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Maori Chief with Moko tattoo photograph by Iles Auckland circa

Maori Chief with Moko tattoo photograph by Iles Auckland circa


Maori Chief with Moko tattoo, photograph by Iles, Auckland, circa 1890

Maori ones are considered the oldest form of tattoo. The black shapes, impressed on the body, had specific significance and meaning inside the polynesian ...

Maori Chief = power

Maori Chief

Arthur James Iles / Tuterei Karewa of the Ngatimaru tribe / North Island, New Zealand - Tā moko | Maori tattoos

An image taken between 1886 and 1888 by the woman believed to be New Zealand's first profe.

New Zealand | Portrait of Atama Paparangi based on the photograph “Atama, a Rangi

Profile head and shoulders portrait of Ngati Whatua leader Paora Tuhaere, taken circa 1880-1892 by Frederick Pulman. Shows moko.

#Maori chief

A black and white photograph of a Maori man in a cloak chiseling a tā moko

Maori chief Anehana with full facial moko, Auckland New Zealand [ca 1900]

ancient Maori people

Portrait of a Maori warrior with tattoo. New Moko, North Island, New Zealand

Maori face and body tattoos called Moko describe families and ... Treaty Of Waitangi

Old illustration of Maori man in New Zealand with Ta moko in his face (special


maori tattoos in new zealand #Maoritattoos Face Tattoos, Maori Tattoos, Maori Art,

Teroro Tamati , New Zealand Maori Chief with facial tattoos 1880 - Stock Image

A watercolour painting of a Maori chief with a face tattoo

Maori chief by Charles Goldie (NZ artist)

Tawhiao - Maori King Portraits

New Zealnd: Maori Chief Wetani Rore Tatangi tatuaggio with facial tattoos 1905 - Stock Image

Caption. Uhi Tā Moko (tattooing ...

Maori Face with Moko facial Tattoo - Stock Image

In modern day New Zealand, there is nothing that makes the statement “I am Maori” more clearly than a full-face moko.

A close-up of the painstaking detail that went into a ta moko carving.

Matene Te Nga, Chief of the Ngati Maru Maori Tribe with tattooed face, New

180 photographs in varying sizes, of particular note are five Maori portraits by Arthur James Iles [1870 - 1943], each 20 x 13.5 cm ...

New Zealand | Tomika Te Mutu of Coromandel. 19th century Maori chief | ©John Hillelson

Two 19th century Maori portrait albumen photographs, - a studio photograph of Patara Te Ngungukai wearing a rapaki as a cape and a European blanket as a ...

Maori Ngatimaru chief with tattooed face, New Zealand. Date: early 20th century -

1870s NZ MAORI CHIEF Ihaka Whaanga CDV Photo

Heta Te Haara, Ohaeawai (Maori chief with face tattoos) photograophed in New Zealnd


C F Goldie painting of a New Zealand maori chief called Patara te Tuhi.

MAORI WITH TONGUE OUT with traditional facial tattoo (moko) and authentic costume, New

Haunting: Photos photographs show some of the last women to wear the traditional ta moko

Image result for portraits of high ranking maori chiefs

How traditional Maori face tattoos called Moko describe without words

Maori chief, tattooed, print, 1889, Australia - Stock Image

Months of the Maramataka | the Māori lunar calendar

Rare Books and Photographs New Zealand Taonga, Artefacts, Oceanic and New Zealand Art 6 December 2012

Shane Jones receives a moko (demonstration). Moko is Maori traditional skin carving -

How traditional Maori face tattoos called Moko describe without words

G. Pullman, 19th century. Albumen. Maori chief. Maori chief. Eruera Patuone, Maori Photography and the Portraits of Gottfried Lindauer - Lindauer Online

An unidentified Maori woman with a chin moko, circa 1890s

Ta Moko – Traditional Maori Face and Body Tattoos

Hidden Tattoos: Bradley's Puaki Portraits Conceal Maori Markings

Moko (facial tattoo) of a Maori chief, Otago, New Zealand, 1840

Moehanga becomes first Māori to visit England | NZHistory, New Zealand history online

tattooed woman 19th century | new zealand iles photo young maori women with moko facial tattoo .

Three Portrait Photographs of Maori by Iles of Thames, mounted in original colonial frame. One photograph foxed Height 32 cm Width 59 cm

Tattooed Maori Chief was formerly a common custom for shipmasters to purchase these on visiting New

Pictured: A close-up of an unidentified Maori woman in a top hat shows

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A wonderful photograph of this Arawa lady, undoubtedly of; 6. New Zealand: Maori  “Moko”- face tattoos ...

Maori Prow "Tahere Tikitiki" #Maori #Prow #Waka #Canoe

... Power, authority, or prestige; spec. (in Polynesian and Melanesian religions) an impersonal supernatural power whic… | Book: Grammar and Words | Maori…

Māori chief with tattoos - Stock Image

Two Maori girls with chin mokos in an ancient greeting, circa 1900

10 things you might not know about Te Papa

Head of Maori Chief showing full tattoo = Moko-pu with names of incisions

A Maori chief with elaborately tattooed face and weather cloak, 1902. Artist: Josiah

John McGarrigle (American Photographic Company) Two studio portraits of Maori women, one with 'whaka' tattoo on one arm, the other with lip and chin moko.

A carte de visite portrait of beautiful Maori woman Beti Karaitiana with a chin moko circa


NEW ZEALAND - CIRCA 1971: a stamp printed in the New Zealand shows Maori Tattoo

An early 20th century hand coloured photo of a young Maori girl, wearing a korowai. 20 cm x 15 cm.

Stock Photo - A tattooed woman of the Mundurucu people, Brazil

New Generation of Maori Women Wearing Moko

Beautiful Maori Woman Rotorua New Zealand Arthur James Iles Quality Art Photo Poster

Maori tattoo chisels, 1890.

Maori woman with tattooed lips and chin, New Zealand. Date: early 20th century

Te Taiao | Nature After Dark

44 Captivating Native Maori Portraits From 19th Century New Zealand

Te Papa's Te Taiao Nature an Urgent Call to Action

Engraving of a Maori war canoe paddling up a river in colonial New Zealand - Stock

Portrait of a Maori Chief by Foy Brothers, 19th century. Albumen print. Captioned Foy Bros. Thames, N.Z.. Show 7 more like this

Te Papa acquires extremely rare historical painting from Captain Cook's 1772-75 Pacific voyage


Hawaiki p217.jpg. Maori Chief, Polynesian ...

... 'Auckland from Masthead' by H. Winkelmann, Wanganui river scene with waka, Making fire old Maori method 1861, Chief Pehi Turoa, Upper Wanganui District, ...

Black and white vintage print, depicting a seated Maori Chief, with facial ta moko

How Spark Helped NZ Learn Māori

Maori Forest Lore: Being some Account of Native Forest Lore and Woodcraft, as also of many Myths, Rites, Customs, and Superstitions connected with the Flora ...

Maori Moko | Kuia | MOKO MAORI TA MOKO Maori Face Tattoo, Maori Tattoos,

Anchor Ink Tattoo in Salt Lake City - Piercing, Tattoo Shops - , & 1 Photo - Locations, Phone Number - 1103 S State St Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Maori Chief With Facial Tattoos - Stock Image

Photo:Maori woman, New Zealand, with traditional moko tattoo on her chin

Sidney Parkinson “Moko” Maori facial tatoo from Hawkesworth's Account of the Voyages… (1773).

Tattoos ...

The New Photography – Life in the 60s and 70s

These long-haired Maori women are wearing Maori kiwi cloaks, tiki (greenstone ornaments

Important & Rare Art - Auction 27 November by International Art Centre - issuu

Magician -Ta Moko, Maori Tattoo, Whakairo, Maori Carvings, Paintings, Maori