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Martyrdom of the early Christians and the martyrdom of Saint Julian

Martyrdom of the early Christians and the martyrdom of Saint Julian


Martyrdom of the early Christians and the martyrdom of Saint Julian, Jan Luyken, Jacobus van Hardenberg, Barent Visscher, 1700.

305 Photograph - Martyrdom: Saint Julian by Granger

Julian and Basilissa

... genocide in some countries, the loss of lives at World Wars, the martyrs of September 11, 2001, and then there are the early Christian martyrs.

500 × 498 Jewish Martyrs For Christ

"Martyrdom of St. Paul", Tintoretto

Saint Julian and Saint Basilissa, Martyrs. Julian and Basilissa

Stoning of Saint Stephen by Giovanni Battista Lucini

Holy Martyr Julian of Emesa

The first Christian martyr Saint Stephen, painting by Giacomo Cavedone

Readings & Reflections: Feast of Saint Stephen, First Martyr, December 26,2016

The martyrdom of St. Alban, from a 13th-century manuscript, now in the Trinity College Library, Dublin. Note the executioner's eyes falling out of his head.

The Crucifixion of Saint Philip—Filippino Lippi (1457-1504)

Alban is the earliest Christian in Britain who is known by name and, according to tradition, the first British martyr. He was a soldier in the Roman army ...

Babylas of Antioch

The Stoning of Stephen—Rembrandt's first known painting (1625)

Ignatius of Antioch

Holy Martyr Julian of Cilicia

St Julian iPhone Case - Martyrdom Of The Early Christians And The Martyrdom by Jan Luyken

Martyr Julian of Tarsus, in Cilicia

Justin Martyr

2Saint Ignatius Of Antioch: sentenced to be eaten by lions at the Coliseum


Early Christians Torture

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Martyrdom of st-stephen


The Martyrdom of St. Peter the Apostle

The Martyrdom of St Lawrence by Tintoretto

Living and Martyrdom of Saint Zlata of Meglen (Muglenska) one of the greatest Bulgarian Martyrs during the Ottoman Bulgarian Slavery

St. Julian (Elian) the Martyr and Unmercenary of Emesa (Homs) (16th Century icon) - Commemorated on February 6th, and in the Synaxis of the Holy ...

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Catholic Saint: “We Confess that We are Atheists”

St Guthlac comforts the exiled Æthelbald of Mercia.

Saint Julian of Antioch (of “of Tarsus”) (source)

. Christian martyrs in the Colosseum, study . early 1860s. Konstantin Flavitsky (1830–1866) Description Russian painter Date of birth/death 13 September ...

Maximian commanded that the martyrs be stripped of the insignia of military rank (their belts, gold pendants, and rings), and then dressed them in feminine ...


A saint named Hippolytus was martyred in Rome in the third century. He is treated in the Golden Legend, which says he was a soldier who participated in the ...

img ST. JULIAN, Martyr,, Martyr of Sicily,

Early Christians being taken away from their families

The Martyrdom of San Acacio (Acacius, Agathus, Agathius). From Tryptich. Museo del Prado

St Julian Galaxy Case - Martyrdom Of The Early Christians And The Martyrdom by Jan Luyken

Christian martyrs in the Colosseum, study . early 1860s. Konstantin Flavitsky (1830 .

The New Martyrs of the Ukrainian Greco-Catholic Church

Death of James the Apostle

Queer Saints and Martyrs

Martyr_Worship_Introduced_in_Rome_Christian_Church. Martyr_Worship_Introduced_in_Rome_Christian_Church

The odyssey of an early Roman Martyr

The Holy Martyrs Pamphilius the Presbyter, Valens the Deacon, Paul, Porphyrius, Seleucius, Theodulus, Julian, Samuel, Elias, Daniel, Jeremiah and Isaiah ...

St. Julian (Elian) the Martyr and Unmercenary of Emesa (Homs), protector of the city of Emesa (now Homs in Syria)

Saint Julian, transport of the leper across the river, by Jacopo del Sellaio,

This holy, glorious Martyr of Christ came from Amasia in Pontus and was a Roman legionary at the time of Maximian's great persecution (c. 303).

Father Julian's Blog

IMG ST. JULIAN, Martyr at Brioude, Auvergne

There are many mimes and actors who were martyred for Christ and are commemorated by the Church, and Saint Porphyrios is the first among them.

1st-century early Christian martyr and saint

The martyrdom of St. Mercurius the Great Martyr (http://pravicon.com/images/sv/s1436/s1436006.jpg)

The Seven Sleepers, Eros, and the Unincorporable Infinite of the Human Person

Under the rule of Julian, called the Apostate for his rejection of Christianity, she was placed on ...

martyrdom-of-polycarp. Christianity ...

Francisco de Zurbarán, The Martyrdom of Saint Serapion, 1628, 120 × 103 cm


About the Holy Martyrs Julian and Basilissa of Egypt

JULIAN and BASILISSA, Martyrs. Butler's saint of the day

"Death of Cranmer", from the 1887 Foxe's Book of Martyrs

The Martyrdom of St. James—Mosaic from St. Mark's in Venice

Modern-Day Martyrs Show Love and Forgiveness

The Holy Martyr Eupsychius was born in the city of Caesarea in Cappadocia and received a Christian upbringing by his illustrious parents.

Saint Barbara: Convert and Martyr of the Early Church (2012) - Trailer

Early Christian Martyrs

Martyr Luarsab II the King of Georgia

Roman martyrology: In Antinoe of Thebes (Egypt today), Julian and Vasilissa are saints and martyrs (S. IV).

And this is what he did: knowing that the Christians purified themselves particularly through fasting in the first week of Lent and devoted themselves to ...


The Guthlac Roll is a long, thin strip f parchment which contains 18 ink 'roundels' – circular drawings – depicting the life of the Anglo-Saxon saint, ...

I Am A Christian cover

Early Christian martyrs in a Roman arena and Early Christian martyrs who are being slaughtered in

Icon of St. Christina and St. Julian with permission from Archangel Icons

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Trumpets blasted and torches blazed before them. Entering the Jesuit Church, a solemn Te Deum resounded in thanksgiving for their arrival.

The 40 Holy Martyrs of Sebaste by Paul Drozdowski


... becoming a church the site of the confessio described above was the dwelling of saints John and Pauk who were martyred under the Emperor Julian in the ...

What makes a person a saint?

"They seized her and knocked out all her teeth" ~ The martyrdom of Saint Apollonia and the persecution of Decius in Alexandria

Saint Eupsychios the Martyr of Caesarea

I Am A Christian Authentic Accounts of Christian Martyrdom


Saint Stephen

Images of saints

Martyrdom: Saint Julian Canvas Print