tree

Cottage Style Bluebird Birdhouses

Unusual birdhouse offers feathered friends the feel of a natural nest cavity, more like home sweet home! Reclaimed mate… | Birds houses & birds feeders ...

The Details Make the Difference

BIRDHOUSE: Rustic Love Shack Wood Cabin Bird House with Clean Out Access NEW

They're nesting now!! Handmade bluebird house with distinct variations, durable cypress

BIRDHOUSE Shabby Distressed White Wood Victorian Bird House w/Clean Out Hole NEW

The Country Cottage Birdhouse

Martin Barn Birdhouse is handmade of reclaimed wood. Features 12 compartments with ledges and lifting

Church Birdhouses | Rustic Birdhouse | Vintage Barn Wood Bird Houses

License Plate Birdhouses

Rustic birdhouse made from poplar bark and cedar by TheWoodCraftStore How To Buil, Bird Houses

Making birdhouses ...

White Victorian Wood Bird House with Stand

The birdhouses ...

Owl or some other bird's nest. Hole in great oak tree cavity.

BIRDHOUSE: Red Public School Bell Tower Bird House w/ Clean Out Hole NEW

Inquisitive Carolina Chickadee peers out of a nest box at an interloper (me). Chickadees are easily enticed to nest nearby if suitable boxes are provided.

Green Roof Birdhouse DIY Affix Sides onto plant tray (Small)

Nest box

We have a variety of bird boxes in place over our farm and this is the time of year when I am usually out and about checking on them. As natural cavities ...

Three Story A-Frame Wood Bird House Birdhouse Standing Cape Cod Bird Condo House

Nest 12 in x 6 in x 7 in Birdhouse (Set of 3)

Barn Wood & Tin Rustic Birdhouses Unique Birdhouses, Birdhouse Craft, Wooden Bird Houses

A few years ago, I made a mid-century inspired birdhouse, modeled after the iconic Case Study houses. I created it using my growing collection of ...


4-22-16 bluebirds nesting 239

I have looked for weeks for the nest of a pair of Allen's Hummingbirds at the end of my street, without success. I have found nests of Nuttall's and Downy ...

Tree swallow peering from a nest cavity excavated by a woodpecker.

Large Bird House Wood Wooden Hanging Standing Manor Painted Birdhouse

Western Bluebird Nest, western bluebird eggs

Tree Swallow nest House Sparrow Nest

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Western Mountain Nest Box Pedestal 15 in x 7.5 in x 10.5 in Bluebird House

License Plate Bluebird House

Tall Hanging Wood Bird House Feeder Nest POCKET BIRDHOUSE Home Garden Khaki US

Barn Wood & Tin White Church Birdhouse 3 entries-1 nest cavity. Easy clean

Not sure what bird uses this nest box


Fine Woodworking Issue No. 14


banding station spring 2017

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The Duplex Condo

Mourning Dove Nest & Eggs on Light Fixture

Spotted owlet sitting inside a tree hole during a wildlife safari inside bandhavgarh national park -

Red-breasted nuthatch


Wood Storybook Cottage Bird House

I found a Bewick's Wren's nest hole (top photo) about 15 feet up in a willow at the end of my block on May 28. I stood below the tree for about ...

Birds of a Feather Series Brighton Beach Huts 8.5 in x 17 in x 6 in Birdhouse

American Robin Nestlings

Great-crested Flycatcher in Nesting Cavity – Charley Moore

Wood duck ducklings plunging from their nest cavity in a tree.

So bring some modernism to your house, whatever its era, by creating a home for your native avian population by building a mid-century birdhouse.

The Bluebird House with Montana's Big Sky motto

If the chickadees ended up using it, they'd probably have eggs in there by now, and would likely have their brood out of the nest before people traffic ...

A spider hole found in an old barn wall


WRENS, No. 40 Each - $1 15 This house is so arranged that .

Great Horned Owl at Nest Box – Human Made Nests Are Helping Birds


putting up owl box photo

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Female Red-breasted Nuthatch checking out a nesting cavity, Targhee National Forest, Clark

Bat box construction[edit]

Circular hole on a tree trunk as scar

old big birch trunk with hole - Stock Image

Cedar Nest Roosting Box 13 in x 8 in x 7 in Bluebird House

Crow nest and eggs - Kevin McGowan

Two wasp nests inside a nest box

Black-crested Titmouse Eggs


Nest box

bc-chickadee nesting. Cavity Nests:

Photo Credit: Bill Lempke + Heath MS

Photo Credit: Larry Stanley

Birds of a Feather Series Anchor 9.5 in x 8.5 in x 6.5 in Birdhouse

But perhaps the most amazing crow nests are the ones built around Tokyo, Japan. Twigs and other natural materials are hard to come by in the busy metropolis ...

Fitting the Floor

Raccoon family in tree den.

Carolina Wren

Lonely tree in autumn park or forest with large hollow - Stock Image

Old wooden birdhouse attached to a tree trunk in a forest. The little house has