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Marriage is good for your health and can improve your chances of

Marriage is good for your health and can improve your chances of


Marriage is good for your health and can improve your chances of survival if you have major heart risk factors, such as high cholesterol or diabetes.

The health advantages of marriage

Is Marriage Good for Your Health?

Why Marriage Can Improve Your Odds of Surviving a Heart Attack

Being Married Protects Your Health, Increases Your Chance Of Survival With Illness

A Good Marriage May Help You Live Longer. Here's Why

11 interesting common habits you don't realize increase your risk of divorce

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Chimney Red via Getty Images. The decision to end a marriage ...

The happy - and healthy - couple: The survey showed that your chances of beating

By Belinda Luscombe

(CNN) Each year when Valentine's Day approaches, our thoughts turn to love, relationships and coupling.

The 50 Best Marriage Advice & Tips Of All Time (From 50 Experts)

Will Your Marriage Survive Menopause?

This Is The Average Age Of Marriage Right Now

iStockphotot.com/vm. iStockphotot.com/vm. We can now add “helps your chances of ...

how to rekindle a marriage

Planning to have a baby? This is how long you should wait after marriage

Marriage isn't so bad: It increases your chances of surviving cancer

How to Avoid Divorce and Improve Your Relationship

Want a Happy Marriage? Partners Should Be Doing These 6 Things for Each Other Often, According to Science | Inc.com

The 6 Best Books for a Healthy Relationship, According to Authors and Psychiatrists

Recipe For A Happy Marriage: The 7 Scientific Secrets

A stable marriage may improve your chances of surviving a stroke, a new study has revealed.


Men working in female-dominated settings are about 15% more likely to get a divorce. For women in male-dominated jobs, the figure ...

There are many ways for men to improve their sperm health and fertility. Illustration:


If you and your partner want a successful, long-lasting marriage, experts say

Credit Keren Katz

Want to save your marriage? Don't have kids

MarketWatch photo illustration/iStockphoto. The financial gender balance within marriage ...


This Quality Will Increase Your Chances for a Good Marriage

If you live in the U.S., your chances of getting married before reaching age 40 are 86 percent if you're a woman, 81 percent if you're a man.

How To Have A Happy Marriage: 7 Powerful Secrets From Research

Lasting: Marriage Health App on the App Store

(Gary Friedman/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images). The ...

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What Keeping Secrets Does to Your Marriage

Each carrier has a 50% chance of passing on the dangerous allele to their child, but when a gene is rare in a population, few individuals are carriers.

Couples in Great Marriages Talk More About Money

Illustration: Alarm clock at 6am and a glass of water

Male marriage statistics (per 1000 residents)

7 Tax Benefits for Married Couples


Image: A groom naps as newlywed couples attend a mass wedding ceremony of the Unification

Are You Related to the Person You Married?

Your spouse may be a tax shelter

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Child marriage compromises a girl's development and severely limits her opportunities in life. Fifteen-

How to Stay Married

So here's another depressing chart: how-to-have-a-happy-marriage

Unhappily Married: What's Best for the Kids – Together or Apart?

Married Couple By River - Partners for Life: Beating the Marriage Odds

30 Subtle Signs Your Marriage Is Over And You Don't Want to Admit It

The All-or-Nothing Marriage: How the Best Marriages Work, by Eli

Lasting: Marriage Health App on the App Store

... to eat in a healthy way that incorporates; 5. ...

A Year-by-Year Guide to Your Risk of Divorce

Michelle DeMello and her husband, Eric DeMello, were married when she was just 16 and five months pregnant, and he was 19. This archival photograph was ...

This book examines the questions and choices that a couple must consider to build a Successful Relationship.

4 Questions To Improve Your Life And Marriage (Hint: Start With Your Risk Tolerance)

10 Things That Make You More Likely to Get Divorced

... the Fast Track to Approval. loveless marriage

Albert Einstein and Elsa Einstein

Couples are healthier, wealthier… and less trim. Research consistently shows that marriage and long-term relationships are good for your ...

“A lot of couples enter into second marriages before the first one is finished. This can contribute to trust issues surfacing later on in areas such as ...

A piece of legal paperwork and a plate

Expelled or Suspended from School by Family Structure

The Power of Healthy Conflict

Family guidance centres and women's shelters

10 Ways to Survive (and Thrive) in a Difficult Marriage


Money, Marriage, and Communication - from Ramsey Solutions Research | DaveRamsey.com

God's Design for Marriage. By Carol Heffernan. Part of the ...

Copy URL to clipboard. Marriage Counseling & Couples Therapy


Having better communication will help your marriage to grow.

By Belinda Luscombe

SPY_studio/Shutterstock. Source: SPY_studio/Shutterstock. "There is no wrong time to do the right ...

6 Ways Marriage Can Improve Your Finances

Improve Communication; 2. All too many problems in a relationship come down to ...